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Windows 7: Sound Stutters resulting Windows freeze

24 Jun 2011   #1

Windows 7 Ultimate x86
Sound Stutters resulting Windows freeze

Hi guys, I've installed Win 7 Ultimate x86. The problem I'm facing is that whenever I enable my sound card driver and try playing an audio, the audio stutters and the computer freezes. I have to restart, use safe mode to disable the sound card and then use my pc. I've looked all over the net for solutions and these are what I have done so far...

- Downloaded and installed codecs for High Definition Audio Device
- Downloaded and installed Windows 7 x86 compatible driver for my sound card (Creative SB Audigy Value).
- Disabled all audio enhancements
- Changed playback sound to come through speakers (this one automatically happens if I re-enable the sound card).
- Uninstalled and reinstalled all the soundcard drivers from Device Manager.

The problem still persists.

I'm pretty tired at this point and have hit a dead end, so any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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25 Jun 2011   #2

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 x64

Could you follow the instructions here?

even if you don't have any minidumps the other information may help.
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25 Jun 2011   #3

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

But I don't have BSOD issue :/ I'm still trying it. Thanks.

PS. There's also a faint static noise coming from the speakers. Sound card is disabled atm.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

25 Jun 2011   #4

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 x64

yeah but following the other steps would give me a copy of your windows error reporting, hardware setup and bucket faults. It would be a lot more useful than guessing.

Though if it makes you happier, I'm pretty sure you will get a bsod if you run driver verifier.
Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Jun 2011   #5

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

I did get BSOD when I tried installing the driver from the original driver CD (which wasn't compatible with Win 7). I'm trying the BSOD thing now.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Jun 2011   #6

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

Windows 7
- 32 bit
- Previously used Win XP SP 2
PS. I did the report with my sound card disabled.

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My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Jun 2011   #7

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 x64

of no surprise to me, the audio driver caussed the bsod

Is this where you've been getting your drivers?
Creative Worldwide Support > Audigy LS (SE)

edit: you should probably wipe the currently installed ones first

Invalid combination of parameters was detected while saving or restoring
extended processor state.
Arg1: 00000001, An attempt to save or restore extended extended state was made
    at IRQL higher than DISPATCH_LEVEL.
Arg2: 00000008, The IRQL.
Arg3: 00000000
Arg4: 00000000

Debugging Details:

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for P17.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for P17.sys






LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from 828b3e66 to 8286e28f

80e3aadc 828b3e66 00000003 00000000 80e3ab1c nt!KeSaveExtendedProcessorState+0x7a
80e3aaf0 9ac57251 80e3ab1c 86669040 80e3ab40 nt!KeSaveFloatingPointState+0x14
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
80e3ab00 9ac70aba 80e3ab1c 80e3ab3f 00000000 P17+0x22251
80e3ab40 9ac68d14 86669018 9ac6a18c 865d2f68 P17+0x3baba
80e3ab54 9ac5b6ed 00000001 00000000 865d2f28 P17+0x33d14
80e3ab6c 9ac5b891 00000001 862d52d8 865d2010 P17+0x266ed
80e3ab90 9ac589f3 865d2010 862d52d8 865d2040 P17+0x26891
80e3abc0 9ac57118 865d2f28 861d08b0 80e3abf4 P17+0x239f3
80e3abd0 9ac57141 00000002 9ac44447 c0000001 P17+0x22118
80e3abf4 9ac3704d 862d5290 0000b400 80e3ac40 P17+0x22141
80e3ac14 9ac35f42 862d52d8 862d5290 0000b400 P17+0x204d
80e3ac60 9ac35855 862d5290 861f8c08 002a0740 P17+0xf42
80e3acb0 8d3d66b8 862a0740 86218b60 862d5290 P17+0x855
80e3acd8 8d3d6655 00000000 00000000 862a0740 portcls!PnpStartDevice+0x4f
80e3acec 829ecf34 862a0740 9a9eda80 84bde4c0 portcls!EnqueuedIoWorkItemCallback+0x24
80e3ad00 8285b043 86525840 00000000 84bde4c0 nt!IopProcessWorkItem+0x23
80e3ad50 829e7d16 00000001 bb986cca 00000000 nt!ExpWorkerThread+0x10d
80e3ad90 82889159 8285af36 00000001 00000000 nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x9e
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 nt!KiThreadStartup+0x19


9ac57251 ??              ???


SYMBOL_NAME:  P17+22251

FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner


IMAGE_NAME:  P17.sys


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  0x131_P17+22251

BUCKET_ID:  0x131_P17+22251

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> lm t n
start    end        module name
80bce000 80bd6000   kdcom    kdcom.dll    Mon Jul 13 20:08:58 2009 (4A5BDAAA)
82800000 82c00000   nt       ntkrnlmp.exe Mon Jul 13 18:15:08 2009 (4A5BBFFC)
82c00000 82c37000   hal      halmacpi.dll Mon Jul 13 18:11:03 2009 (4A5BBF07)
8a007000 8a07f000   mcupdate_GenuineIntel mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll Mon Jul 13 20:06:41 2009 (4A5BDA21)
8a07f000 8a090000   PSHED    PSHED.dll    Mon Jul 13 20:09:36 2009 (4A5BDAD0)
8a090000 8a098000   BOOTVID  BOOTVID.dll  Mon Jul 13 20:04:34 2009 (4A5BD9A2)
8a098000 8a0da000   CLFS     CLFS.SYS     Mon Jul 13 18:11:10 2009 (4A5BBF0E)
8a0da000 8a185000   CI       CI.dll       Mon Jul 13 20:09:28 2009 (4A5BDAC8)
8a185000 8a1f6000   Wdf01000 Wdf01000.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:36 2009 (4A5BBF28)
8a1f6000 8a204000   WDFLDR   WDFLDR.SYS   Mon Jul 13 18:11:25 2009 (4A5BBF1D)
8a204000 8a24c000   ACPI     ACPI.sys     Mon Jul 13 18:11:11 2009 (4A5BBF0F)
8a24c000 8a255000   WMILIB   WMILIB.SYS   Mon Jul 13 18:11:22 2009 (4A5BBF1A)
8a255000 8a25d000   msisadrv msisadrv.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:09 2009 (4A5BBF0D)
8a25d000 8a287000   pci      pci.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:11:16 2009 (4A5BBF14)
8a287000 8a292000   vdrvroot vdrvroot.sys Mon Jul 13 18:46:19 2009 (4A5BC74B)
8a292000 8a2a3000   partmgr  partmgr.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:11:35 2009 (4A5BBF27)
8a2a3000 8a2b3000   volmgr   volmgr.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:11:25 2009 (4A5BBF1D)
8a2b3000 8a2fe000   volmgrx  volmgrx.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:11:41 2009 (4A5BBF2D)
8a2fe000 8a305000   intelide intelide.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:19 2009 (4A5BBF17)
8a305000 8a313000   PCIIDEX  PCIIDEX.SYS  Mon Jul 13 18:11:15 2009 (4A5BBF13)
8a313000 8a329000   mountmgr mountmgr.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:27 2009 (4A5BBF1F)
8a329000 8a332000   atapi    atapi.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:11:15 2009 (4A5BBF13)
8a332000 8a355000   ataport  ataport.SYS  Mon Jul 13 18:11:18 2009 (4A5BBF16)
8a355000 8a35e000   amdxata  amdxata.sys  Tue May 19 12:57:35 2009 (4A12F30F)
8a35e000 8a392000   fltmgr   fltmgr.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:11:13 2009 (4A5BBF11)
8a392000 8a3a3000   fileinfo fileinfo.sys Mon Jul 13 18:21:51 2009 (4A5BC18F)
8a3a3000 8a3b4000   dump_dumpfve dump_dumpfve.sys Mon Jul 13 18:12:47 2009 (4A5BBF6F)
8a3b4000 8a3bf000   monitor  monitor.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:25:58 2009 (4A5BC286)
8a3bf000 8a3da000   luafv    luafv.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:15:44 2009 (4A5BC020)
8a3da000 8a3ea000   lltdio   lltdio.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:53:18 2009 (4A5BC8EE)
8a3ea000 8a3fd000   rspndr   rspndr.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:53:20 2009 (4A5BC8F0)
8a400000 8a40d000   crashdmp crashdmp.sys Mon Jul 13 18:45:50 2009 (4A5BC72E)
8a40d000 8a418000   dump_dumpata dump_dumpata.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:16 2009 (4A5BBF14)
8a418000 8a422000   Dxapi    Dxapi.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:25:25 2009 (4A5BC265)
8a426000 8a555000   Ntfs     Ntfs.sys     Mon Jul 13 18:12:05 2009 (4A5BBF45)
8a555000 8a580000   msrpc    msrpc.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:11:59 2009 (4A5BBF3F)
8a580000 8a593000   ksecdd   ksecdd.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:11:56 2009 (4A5BBF3C)
8a593000 8a5f0000   cng      cng.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:32:55 2009 (4A5BC427)
8a5f0000 8a5fe000   pcw      pcw.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:11:10 2009 (4A5BBF0E)
8a5fe000 8a607000   Fs_Rec   Fs_Rec.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:11:14 2009 (4A5BBF12)
8a607000 8a6be000   ndis     ndis.sys     Mon Jul 13 18:12:24 2009 (4A5BBF58)
8a6be000 8a6fc000   NETIO    NETIO.SYS    Mon Jul 13 18:12:35 2009 (4A5BBF63)
8a6fc000 8a721000   ksecpkg  ksecpkg.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:34:00 2009 (4A5BC468)
8a721000 8a753000   netbt    netbt.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:12:18 2009 (4A5BBF52)
8a753000 8a76d000   serial   serial.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:45:33 2009 (4A5BC71D)
8a76d000 8a780000   wanarp   wanarp.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:55:02 2009 (4A5BC956)
8a780000 8a790000   termdd   termdd.sys   Mon Jul 13 19:01:35 2009 (4A5BCADF)
8a790000 8a7d1000   rdbss    rdbss.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:14:26 2009 (4A5BBFD2)
8a7d1000 8a7db000   nsiproxy nsiproxy.sys Mon Jul 13 18:12:08 2009 (4A5BBF48)
8a7db000 8a7e5000   mssmbios mssmbios.sys Mon Jul 13 18:19:25 2009 (4A5BC0FD)
8a7e5000 8a7f1000   discache discache.sys Mon Jul 13 18:24:04 2009 (4A5BC214)
8a7f1000 8a7fd000   kbdhid   kbdhid.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:45:09 2009 (4A5BC705)
8a800000 8a81f000   pacer    pacer.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:53:58 2009 (4A5BC916)
8a825000 8a96e000   tcpip    tcpip.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:13:18 2009 (4A5BBF8E)
8a96e000 8a99f000   fwpkclnt fwpkclnt.sys Mon Jul 13 18:12:03 2009 (4A5BBF43)
8a99f000 8a9a7380   vmstorfl vmstorfl.sys Mon Jul 13 18:28:44 2009 (4A5BC32C)
8a9a8000 8a9e7000   volsnap  volsnap.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:11:34 2009 (4A5BBF26)
8a9e7000 8a9ef000   spldr    spldr.sys    Mon May 11 11:13:47 2009 (4A084EBB)
8a9ef000 8aa1c000   rdyboost rdyboost.sys Mon Jul 13 18:22:02 2009 (4A5BC19A)
8aa1c000 8aa2c000   mup      mup.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:14:14 2009 (4A5BBFC6)
8aa2c000 8aa34000   hwpolicy hwpolicy.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:01 2009 (4A5BBF05)
8aa34000 8aa66000   fvevol   fvevol.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:13:01 2009 (4A5BBF7D)
8aa66000 8aa77000   disk     disk.sys     Mon Jul 13 18:11:28 2009 (4A5BBF20)
8aa77000 8aa9c000   CLASSPNP CLASSPNP.SYS Mon Jul 13 18:11:20 2009 (4A5BBF18)
8aa9c000 8aab3000   usbccgp  usbccgp.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:51:31 2009 (4A5BC883)
8aab3000 8aac6000   HIDCLASS HIDCLASS.SYS Mon Jul 13 18:51:01 2009 (4A5BC865)
8aace000 8aaed000   cdrom    cdrom.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:11:24 2009 (4A5BBF1C)
8aaed000 8aaf4000   Null     Null.SYS     Mon Jul 13 18:11:12 2009 (4A5BBF10)
8aaf4000 8aafb000   Beep     Beep.SYS     Mon Jul 13 18:45:00 2009 (4A5BC6FC)
8aafb000 8ab07000   vga      vga.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:25:50 2009 (4A5BC27E)
8ab07000 8ab28000   VIDEOPRT VIDEOPRT.SYS Mon Jul 13 18:25:49 2009 (4A5BC27D)
8ab28000 8ab35000   watchdog watchdog.sys Mon Jul 13 18:24:10 2009 (4A5BC21A)
8ab35000 8ab3d000   RDPCDD   RDPCDD.sys   Mon Jul 13 19:01:40 2009 (4A5BCAE4)
8ab3d000 8ab45000   rdpencdd rdpencdd.sys Mon Jul 13 19:01:39 2009 (4A5BCAE3)
8ab45000 8ab4d000   rdprefmp rdprefmp.sys Mon Jul 13 19:01:41 2009 (4A5BCAE5)
8ab4d000 8ab58000   Msfs     Msfs.SYS     Mon Jul 13 18:11:26 2009 (4A5BBF1E)
8ab58000 8ab66000   Npfs     Npfs.SYS     Mon Jul 13 18:11:31 2009 (4A5BBF23)
8ab66000 8ab7d000   tdx      tdx.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:12:10 2009 (4A5BBF4A)
8ab7d000 8ab88000   TDI      TDI.SYS      Mon Jul 13 18:12:12 2009 (4A5BBF4C)
8ab88000 8abe2000   afd      afd.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:12:34 2009 (4A5BBF62)
8abe2000 8abe9000   wfplwf   wfplwf.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:53:51 2009 (4A5BC90F)
8abe9000 8abf7000   netbios  netbios.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:53:54 2009 (4A5BC912)
8abf7000 8ac00000   dump_atapi dump_atapi.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:15 2009 (4A5BBF13)
8d000000 8d019000   drmk     drmk.sys     Mon Jul 13 19:36:05 2009 (4A5BD2F5)
8d019000 8d01a700   USBD     USBD.SYS     Mon Jul 13 18:51:05 2009 (4A5BC869)
8d01b000 8d026000   hidusb   hidusb.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:51:04 2009 (4A5BC868)
8d026000 8d08a000   csc      csc.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:15:08 2009 (4A5BBFFC)
8d08a000 8d0a2000   dfsc     dfsc.sys     Mon Jul 13 18:14:16 2009 (4A5BBFC8)
8d0a2000 8d0b0000   blbdrive blbdrive.sys Mon Jul 13 18:23:04 2009 (4A5BC1D8)
8d0b0000 8d0d1000   tunnel   tunnel.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:54:03 2009 (4A5BC91B)
8d0d1000 8d0e3000   intelppm intelppm.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:03 2009 (4A5BBF07)
8d0e3000 8d0f0000   vgapnp   vgapnp.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:25:49 2009 (4A5BC27D)
8d0f0000 8d10f000   HDAudBus HDAudBus.sys Mon Jul 13 18:50:55 2009 (4A5BC85F)
8d10f000 8d11e000   l160x86  l160x86.sys  Fri Jun 19 08:14:40 2009 (4A3B8F40)
8d11e000 8d129000   usbuhci  usbuhci.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:51:10 2009 (4A5BC86E)
8d129000 8d174000   USBPORT  USBPORT.SYS  Mon Jul 13 18:51:13 2009 (4A5BC871)
8d174000 8d183000   usbehci  usbehci.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:51:14 2009 (4A5BC872)
8d183000 8d192000   Rtnicxp  Rtnicxp.sys  Fri May 30 10:12:11 2008 (4840194B)
8d192000 8d19d000   fdc      fdc.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:45:45 2009 (4A5BC729)
8d19d000 8d1b5000   parport  parport.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:45:34 2009 (4A5BC71E)
8d1b5000 8d1cd000   i8042prt i8042prt.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:23 2009 (4A5BBF1B)
8d1cd000 8d1da000   mouclass mouclass.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:15 2009 (4A5BBF13)
8d1da000 8d1e4000   serenum  serenum.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:45:27 2009 (4A5BC717)
8d1e4000 8d1f1000   CompositeBus CompositeBus.sys Mon Jul 13 18:45:26 2009 (4A5BC716)
8d1f1000 8d203000   AgileVpn AgileVpn.sys Mon Jul 13 18:55:00 2009 (4A5BC954)
8d203000 8d21b000   rasl2tp  rasl2tp.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:54:33 2009 (4A5BC939)
8d21b000 8d226000   ndistapi ndistapi.sys Mon Jul 13 18:54:24 2009 (4A5BC930)
8d226000 8d248000   ndiswan  ndiswan.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:54:34 2009 (4A5BC93A)
8d248000 8d260000   raspppoe raspppoe.sys Mon Jul 13 18:54:53 2009 (4A5BC94D)
8d260000 8d277000   raspptp  raspptp.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:54:47 2009 (4A5BC947)
8d277000 8d28e000   rassstp  rassstp.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:54:57 2009 (4A5BC951)
8d28e000 8d298000   rdpbus   rdpbus.sys   Mon Jul 13 19:02:40 2009 (4A5BCB20)
8d298000 8d2a5000   kbdclass kbdclass.sys Mon Jul 13 18:11:15 2009 (4A5BBF13)
8d2a5000 8d2a6380   swenum   swenum.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:45:08 2009 (4A5BC704)
8d2a7000 8d2db000   ks       ks.sys       Mon Jul 13 18:45:13 2009 (4A5BC709)
8d2db000 8d2e9000   umbus    umbus.sys    Mon Jul 13 18:51:38 2009 (4A5BC88A)
8d2e9000 8d313000   fastfat  fastfat.SYS  Mon Jul 13 18:14:01 2009 (4A5BBFB9)
8d313000 8d357000   usbhub   usbhub.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:52:06 2009 (4A5BC8A6)
8d357000 8d361000   flpydisk flpydisk.sys Mon Jul 13 18:45:45 2009 (4A5BC729)
8d361000 8d372000   NDProxy  NDProxy.SYS  Mon Jul 13 18:54:27 2009 (4A5BC933)
8d372000 8d3c2000   HdAudio  HdAudio.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:51:46 2009 (4A5BC892)
8d3c2000 8d3f1000   portcls  portcls.sys  Mon Jul 13 18:51:00 2009 (4A5BC864)
8d3f1000 8d3f7480   HIDPARSE HIDPARSE.SYS Mon Jul 13 18:50:59 2009 (4A5BC863)
91c20000 91ca5000   HTTP     HTTP.sys     Mon Jul 13 18:12:53 2009 (4A5BBF75)
91ca5000 91cbe000   bowser   bowser.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:14:21 2009 (4A5BBFCD)
91cbe000 91cd0000   mpsdrv   mpsdrv.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:52:52 2009 (4A5BC8D4)
91cd0000 91cf3000   mrxsmb   mrxsmb.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:14:24 2009 (4A5BBFD0)
91cf3000 91d2e000   mrxsmb10 mrxsmb10.sys Mon Jul 13 18:14:34 2009 (4A5BBFDA)
91d2e000 91d49000   mrxsmb20 mrxsmb20.sys Mon Jul 13 18:14:29 2009 (4A5BBFD5)
91d49000 91d50000   parvdm   parvdm.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:45:29 2009 (4A5BC719)
91d50000 91de7000   peauth   peauth.sys   Mon Jul 13 19:35:44 2009 (4A5BD2E0)
91de7000 91df1000   secdrv   secdrv.SYS   Wed Sep 13 08:18:32 2006 (45080528)
91df1000 91e12000   srvnet   srvnet.sys   Mon Jul 13 18:14:45 2009 (4A5BBFE5)
91e12000 91e1f000   tcpipreg tcpipreg.sys Mon Jul 13 18:54:14 2009 (4A5BC926)
91e1f000 91e6e000   srv2     srv2.sys     Mon Jul 13 18:14:52 2009 (4A5BBFEC)
91e6e000 91ebf000   srv      srv.sys      Mon Jul 13 18:15:10 2009 (4A5BBFFE)
93880000 93aca000   win32k   win32k.sys   unavailable (00000000)
93ad0000 93ae7000   dxg      dxg.sys      unavailable (00000000)
93b00000 93b09000   TSDDD    TSDDD.dll    unavailable (00000000)
93b80000 93b88000   framebuf framebuf.dll unavailable (00000000)
9ac35000 9ad88200   P17      P17.sys      Thu Jul 07 03:14:18 2005 (42CCE45A)
9ad89000 9adb9000   ctoss2k  ctoss2k.sys  Mon Jan 10 04:15:28 2005 (41E255C0)
9adb9000 9addf000   ctsfm2k  ctsfm2k.sys  Mon Jan 10 04:15:22 2005 (41E255BA)

Unloaded modules:
8aa9c000 8aaa9000   crashdmp.sys
    Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    Checksum:  00000000
    ImageSize:  0000D000
8aaa9000 8aab4000   dump_ataport
    Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    Checksum:  00000000
    ImageSize:  0000B000
8aab4000 8aabd000   dump_atapi.s
    Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    Checksum:  00000000
    ImageSize:  00009000
8aabd000 8aace000   dump_dumpfve
    Timestamp: unavailable (00000000)
    Checksum:  00000000
    ImageSize:  00011000
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Jun 2011   #8

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

Yes that's where I downloaded it from.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Jun 2011   #9

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 x64

Okay go ahead and use the program to completely delete the drivers from your machine, then redownload and reinstall the drivers fresh.
apparently something needs to be cleaned up and reinstalled that isn't getting covered by the regular uninstall.
Here's that link again. - Driver Sweeper
Creative labs products are supported by it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Jun 2011   #10

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

I've already tried deleting all the audio drivers and reinstalling them again. But I'll try it with Driver Sweeper once more.

edit: should I delete all the drivers or just the sound card ones?
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 Sound Stutters resulting Windows freeze

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