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Windows 7: Microphone and Speakers Problems (IDT Audio)

24 Dec 2011   #11

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

I have ZoneAlarm Extreme Security.
I had the McAfee Security Center that came with my dell laptop and expired in one month and I uninstalled it.

Windows Update history: "Security Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package (KB2538243)" 3 times.
"Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2544521)".

System File Checker: "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

Malwarebytes: 2 Objects infected / 2 keygens actually - Ignored them...

Disk Check: No errors.

Event Viewer: I am not familiar with it but as I can see there are too many errors.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
24 Dec 2011   #12

MS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit (Family Pack Lic.) Upgrade

Okay, thank you Chris! :)

I am actually kind of surprised he system file scanner went so well, but that's a good thing. Could you please post the log file from the MBAM scan - use the paper-clip icon box with the down arrow to upload the text file using one of the browse buttons on top. (First you'll have to open MBAM and click on the logs tab, and select the scan you just ran and press the [open] button then save the file to your desktop so you can easily find it from the browse window I just mentioned.)

Also, when you were done with Mcafee's trial period did you uninstall it from the control panel like a normal application is uninstalled? With most all anti-virus/anti-malware apps/suites you'll need to use the vender's uninstall tool to completely and effectively remove the software from your HDD or it can cause a wide range of problems at some point in the future. It often places locks on certain files and alters permissions as a safeguard against viruses but, when not fully uninstalled properly, it's a potential candidate for some of your issues at least.

The tool for McAfee's removal is run after a normal uninstall, so you completed that portion, now the tool (MCPR.exe) must be downloaded, there is a link on the instruction page at McAfee's site to download it, read the instructions and run that tool. Here is the web-site: McAfee Removal Tool Instructions

Are you using Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0?

Are the Key-Gens something you used, IOW do you know how they got there? If not that's not a good thing, but also if you did use them - anything like that is prone to a high rate of viruses/Trojans. Which also leads me to ask if you use any torrent software? (only because AGAIN that heavily shifts the scales toward an infection.)

Have you checked your anti-virus app's logs/records to be sure it didn't find anything, and that it is fully updated on a very regular basis? (daily is best)

My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Dec 2011   #13

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

MBAM log file:
mbam-log-2011-12-24 (18-23-25).txt

I have uninstalled McAfee completely using 'Windows 7 Manager' Smart Uninstaller method.
I am sure nothing is left behind.
I have also used the McAfee's removal tool to make sure.
Now my McAfee site Advisor is gone as well..

I am "using" Internet Explorer 9.0.

I know those 2 keygen files and I trust them. They are not harmful or anything.

My anti-virus is updated daily and it has not detected anything...

Why do you insist that the problem HAS to be a virus or something harmful?
All of the problems occurred the day that I updated the drivers.
I found out some of them that day and some others later.

Someone has told me that I have problems with the drivers because I haven't installed them in the correct order.
Can something like that be true?
I thought that this was used in the stone age or something.

My laptop's microphone still makes loud stupid noises and my headset's microphone is still not working..
When I did a search many people (same laptop model) are facing problems with not only the speakers but the microphone as well, saying that they can hear the fan's noise instead of their voice.

*PS: I forgot to mention that after the IDT Audio driver update, I can see "Rec. Playback" (Currently Unavailable) in the recording devices.

My System SpecsSystem Spec

25 Dec 2011   #14

MS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit (Family Pack Lic.) Upgrade

Thank you for posting the requested info!

As to your question(s):

Why did I check for malware? Because it could easily be the cause and I wanted to try to rule it out. You obviously didn't just start un/installing drivers for no reason initially, I'm guessing, right?!? Between your resent BSOD error(s) (where your thread ended with little more than what seemed like a PARTIAL fix) and your new audio device/driver issues (which you used a third party driver installer app for I believe - which is really not advisable - as the results of using said software help illustrate), you must have had something initiate this problem. And malware was a very possible candidate.

From your lack of response to my bit torrent question, I am going to guess that would be a yes? The "detected files" from the MBAM scan appear to be for a music/file share?? and the kmsemulator.exe file I suppose was for unlocking Office. Just be aware this file is often a Trojan that may work just fine, but can infect your system without realizing it until some point in the future. The other I have no experience with, and may also carry malware. I would recommend their removal both for your system's security, and per the rules of Seven Forums.

Do the drivers require installation in a particular order? Yes, initially they did, and if you changed other NON-audio drivers around, then it would be best to reinstall the drivers from the manufacturer's website in the following order:

1. Chipset (MOBO) Drivers*
2. Video Drivers
3. Sound/Audio Drivers
4. Network Drivers

This will be most relevant if you altered the chipset drivers*, otherwise the chances of it fixing the problem are very low. Possibly the driver installation application you were using did change these, and so yes I would install all the newest drivers in the aforementioned order. (followed by any other drivers you might also require. But install the drivers manually one at a time and reboot between each.) You can preform a system restore to fix any driver that might cause a problem after rebooting, and you'll know which one it is that way.

As far as your antivirus program, I would use something else. I would recommend something that saps little system resources yet is very effective (and free) Microsoft's new Security Essentials (MSE) is a really good candidate for you. Also Avira (or Avast! if you prefer it). All are lightweight, effective and windows firewall used in conjunction with them is effective protection.

Would your current A/V software be the cause of your problem? Possibly the initial cause leading to the BSOD or other error which started the driver shuffling. I don't mean to say it is not a good antivirus software suite, but I would still recommend changing (and of course I know you could tell somehow with McAfee, that it wasn't scattered across your hard drive, but if you did just use the smart uninstaller app, [and your had used McAfee's trial initially] believe me, it most definitely had plenty of parts and relics left on your drive. I would find the removal tool by your A/V application at it's vender's web-site and follow their directions if you do uninstall the software as I recommended.)

Now my McAfee site Adviser is gone as well
Yes because that was part of the software that IS the McAfee Suite of tools. Many A/V apps offer similar site filtering/Notifications, or if you really felt it necessary to your web experience, you can get just the site adviser from McAfee. But I would wait until this process is finished, and you have a working system again. Then once a restore point(s) is/are made, you can reinstall whatever you must. (you should also make a backup image once it is working perfectly, for an easier fix if this or something else happens again one day)

Collectively this this your best chance, short of the clean install you are not comfortable with (as you mentioned much earlier)

I hope this helps!
If you would, please let me (and anyone else who reads this thread in the future) know how it turns out.

Mike :)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
25 Dec 2011   #15

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Sorry for not answering that..Yeah I am using μTorrent sometimes...
I will try to remove those keygens (or at least place them on another hdd) and see if something gets fixed.
The one is for Office as you said and the other is for the Internet Download Manager software (speeds the downloads).
For getting a different anti-virus software, I would prefer staying with the same because ZoneAlarm is also a firewall and works very well for me and I trust both functions.

Ok now for the drivers, I would love to install them again with the correct order.
But I don't know how to find each one of them and what category they belong to and what sites I have to download from.
That's why I have used DriverMax to get the job done and by not knowing about the drivers having an order to be installed it caused me serious problems.
Can you help me in installing the drivers again?
Should I visit the Dell website and find them categorized for my model? I guess that should work*.
This article could help:

*I have noticed that they have some drivers for my model that I won't need. Like the AMD driver I don't need it, I have a GeForce GT. How do I make sure I download only the required ones?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 Dec 2011   #16

MS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit (Family Pack Lic.) Upgrade

Hi Chris,
I apologize for the late response, I didn't get a notice from your post (or lost it somehow.) Have you had any luck correcting your problem? The link that you posted was right on target, and if you look closely at each item, it explains what category each driver can be found under.

How do I make sure I download only the required ones?
That can be tough, considering you changed so many. I would just go down the list that is presented at the link you supplied rebooting between installs. (and rolling back if one causes trouble).

If you DO get back to "normal", or have since I talked to you last, I would backup a full image of your drive, so you can return to this state if future if other problems develop.

Again, your best bet is a clean install.

I would appreciate to hear how your situation turns out, for my own interests as well as for other people that may read this thread with similar problems!

Best of luck,
Mike :)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Jan 2012   #17

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Let me inform you how it turned out.
I guess I misunderstood the problem.

What the problem was from the first place?
Strange loud noises could be heard from my laptop's microphone.
What did I do to test it?
Went to Recording Devices > Microphone Array Properties > And chose "Listen to this device"...
That was WRONG.

Sure the same sounds could be heard by other people (contacts on Skype) but testing it like this it was a mistake.
When I updated the audio drivers, the problem MIGHT have been fixed at some point although I think I didn't test it over Skype (how stupid) and continuing testing it like I said.
I have been told by other people, that it is normal to hear these sounds if you click "Listen to this device" because there is a loop with the speakers and the microphone I suppose??

Anyway when I thought that updating the drivers didn't fix the problem, I did a System Restore to Factory State from Dell DataSafe Local Backup (Formats the system and returns it to the day that was purchased, with all the default drivers, softwares and Windows 7).
Maybe it is not a "clean" install because Windows 7 isn't removed.
Moving on...
I did again the "test" and surprised found that the problem remained!
I was very confused so I took the laptop to the "technicians" (that's what they call themselves ).
Surprisingly once again, they told me that there wasn't a problem (Although I think they change the Audio Jack card?? Something like that I think. I also mentioned the other problem with the speakers, maybe that's why. - They also got me a scratch near my mouse pad area!)!
So they told me to check with Skype, I did and everything was OK.
I was amazed how stupid I was on solving the problem.

To summarize:

Problem: Strange Loud noises coming from Speakers when using the Microphone, talking with other or recording alone.
Possible Solution: Updating the Audio drivers (If not all drivers).
Solution: Do a System Restore from a day before the problem occur, Do a Factory System Restore or do a clean install of the Operating System.

Hope this helps other people in the future.

Even with the default installation some problems still remain.
The speaker problem:
When the Audio levels are over 50% the speakers are shaking like an old radio with bad music quality. Happens to most of my music. Doesn't occur using a headset though.
"Technicians" started to told me that this model has the best sound, better sound quality than other laptops and all that, instead of actually try to fix the problem. I didn't give any attention to that as I was focused on the microphone problem.

Should I try starting a new topic for that?

Not to mention...
Wifi (Wireless Network Connection):
I had this problem before.
When wireless connected with a router to connect to the Internet my laptop randomly disconnects and connects again when I hit "troubleshoot this problem". Sometimes the wireless connection is not available at all and I have to restart the laptop to get it back working.
I am not sure if it is the router's fault (Linksys) or my Laptop's.
Probably it's my Laptop because the Wireless Network Connection disappears sometimes.
Had this problem before, but I don't remember if I had it with my other router.
When Windows tries to fix the problem it says that a driver may be having problems.
I can't find any information on the Internet about this problem.

Thank you very much for your help and patience!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
15 Jan 2012   #18

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Also a recommendation for other people:
If you want to update your drivers use Windows Update from Control Panel as it often has the latest or at least the most working driver versions. To avoid driver problems you should avoid using a third-party software for updating them.

I want to ask one more question.
When I plug a headset (with microphone), a pop up window appears from the IDT application asking whether I plugged in a Mic or a Line in. I can find that quite annoying as well. Is there a way so my laptop recognizes automatically the Mic from my headset and stop the annoying application from starting?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Nov 2012   #19

XP Pro SP3 || Windows 7

I fixed this exact same situation by these steps:
  1. goto windows explorer at:
    "C:\Program Files\IDT\OEM\Dell"
    ( note your speakers may make a beep/scratch/pop sound, this is normal and ignore it )
  2. you 'should' see the file "IDTNGUI.startup"
  3. copy that "IDTNGUI.startup" file and paste it one folder up:
    "C:\Program Files\IDT\OEM"
That should make the IDT Control Panel immediately come up the next time you try to access it and in my case I did Not have to reboot, it worked immediately. NOW I HAVE MY EQUALIZER BACK

Hope this helps someone :)
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