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    Windows 7 Enterprise x64

    Hello everyone

    I have the X-Fi Xtreme Gamer edition soundcard from Creative and I wonder if it is possible to set one of the audio out ports play on separate channel. I would like to DJ a bit. I have regular speakers plugged into the general audio out socket (the green one). Is it possible to make one of others to work with my headphones?

    Thank you
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit


    That's my situation.

    I have Sound Blaster X-Fi Go sound card and I am using SRS HD Audio Lab. SRS HD Audio Lab was selected as the default audio device and X-Fi effects (X-Fi CMSS-3d, Equalizer etc.) was working without any problem in Windows Xp. I have Windows 7 now and when i select SRS HD Audio Lab as the default device, Creative effects are not working, i must select "SB X-Fi Go!" to get them working but i can't use SRS HD Audio Lab in that case. I want to run two of them. Is it possible to do it in Windows 7? Thanks.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    Newbie here, so sorry if I this is a repeat. I searched the forum and couldn't find what I needed. I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and my Sound Blaster X-Fi Hendicks that came with the computer is now acting strangely. It is plugged in correctly (according the the jack detection) but in entertainment mode it auto-detects 5.1 but on testing (within Creative Console Launcher) it only plays the left/right channel. In game mode, it only sees 2/2.1 and again only plays left/right channel. My driver is from 5/5/2010 which was the latest I could find for this card but I am at wit's end. Any help is much appreciated.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

    I have a problem with my Creative SB X-Fi Fatality. It worked fine under Vista. I upgraded to windows 7 Ultimate and I can"t get it to work. When I go to the mixer-Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi) I can see the green volume level lines moving to the top of the volume range for both the speakers and windows media player. Yet I have no sound from my speakers. I know the speakers work, because they work fine on my laptop. I am a novice so I need some help. I have no idea what my problem is. One more speakers have one jack so I bought a splitter with two male ends into one female end to plug into the two SB speaker jacks on the left of the SB card. I could really use some help!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64

    My PC is hanging everytime i try and install the drivers for my X-fi xtreme music from the drivers listed in this thread.

    I've been working my way through the solutions in here but have now hit a wall. Desktop speakers and onboard sound are still working ok.

    It goes as follows:

    Used driversweeper in safe mode to remove all traces of creative drivers. Had previously tried drivers from creative website, both official and beta. With the creative official driver i would get sound but with lots of crackling. WMP12 was unusable. Sound would come and go then just disappear. Reboot would cure for about 10mins or so before it would disappear again.

    Driver/software installation started off CD (typical install), first time it got to the point where its asks you if you want to install the uncertified driver. BSOD about 30 seconds after that and every consequent time windows started. Went back to restore point and went through removing all traces of creative again.

    Second time i used the minimum install. No BSOD, the system just froze. Rebooted and removed all traces again.

    Third time, card in a different PCI slot. Same as the second time.

    Does anyone know of any other drivers that will work with the xtreme music? I'm starting to consider seeing how well the soundcard will act as a frisbee from my 5th floor flat window!

    Thanks in advance for any replies, i know this is a pretty old thread now!
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    Win 7 Ultimate x64
    Thread Starter

    Gonz, a couple of reasons for the problems you're having,

    1. The ever popular Nvidia NF4 chipset and Creative sound cards; they either play together nicely, or they do what you're getting. Only thing is that I don't think I have ever come across a definitive solution for it.

    2. You used Driver Cleaner to remove leftovers, something that even Daniel K recommends never doing as it can and does on occasion remove more than it should and leaving it unable to install the drivers without a clean install of Windows (or loading a system image from before using DC). Ideally the best way to remove Creative drivers is to uninstall through Programs and Features and then use Creative's own uninstaller,

    Creative Sound Cards.-creativeuninstall.png

    which can be found in the Support folder of the driver file after extracting (Audio\Drivers\support\amd64 for 64 bit and Audio\Drivers\support\i386 for 32 bit).

    As for drivers that workI have used both Daniel's Support Pack 2.0 as well as his unofficial install disk with zero problems on my Xtreme Music.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64

    Thanks for the reply stormy!

    I restored the drivers using the backup within driversweeper then proceeded to uninstall the drivers using the creative utility as you described above.

    Ran the cd and did the minimum install and it completed this time with no BSOD or hanging.

    However, i'm now back to the same situation as i was before, sound with lots of snap, crackle and pop

    Can you think of anything else to try? Or am i just going to have to resign myself to the fact that this card will never work in my present machine?
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    Win 7 Ultimate x64
    Thread Starter

    Not that it helps any but I was one of those that when I had my NF4 board (Asus A8N-SLI SE), I didn't get any of the snap, crackle, pop or BSOD problems with my Xtreme Music.

    Unfortunately like I said that doesn't help but this should show that you're not alone,

    nf4 x-fi - Google Search

    and if you read enough of those you'll see that there never has been a definitive fix for it. The third post here pretty much sums up some of what worked for some and not others,

    NF4, XFI and GFX IRQ Issue

    Your issue might be BIOS related because a lot of folks fixed their problem after new BIOS Flashes. Asus was one of the last to get their fix out. Again, Flash BIOS and then reinstall the Chip Set Drivers from nVidia instead of Microsoft's. Yet others have had fewer problems with the MS CS Drivers.
    No, Cussing Creative while using that board is like cussing at your car because you forgot to put gas in it. Other issues include too many USB devices, NCQ turned on when not properly supported, PCI-E bus not locked or higher than 110MHz, Memory Hole enabled when it should be disabled, even Initial Video Boot Device set to PCI instead of PEG or etc..
    It is also possible that the card itself is bad. Have you ever tried it in another computer to see if the problems still occur? If not and you can it would help determine if it is the card that is the problem, or any of the host of things mentioned above.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64

    Got the card from a friend last week, although i'm beginning to wonder about the friend bit now, lol. He had it working in his machine under vista no problem. He said he was getting crackling too but if he dropped from 4 gig to 3 gig of ram the crackling problems disappeared?!

    Right, next mission is to work my way through that thread, thanks for the link.

    I've just been testing the extents of the problems with the card/setup now and it seems a lot better than it was. Windows sounds and music/vids sound terrible (if at all) but when i load a game up everything sounds absolutely perfect, bar the occasional crack
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64

    Further to my mission to get this pesky card to work, on going to check the IRQ's of the graphics card and sound card i discovered that the sound card isn't showing up in the device manager anywhere, even though its working near enough fine in certain games?! I'm assuming that its going to be a windows reinstall for me to have any hope of getting this working

    Ever heard of that happening before?
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