Creative Sound Cards.

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    32 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate

    Oops sorry, I failed with typing, Its a K10N78D Ok, Installed Windows XP after yet another wipe, Removed the Card as usual and reseated. Installed Drivers VIA Creatives update page.

    WORKS - Perfectly. Even the I/O Module 5.25" Drive is working to an absolute treat. Only Problem here is. I HATE XP, And i don't fancy keeping an install of XP just for a Sound card. Anyone have any ideas on Windows 7 Work around?

    UPDATE: Reinstalled Windows 7 x64, Installed the Support Pack 2.5 and had some slight progress. This 'progress' was optical out working for all of 20 seconds. Then loud screeching / scratching sounds and windows explorer crashing. Cold Reboot, and the card became unresponsive and asked for a reinstall again. Rebooted, With a card reseat and the driver was fine again for around 5 seconds until screeching started in my wireless headset. The wireless reciever had the Optical In light on while working, and as it crashed the red light went out. And hasn't returned.

    UPDATE: Everytime noticed now, that 'Speakers' in my panel uses Optical Out, If i choose SPDIF in the same panel it will also use Optical Out on the I/O Panel. I will get maximum of 1 minute usage before a windows crash. I can Ctrl+Alt+Del, but this will give 'artifacts' on the screen as if the GFX card is dieing, Another reset + Reseat and the problem is solved for all of 1 minute maximum.

    I find it weird how the card works AMAZING in Windows XP, Just i don't have media centre on my WinXP so i can't use the remote as intended. I have ALL my drivers installed for my Motherboard + Processors + GFX Card Harddrives. And have NEVER had issues with the computer until i used this card. I have turned off Onboard Audio in the BIOS. Removed my Overclocking. My 5 Drives are in ACHPI mode so i can use all 5 at the same time. Does anyone think if i use the 'CD' that King made for the drivers would provide more ample results?
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    windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Have you made sure to install the latest chipset drivers? I cannot even see a 720D on nvidia driver downloads but it looks like the same driver should work for all (15.56)
    I'm sorry to say that nvidia & creative combo has always been an absolute nightmare; I remember creative having to update firmware on older cards for them to work right.
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    32 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate

    Thanks for your replies Zal, And yes updated to 15.56, As thats the latest. Heres some info about the board if i havent posted already.ASRock > Products > K10N78D

    What you say about creative and Nvidia i have read alot lately, People have MAJOR troubles with them especially with Windows 7.

    The weird thing is, It works flawlessy apart from the remote on Windows XP, Just with Windows 7 its a nightmare.

    Im thinking of upgrading this board anyway, As i have a new pc on order and using this as a HTPC. What DDR2 AM3 Boards WITHOUT Nvidia chipsets are avilable these days?
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    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

    Two points,
    1) You don't say which version of Windows you are installing. Windows 7?, vista? 32-bit? 64-bit?

    Hazeno said:
    Well, Heres something to stump you all.

    Got an XFI fatal1ty, from a friend with no driver disc. Installed the PCI Card and I/O Module and windows found the Card etc, and tried to install drivers. As we all know that would never happen.
    2) I've found that exactly the opposite is true - the only way I can get reliable operation of my card under Windows 7 64-bit is to uninstall all the sound card drivers then let Windows install it's generic 64-bit drivers. After which do not allow it to try to install ANY Creative Lab drivers as an update. They may not have all the bells and whistles of the CL drivers, but the generic Windows ones work and keep working, no sudden loss of sound, no crashes, no BSODS (well at least none attributable to the sound card!)
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    32 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate

    Sorry, 64 Bit.

    Now Windows doesn't find ANY generic drivers for my X-Fi fatal1ty At all.
    Before we say the card is faulty. As i have stated it works flawlessly under XP. Mind ripping your X-FI Drivers for me so i can test them.
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    Win 7 Ultimate x64
    Thread Starter

    Tried this modded set?

    SB X-Fi series Support Pack 2.5 (10/25/2011)

    Works with no problems on my Xtreme Music.
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    windows 7 home premium x64

    Hello all!
    Ive been using winxp sp3 and soundblaster x-fi platinum (the one with front panel) for many years, dreading the moment when i need to upgrade to win 7.
    This has happened recently and i have now win 7 home premium 64 bit. Unfortunately, what ive been reading on the internet has come true - my x-fi platinum is not working with my new fresh clean system.
    First i tried drivers from creative support page. They installed but i had no sound.
    Next i tried daniel_k's SB X-Fi series Support Pack 2.5 - i do hear 1 burp from speakers when i hit "default" button on creative console. Also right now im hearing unpleasant high pitch sound. But this wasnt so an hour ago.. must be random
    Tried drivers that windows suggested on its own but those drivers told me "newer drivers already on the system" Tried also this : Device Manager - Install Driver - Vista Forums
    results are visible in those 2 screenshots

    (second image error - "cant find correct file")

    I think if this cant be resolved ill buy new soundcard. Preferably with front panel so i can use my headspeakers with large jack or maybe i should try soundcard + external DAC? But thats many $ i would like to spend otherwise.
    Please do You have any suggestions what can i do?
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    Win 10 Pro

    Good info, wish I didn't have to learn it the hard way. Through trial and error I did find the correct drivers for my X-fi Extreme Gamer Fatality Pro and although much heartache with the different modes and settings I got it to where I am comfortable with it........well, most of the time......
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    8 Pro x64

    After having to remove my X-FI Forte and then discovering my onboard audio jacks are damaged, I ended up with this:

    Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Surround 5.1 Pro USB

    It's a great little unit and allows 5.1 via Optical to DDL/DT-S enabled encoders.

    Perfect if you've run out of room or want better than onboard (especially laptops).
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    Windows 7 ultimate 32bit

    Well my I plugged in a new creative sb 5.1vx, installed all the relevant drivers that come with the CD. But since then it has been a HUGE disappointment:

    1. THe sound through my headphone (sony mdr xd200) is very, very low even with full volume!

    2. The soundblaster tab in speaker properties has different options; viz: bass boost, cmss, eq etc. I want to change the eq, but when I double click on the eq nothing happens! Same with other options (bass boost, cmss..)

    I tried everything. If I dl drivers from the creative site, it always says 'unsupported product, setup will now exit'!

    Please help!
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