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    XP/7 dual boot

    wow...finally got Audigy 2 sound working on x64 with the kX drivers, but 7 still thinks i've got no sound & shows the stupid little red X in the system tray... that X is kinda buggin to get rid of it please??

    edit: nevermind, i fooled around with the sound settings & switched the default device from Waveout HQ to Master Mixer.. no red X & all is well (besides a bit of crackling). i had forgotten about the kX drivers which i was reminded of on these forums & they are doing the trick at last! now-- how to get rid of the crackling...
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    Windows 7

    Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well.

    I've read all the post here, but haven't found any with my exact problem. I have a SC Live! 24-bit and my PC detects it. It give the sound, but does not recieve the microphone.

    I have a headset (and before all, i know its the one with the mic attached to it, just in case) and it worked perfect in XP. I bought a new hard disk and insalled Windows 7 from the start. I've been the pass week trying to work something out but alas, nothing.

    From what Ive seen, the PC does detect my sound card, but for some reason it does not detect my headset. When I look for it on the record options it only appear a normal stand mic, and on the playback the only options I have are Speakers and Digital Audio Interface.

    I've downloaded what I believe to be the correct package from the main post. I've changed the location of the card in the motherboard. Ive disable the sound on the BOIS and still nothing... anything you guys can do to help?
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    windows 7 home pro

    stormy13 said:

    Seen this enough here and elsewhere with people not knowing or understanding the differences between the different cards. For example have seen too many instances of someone recommending regular X-Fi drivers with the Xtreme Audio. With that said here we go,

    1. Audigy SE/LS/Value, X-Fi Xtreme Audio and the Sound Blaster 24 bit

    All of these cards are virtually identical hardware-wise, and for the most part the drivers are interchangeable. The only thing the Xtreme Audio has over the others is that it gets to use some of the X-Fi software (and supports Entertainment mode only). Drivers for all of these cards can be found on Creatives support pages,

    Creative Worldwide Support > Sound Blaster

    the Audigy and Live 24 bit can be found by using the "If your product is not listed above, please click here." link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively you can also try/use the Daniel_k package,

    SB P17X Series Support Pack 2.0 (07/31/2009) - Aud... - Creative Labs

    Filefront mirror - Download P17X_SupportPack_2_0.exe

    that has been modified to work with all the above cards (single installer and driver) as well as return the use of some of the applications that used to work in XP (and Vista if the card was bought recently enough and came with Vista drivers on the CD).

    2. The Audigy 1, 2 (all, including the 2 Value) and 4 series. These cards again all use the same driver and can be found through the saem link as above. And again there is also the Daniel_K driver set,

    SB Audigy Series Support Pack 3.6 (11/09/2009) - Creative Labs

    Filefront mirror - Download Audigy_SupportPack_3_6.exe

    and will not work with any of the cards from #1.

    3. Original X-Fi series and the new Titanium series. Again latest drivers as well as some of the applications can be found on Creative's site, as well as the daniel_K set,

    SB X-Fi Series Support Pack 2.0 (05/15/2009) - Creative Labs

    Filefront mirror - Download XFI_SupportPack_2_0.exe

    Again like the regular Audigy drivers, these will not work with the Xtreme Audio.

    4. That leaves the original SB Live series of cards. There is not now and never will be any support for these cards from Creative, and I really wouldn't expect them too considering most of these cards are from the Windows 95/98 era. For anyone with one of these cards the only option you really have (applies to Vista as well) is yet another Daniel_K modified driver set,

    SB Live! series Support Pack 1.5 (08/09/2009) - Creative Labs

    Filefront mirror - Download SBLive_SupportPack_1_5.rar

    See post #10 for how to install these drivers manually.
    Updated link for #2.

    Then what will work with the Xtreme Audio?

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    Win 7 Ultimate x64
    Thread Starter

    Smopot75 for the Xtreme Audio, #1.
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    Windows 7

    Ok, Ive given up on the sound card, and removed it from the motherboard. Still I cant talk with my headset nor a standar microphone. Please anyone, what must I do to make my headset microphone work on windows 7?
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    Win 7 Ultimate x64
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    Is the headset plugged into the card or is it USB?
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    Windows 7

    Into the card. It was the same with the sound card, only now its on the motherboard

    It got the 3.5mm connectors.
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    7 x64

    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if it's possible to get EAX Console working in Windows 7 and an Audigy2 ZS? I had it working in Vista 64 decently but I have no idea where I got it from. I also want the EQ manager too, but I can't find that either. That pack from Daniel in the first post says XP only for those things and I can't find a straight answer if it's at all possible. If not I'm going to have to buy a new sound card (which I want to anyway, I hate this thing more than I can describe) because it's making my AudioEngine A5s sound like complete trash.

    Also, Daniel's stuff didn't seem to change anything but I didn't delete the DLLs he mentioned because he gave no reason or what they're used for. I didn't want to delete something without an explanation, so maybe that's why his software pack didn't seem to change anything.

    I've tried this too: Re: where is my EAX CONSOLE on AUDIGY 2 in Windows... - Creative Labs

    I can't find my disc so I downloaded the image he linked to but none of those files are where he says they are.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64

    I thought maybe this post might help someone out there who has a X-Fi series sound card.

    Installed Daniel K drivers with nothing running in the background, (reboot), went to Creatives page for X-Fi Titanium Pro updates.
    Installed Titanium driver 2.17.0007 (30 July 09), Creative Diagnostics application(26 Nov 09),Creative Console Launcher application(19 Aug 09) and reboot.
    Configured the launcher, and all is well

    On a side note you really notice the power of premium sounds cards when playing HD movies....the sound quality is incredible on a 5.1 or 7.1 setup.

    Current info:
    Driver provider: Creative
    Driver date: 7/13/2009
    Driver version:

    Checked on Jan 03, 2010

    I would like to tell our members that users who own a X-Fi series sound card that updated to 2.17.0007 after installing Daniel K's megapack may or may not experience crackling sounds, and unfortunately, I had to roll back the driver to 04/20/09, and the crackling issue is gone.
    It's sad that Creative's own posted drivers created this issue, and can only hope that they develop better drivers for users like me who continually enjoy the benefit of owning a premium sound card.

    Edited Jan 05/2010
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    windows 7

    I have a creative sound blast live model CT4780 in dell dimension 4300. Does anyone know how can i make it work with windows 7?
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