Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )

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    windows 7 32bit

    Thankyou very much

    A big Salute for this website and (Unforeseen) of the post no.115 I followed it with the help of reaperx post (which is located in another website) and managed to reassign the pins correctly ... took me days to solve it and also was about to buy a new sound card just for the sake of remapping those pins so I could use my hometheatre speakers the way they used to be . absolutely fantastic effort and hope all the best for the people who have struggles in managing the same problem :)
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Throught these years I have looked for the info on this subject, lot of people unhappy about their audio not working because of the realtek settings. Thanks for all the work you people do in this forum. I will try to explain in short what is my problem:

    - I have Gigabyte motherboard (look for my profile for detailed info) with onboard audio Realtek HD (driver for realtek installed from the gigabyte website - basically probably the same as realtek website driver, but this one has azalia in its name *.exe). I have also Geforce graphic card with Nvidia hd audio drivers installed, probably for HDMI

    - since I have bought my computer, I've been having this problem: whenever I reboot computer, I lost sound. Everything is recognised as plugged in, unmuted, but there is no sound. What I have to do then is uninstall realtek driver, install it again and plug in the jacks and it works. Does it has to do with exclusive rights option or not, I tried it yesterday, it seems not because my sound is gone again (will check when i get home).

    - another problem is using gaming headphones. Two days ago I purchased headphones, and only sound is working, but no mic. Strange thing is: when I first plug in mic in rear pink, it is recognised as rear pink on realtek panel. Then if i plug in headphones/green jack in rear green, it is recognised as rear green on realtek panel. BUT although I selected my mic on popup right, it is labeled as NOT PLUGGED IN in Properties (Recording devices).
    If i plug in green jack in rear green, popup recognition becomes screwed up...It shows green as green, but when I plug in mic in rear pink, it recognise it as rear blue.
    It's all mixed up, I think i saw even that when plugging in green i rear green, and pink in rear pink, it gets recognized as rear blue and pink, but i am not sure of this (will check).
    I checked the pins in registry, if plugging in first pink then green, it show correct pins (I think Pin14 and PIN18, values 1 and 2, or other way 2 and 1, but that is correct). Just that my mic seems NOT PLUGGED IN, when it should have been. Is there any registry entries that can be changed that tell us which devices are plugged in, unplugged? Maybe those starting with PKEY_XXXX?

    Any help will be appreciated. I saw many technicaly powerfull people here (I work in IT myself).

    P.S. Last night I manage to get it work with green jack in rear green and pink jack in front pink, but it is all still messed up. Wanted to plug in speakers after finished gaming, when I unplug headphones and plug the speakers in (just green jack in rear green), my speakers didnt work again (and probably wont work until i reinstall the driver).
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    Windows 10 64bit


    I registered for the sole purpose to post in this thread, especially now that I see that it's still alive. I've been to many threads like this over the years, but always managed to solve my issues. Well I just got a new PC and the new realtek audio manager that came with it doesn't allow me to switch the jacks around the way I used to so I needed a good solution, without registry hacking and reboots.

    So I present to you the fix I came up with: a small command line utility that allows you to send jack retask commands directly to the driver with the same mechanism that the HD audio manager uses - only this one is not limited in what values it can send. To use it you need to experiment around a bit as the IDs used for the pins and the tasks may be different for each device, for example on my setup the pins are in the teens. Check the registry after using the command on what the driver changed - or use a utility like process monitor to monitor the changes in real-time.

    I hope this will fix many of your issues, it's a perfect solution for mine to toggle the speakers on and off.
    Oh yeah, source code is included for the paranoid :)

    Realtek audio jack retasking utility

    edit: fixed url
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    windows 7 professional 64 bit

    Hello BoyC :)

    If you're still around, cannot open it
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    Windows 10 64bit

    Oh wow. I messed up the link.
    Jack retask utility
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    windows 7 professional 64 bit

    Thanks BoyC :), I'll study that.

    PS Where neighbours, I'm in Austria
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    Windows 7

    Please help with headphones profile

    Have a notebook Acer 5740, Windows 7, last realtek drivers.
    When I plug my headphones they plays with a profile of notebook speakers. Is it possible to separate speakers and headphones? Thanks in advice.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )-image_002.jpg   Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )-image_003.jpg   Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )-image_004.jpg   Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )-image_005.jpg  
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    I know this is a thread three years dead, but this seems to be the most comprehensive thread on the net.

    I am trying to use this solution in W10_64. I tried it once, screwed it up, and then reimaged the system.

    Interestingly enough, on the second go around the folder 00xx/DevType_0888_SSxxxxxxxx was never created.

    How can I manually add this? Is there an installer I missed? Currently using R282 drivers. Could reverting to a previous version possibly fix this?

    Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )-01.png

    Thanks in advance.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    On the intel DH61AG board not exist the 6 rear jack slots only the on board heder (analog surround),whether it can be activated to get 5.1 to work directly from 18pin from the motherboard without jack detection?
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    Windows 7 x64, Vista x64, 8.1 smartphone

    The Intel DH61AG has an internal header providing surround sound connection. So, I assume there is cables supplied in the box.

    Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )-audio-intel-dh61ag.png

    See Intel Product Guide DH61AG page 32-33 for location of header and pin-out descriptions.
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