Realtek, Windows 7 64RTM Crackle/static/popping

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    Windows 7

    Possible fix

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted here but I think I found a solution to this. I updated to both the newest Realtek drivers and also updated the drivers on my NVIDIA graphics card (GT 220 I believe). I'm guessing it wasn't the Realtek drivers but my audio has been seemingly fixed now. Also video from sites like Hulu, etc. play much better without glitching out. I don't know why the video card woudl be causing these issues, but updating to the newest versions from Nvidia seemed to help. Thanks to all the theories posted on here about this annoying problem.
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    windows 7 ultimate 64 bit


    It is nice to see someone got rid of the issue but I personaly think it is not the driver issue just a few days ago I updated the new Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT driver but that did not solve the problem.
    I have Intel duo core quad Q9400 2.7 , 4 Gb ram, nvidia geforce 9800 Gt 512 ram and Realtek High definition ALC 883 sound card all that running on 64 bit windows 7 ultimate.Everything is update to the latest drivers but no solution so far.I did not have this problem under 64 bit Xp but turning to Win 7 started this problems.
    I have no problems while listening to music it runs smooth but when media player is minimized it gives a crackling sound when I toggle to full screen otherwise the sound is exellent but only if I only use media player alone if I try to list my pics or wallpapers at the same time at fullscreen with every click theres a crackling and popping sound as if it's slowing the system (which is exactly what's happening).
    A lot of people here mentioned having problems while watching youtube (or similar) videos but only in fullscreen and that's what's happening in my case too,games too, no matter if it's a simple point and click game with a minimal requirements or it is Crysis or far cry with max requirements it distorts the sound even in a comercial part of the game (at very start) and slows down the Pc and somethimes is so unbearable it hurts...So I've tried disabling network, I've tried disabling antivirus and firewall (eset smart security 4 64 bit) updated latest drivers, reinstall windows,registry fixes, disc clean up and everything there is but no result so far,so I think it is windows issue (incompatibility with drivers or maybe codecs, I'm using the latest K-lite codec 32 and 64 bit).
    this is really frustrating but we are born and all we are doing is waiting to die one day so in meantime all we can do is let go sit back and wait for the solution listening to our wonderful crappy distorted sounds from hell
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    win 7

    Mac Mini win 7

    i didnt start having this issue till i started using my wireless connection for something. I disabled the wireless connection and the problem stopped. I tested many times by enabling and disabling the wireless network connection (Atheros AR5006EXS ) and the problem would come and go accordingly. hope this helps anyone as I know how annoying this issue is.

    good luck
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    Windows 7 64bit Retail

    I never had this issue up until I installed Win7 64bit RTM on to my notebook - then suddenly I started to get popping and crackling. My notebook has a Realtek HD audio chipset, SIS671 chipset + SIS968 southbridge, and an nVidia G 105M graphics card: it's a Clevo M770SUN notebook chassis.
    Anyhoo, I updated all the drivers, ran all the tweaks that I could find. After I exhausted all avneues (including the ones in this thread) I started to suspected that the issue might require a BIOS update to fix it and so I emailed Clevo. They sent me the latest BIOS update and as soon as I applied the update the issue went away. So if any of you have a similar issue then I would recommend contacting the chassis manufacturer of your notebook/motherboard.
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    Helpfull info (hopefully)? and temp fix?


    Found this thread after googling the same issue.

    My experience...
    I recently updated my asus notebook (a f50sf, gt220m graphics) to win 7 64 from the 32bit factory vista. I had installed all the esentual drivers (including the nvidia) asside from realtech hd audio. I noticed some very rare poping through the audio, tho seemingly unrelated to the gpu/processor use. anyway, to try and fix this small issue, i installed the realtech drivers, and sudernly the issue became massively worse! playing music was terrible, contstant poping like a poorly tuned radio.

    This became noticably worse when gaming. and the more demand i put on the processor/gpu the worse the feedback got.

    My fix (kinda)...
    So i went to ad/remove programs and uninstalled realtech. im back to how it was before, occasional cracks and pops, that seem to be unrelated to what im doing. not great, but bareable untill (hopefully) a real solution is found. I dont know if this will help anyone much, but i thought id throw it in just in case. It does seem to be a problem between realtech and nvidia drivers, as the hardware worked fine under windows Vista32. I still get increasingly bad feedback as i raise the sample rate and bit depth via the defult windows sound manager however.

    My question...
    Ive read a few people saying that a bios update solved their issues, how would i go about this? asus live update doesnt seem to think its nessasary, even tho looking on the asus site sows bios updates from well after the purchase of this laptop. thanks!

    found this and i am FIXED

    this fix may only be usefull for people with the same laptop, but if so hopefully someone more geeky than myself can be inspired by this fix and come up with something for everyone.
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    Windows 7 64bit Enterprise

    Like so many others I have been having this super annoying sound issue. While reading through the world of post on the issue I found one metioning DPC Latency Checker so i figured why not give it a try. When I ran it as expected i got lots of red and yellow spikes so i started to go through the process of disabling things in device manager one by one. Luckly I started with the two most likely culprits sound and Lan. Disabling my sound card had no effect but as soon as i disabled my lan card everything went green. I also have a wireless lan card on this pc so I tryed turning it on instead but as soon as it was enabled the red spikes came right back. So the issue seemed to not be in the device itself but something using that device. Since I saw another post that was pointing the finger (possibly the middle one) at Utorrent I exited Utorrent and Incredibly enough every thing went green. I restartted Utorrent and so far it has stayed all in the green although I expect this will reoccur. I'm not sure why this occurs but any further help would be appreciated and if this helps anyone else I'm glad to have helped. For now at least it looks like i can stop rebooting every tim the sound issue occurs and i can just restart Utorrent.
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    windows 7

    My solution


    I would never ever thought this was the problem for me!!

    My speakers was plugged to my rear BLACK audio panel.
    So decided to play around with my speakers connection, i unplugged my speaker and plugged it to my rear GREEN audio panel from the BLACK panel.
    Once i connected my speaker to the GREEN audio panel, from the Realtek Audio Manager it will pop up sayin "which device did you plug in'
    I TICKED the 'FRONT SPEAKER OUT' and clicked ok.

    So my problem all this time was that my speaker was connected to the wrong audio panel... weird...coz when i was using windows xp, it was connected to the BLACK audio panel. When i installed windows 7 x32 my sound was all distorted and couldnt get proper sound when playin WMP. So by installing windows 7, somehow now i must plug it in the GREEN audio panel for it to work.

    If this doesnt work for you, try playin around...try the different colour audio panel you have on your pc.
    NOTE* when i had it on "REAR SPEAKER OUT' my sound wouldnt work at all. So say my speaker is plugged to the green panel and i selected "Rear speaker out" my sound wouldnt work even if its plugged to the rear panel. it will only work if its plugged into the green panel and i selected 'Front speaker out" even though it wasnt in my front panel.

    Realtek, Windows 7 64RTM Crackle/static/popping-frontspreakerout.jpg

    I also downloaded the latest driver from Realtek site
    Im currently using the Vista, Windows7 Driver (32/64 bits) Driver only (ZIP file) R2.47
    I downloaded the ZIP extension instead of the EXE

    i tried almost every single driver version for realtek dating back to as early as vista 2.19 driver from real tek. i pretty much tried everything that has been posted here and none of the theories work, i was going give up and reinstall XP again.

    hope this is the solutions for some of you people out there

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Rolling back the Realtek audio driver worked for me, but only temporarily.

    I can get the same effect by unplugging my network cable. Sound is fine when I put it back in, but within half an hour the SP-DIF audio will start to crackle and stutter.

    The more network activity the more crackle.

    In desperation I've bought an M-Audio external 24/96 sound card. Even then I'm not confident that it will solve the problem.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium

    sn0wchyld said:

    Found this thread after googling the same issue.

    My experience...
    I recently updated my asus notebook (a f50sf, gt220m graphics) to win 7 64 from the 32bit factory vista. I had installed all the esentual drivers (including the nvidia) asside from realtech hd audio.
    One other thing you can do on a laptop. (if you haven't already)

    Control Panel/Power Options - Change Plan Settings - Change Advanced Power Settings.

    Scroll down to "Processor management", make sure Min/Max is set to 100% when running off external power supply.

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Vista Ultimate x64

    sn0wchyld said:

    found this and i am FIXED

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Windows 7 Audio Crackling Issues Resolved

    this fix may only be usefull for people with the same laptop, but if so hopefully someone more geeky than myself can be inspired by this fix and come up with something for everyone.

    I have an HP workstation and have had this crackling issue for over a month. I have read multiple threads and tried just about everything there is with no luck until NOW.

    I did as stated above, could not find the Realtek v2.22 but did find v2.23. Glad to report that after 24 hours running with numerous restarts, no crackling - sound is smooth!

    I have loaded down the CPU with over a dozen active apps, no crackle. So I have to conclude that there is something in W7 that r2,47 does not like (or vice versa).
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