Realtek, Windows 7 64RTM Crackle/static/popping

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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    My problem is gone forever. Try and see.
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    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

    Another Solution: PC Beep Setting to 0

    I'm not sure if it's been posted in the previous pages, but I've found a solution to the static noises that happen along with other sounds. I found it elsewhere on the internet (sadly I closed it so I cannot reference), and I thought I'd post here to hopefully help a few frustrated people. The same static thing happened for me in Windows XP, it was just so long ago that I forgot to bookmark the fix that worked for me.

    I was getting the random "static" sound on speakers and headphones that seemed to be caused by CPU use. The sound was similar to if you were messing with headphone cord while listening to an MP3 player. This occurred when I did anything on my PC. Games, music; I could turn my speakers or headphones up and just scroll through a webpage and I'd get a static-ey chatter. Annoying, and seemingly loosely based on how much the processor was thinking about something. Seriously, even moving my mouse across the screen caused a tiny bit of hum.

    Solution! In Windows 7, go to Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound, and open the Sound setting. Double-click on Speakers (that's what it was for me; could be different for different setups?), select the Levels tab, and find the PC Beep slider. Put this to 0 or mute it. Once I did that, all of my static sounds were gone!

    Not sure if this will work for all. Obviously we have all different builds, manufacturers, and driver versions. I have an ASUS P6T and am running Windows 7 64. Like I said above, I had the same issue in Windows XP, and was so I knew there was SOMETHING that might work...just didn't know where to look. I don't know if this issue is caused by loose wires in my case or something, but when I did it in XP, I never had an issue again (until recently upgrading to 7). I have had no need for the "system beep" sound that I know of. I know if I'm pressing a key for 30 seconds, I guess? Someone may be able to expound upon how I must've messed up connecting a wire or how muting this might be bad or how maybe my case's system beep is dead/dying, but this fix got rid of my static and that's all I want.

    Hopefully this'll help some of you. Just thought I'd put this out there. This thread seemed to be a nice repository of a handful of solutions. Someone should make a sticky.. :)

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    Windows 7

    Have you all tried updating the driver to you network adapter? That's what worked for me :)

    I just updated my driver to Realtek's latest version and so far it's taken away the crackling/popping noises.
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    Windows 7 Pro x64

    Simple solution that worked for me, simply get a small sticky back heatsink and stick it on your realtek audio chip on the motherboard, it will sheild it from interference from other components, this is why some motherboard manufacturers build thier onboard audio as a riser card instead of soldered direct to the motherboard to avoid interference.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    It's not interference that we're complaining about. The crackling is caused by latency issues. AFAIK you can't shield from them. The sound stutters because other processes are getting priority.
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    Windows Home x64

    Hi Guys,

    Wonder if someone can help !

    Im runing a ACER 5740 Laptop with Windows 7 Home x64.

    Has been fine for the last year or so but over the last week it started crackling throughout certain CD playback.
    My existing itunes music is fine and certain CD's play fine. The speakers are fien (at the moment!) with DVD playback.

    Its driving me mad as i can't even import the CD's into iTunes.

    I have tried updating the driver for the soundcard, playing the CD through media player andits still the same.

    The crackle is quite loud - constant and sounds like a broken record!

    I got so fed up with it yesterday that taking into account it had been fine untill last week, re loaded Windows7 from the ACER system restore software.

    Still doing it , ARGHH

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    Win 7 x64

    If You have Stereomix Set as your Default Input Device Try Mute-ing it while playing your music and see if this helps.

    Not meant as a fix, but a work around
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    win 7 home premium 64 bit

    I don't see that option you mention, where is this located? How do you get to it?
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    win 7 home premium 64 bit

    I just found stereo mix and disabled it entirely, no luck.

    I know others say there is a out put called "beep" listed somewhere but i can't seem to find this level control.

    Any ideas?

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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1

    boojiboy said:
    I found that my latency was related to the Optical Drive. So as long as I keep a disc in the drive, latency is fine. Odd huh?
    Unbelivable the same problem and patch. But why de optical drive give latency? Can someone help me?
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