Realtek, Windows 7 64RTM Crackle/static/popping

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    Windows 7 64bit RTM
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    tbuck said:
    I'm pretty much ready to give up and switch to a dedicated sound card... I've upgraded everything and nothing is working.

    Does anyone else happen to have a PCI based wireless NIC in their system as well?
    Me Actually. Some Edimax or another (not at home right, can't check for the exact model).
    But that's an interesting point... Anybody else here has a Wireless NIC?
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    Windows 7

    hi, i am following this thread almost from the beginning because i had the same problem of all of you, and obviously noone of these "temporary solutions" worked on me...

    but now that i fixed the problem i registered to the forum cause maybe it can be useful for other ppl too: it's not a realtek fault, but a svga driver one, nvidia in my case.
    I saw that the audio problem comes when the svga clock changes due to the nvidia Power Mizer function.
    You can disable this function with some utilities like
    Powermizer Switch.rar - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage
    and reboot...all worked here, hope you can fix too
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    Windows 7 Ver 6.1 (Build 7600)

    Win 7 (Build 7600) EVGA 750i FTW

    Wow, I can't believe that i'm not alone on this issue. It is the one and only thing that is "at this moment" bugging me. I never had an issue with Win 7 RC, but now when i use iTunes or Media player i get a random loud buzz, and sometimes the volume lowers or audio stops coming out of the left speakers. iTunes is much worse than Win Media player. Hope we can get a fix for this soon.
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    Windows 7 Enterprise x64


    @Palaz, I do not have an Nvidia card, I have an ATI Radeon. my built-in nvidia card is disabled automatically when a card is inserted into the PCI-E slot.
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    Windows 7

    tbuck said:
    @Palaz, I do not have an Nvidia card, I have an ATI Radeon. my built-in nvidia card is disabled automatically when a card is inserted into the PCI-E slot.
    the equivalent ati feature of nvidia PowerMizer is called PowerPlay, but it's harder to disable

    in this thread
    Realtek issues with Windows 7
    a user will try to disable ati PowerPlay function, if it will work for him probably will work even for you
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    Windows 7 Professional (x64)

    Hello everyone. This is my post in

    This issue has been driving me mad ever since I tried the beta (build 7100) in my asus laptop. Now I have installed Windows 7 pro x64 (build 7600 RTM) and I still experience this annoying crackling with my realtek hd audio ALC663 codec.

    I have tried several versions of the realtek drivers with no sucess. So far, I only know three ways to get rid of crackling and popping all together:

    1- use realtek vista drivers <1.81.
    2- use WASAPI output in foobar2000.
    3- set the bit/sample rate to 16/24 bit 44100 hz and disable all audio effects.

    Unfortunately,enabling any dsp (equalizer, echo,dolby expander/natural bass) brings back the popping/crackling. Also, I don't think this is a graphic card issue, since disabling Nvidia Powermizer issue does not get rid of the problem.

    I have tried everything (using HDMI output, bios updates, newer drivers) but the crackling is still there.
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    Can you change your power settings to "Performance" and report back?
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    Windows 7 Professional (x64)

    I changed my power plan to "High perfomance" , but crackling still persists with the latest drivers (2.36)

    This must be a driver issue, since the 1.81 releases works just fine, even with DSP effects enabled. Still, I miss dolby headphone & bass enhancement support from the newer ones :-(
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    Windows 7


    I GOT IT

    Let Windows 7 install its recommended driver


    Download the new driver from realtek

    Now go to te sounds option under control panel

    Select the speakers and click on properties

    then go to levels
    and reduce all levels to 50 %

    install your latest k-lite codecs etc and your problem is sorted

    recommended to recude mic volume and mute it and lin in volume and mute it/

    cheers all
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    Windows 7 Professional (x64)

    that didn't work for me. I still experience crackling at sampling rates other than 44100 hz or when I enable audio enhacements. Perhaps it's the shared mode resampling engine the one that causes so much trouble.
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