HDMI Audio not Plugged In... not all the time

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    HDMI Audio not Plugged In... not all the time

    Ever since the World Cup started I have been watching the matches via comcast stream from my PC (see images for specs)to my 32" Dynex LCD (DX-32L100A13) but getting the HDMI audio was a PITA for sure. I have had luck with work-arounds when the audio decides not to work but this is getting out of hand and annoying to say the least.

    Below, in the images you will find my specs (this is the office PC), the usual/normal error and the drivers I have and here's what I have done so far... as far as I can remember of course

    1. I started by installing the HDMI ATI drivers but as I had never really installed any (I thought they came with the normal drivers) but that did not solved or accomplished anything... issue was still visible
    2. It dawned on me to uninstall all the drivers and then install fresh copies of both drivers (regular audio and HDMI)... can't really tell you what the correct way of doing this is because I forgot but, if you install HDMI first and then Regular drivers second and that does not work, uninstall and try the reverse method.

    That finally did it and I was able to put the HDMI audio as my default every time I was using my 32" Dynex TV.

    Of course that only lasted for a day or two and then, the issue came back... sometimes turning the TV on/off solves it and I am back, some other times, I have to restart the PC and that works, other times, I have to go as far as TV on/OFF and restart at the same time, sometimes twice is the charm and today... no matter what I did, I have not been able to get it to work

    I have not done anything, no windows update, nothing and the drivers were updated a couple of weeks ago.

    I saw there was another similar tread but it was from 2012 and I did not want to resuscitate it.

    Thanks for any help or advice
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    In most cases Windows will automatically change the default playback device from the Speakers (PC Audio) to the HDMI when it detects and HDMI cable is plugged in.

    The HD4250 is a relatively old Video card, does this have and HDMI audio chip on the video card or does it require S/PDIF digital audio from the motherboard?

    Considering what you have done so far, have you tried a different HDMI cable?
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    The HD4250 comes with the AMD/CPU and the motherboard has the HDMI port, hence, why I had to literally install HDMI drivers for it.

    And No, I have not tried different HDMI cables... more so because they work very well and it is not until I shut down the pc or tv that everything starts to break down and the issue appears.

    I was having issues before because I had an Nvidia 9600GT card installed and I took it out before I could get rid of the drivers and it took me a while to finally get rid of the Nvidia remnants but it did work perfect after that so I can say the issues come because of that... I have kind off discarded that option.
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    Usually, when there is a motherboard HDMI port and not an HDMI port on the Video Card, that is for HDMI via the CPU.

    E.g. I have a Gigabyte Z77X UD5H motherboard and it has an HDMI port. That port is for HDMI via the CPU, and my case it is an intel i7 3770 CPU. I have a similar setup on my backup system with an ASUS Z77 motherboard and an i5 3550 CPU.

    I also have an AMD Radeon HD7770 Video Card and it has HDMI port on the video card.

    I know nothing about AMD CPU's, do they also have video?
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    I also know very little about AMD and I hate their Control Panel system (or whatever they call it) because I usually have more issues with video drivers crapping out on me than I do with all my Nvidia PC's but, since this is an office PC and I was on a tight budget, I decided to go with.

    If I am being honest, I have had zero issues with it (aside from those drivers crapping out and Microsoft telling me it has recovered from it... whatever that means! ).

    Bottom line is, Yes... they do have CPU/GPU combo's just like Intel with their i5/i7 K's

    I can't find another HDMI cable here at the office, I will see if I have some at home and will try again on Monday... for now, I am going to uninstall both drivers again, run ccleaner and then install fresh copies... hopefully that would do the trick. I gotta do this before the game start today at noon! :P
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