erpster4 said:
Note to Brink: v6.0.9239.1 HDA (nonUAD/nonDCH) FF01 generic x64 driver on MS Update (posted 7/09/2022) - {151.9Mb cab download}
WHQL for x64 Win7 & x64 Win10
{HDA nonUAD driver releases in late 2021 & 2022 on MUC are seldom or rare these days}

FF01 = Fortemedia APO [FMAPO] integration
Note to Brink: a 32bit/x86 generic version of the 6.0.9239.1 FF01 HDA driver is available on MS Update (posted 7/29/2022) - {90.2Mb cab download}

WHQL for 32bit x86 Win7/Win10