Hi there,

I recently got a new audio interface - PreSonus Studio 68c.

I installed the drivers for Windows 7 and it works except I'm getting a lot of lags and drops - sound stopping for around half a second and going back again.

This is really annoying! I already got that problem with another interface I got back to the seller...

They both have 4 outputs + inputs but I'm not sure that the reason...

After some researches I found out it could be due to some hardware prioritization..?

I got to the device panel and deactivated all the other audio devices but nothing changed... Also I deactivated most applications on startup because I thought it could be due to that... Same result

In my research I also found it could be related to the USB port / speed..? I know I had trouble installing Windows 7 USB drivers with my pretty recent gear...

I've been told that I should use latest version of Windows like 10 or 11. But I don't like it at all and I'm really pleased by 7.

Can someone help me get through this?? Thank you so much and wishing you a really nice day!