so, Yesterday, after turning off my bluetooth headset, my speakers did not emit any sound. i assumed, at first, the laptop still thought it was connected to my headset... Nope! claimed to be playing from the built-in speaker!
for the record, i'm using the toshiba bluetooth stack, as it's the only way i could manage to get the headset to play audio.
Anyways, here's what i've tried;
-set speakers to default
-Restart multiple times
-sfc scannow (Came up completely clean)
-uninstall speaker drivers
-disable bluetooth and end all bluetooth related services and processes
Nothing has worked. The headset does work consistently, but nothing from the speakers. They show in the list of output devices and the volume mixer as playing sound, green bar bright as day. But no sound is actually coming through.
The laptop was sitting stationary when this happened, by the way.