cant record audio

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    windows 7 professional 64 bit

    cant record audio

    I have an emu 1820m soundcard installed in my computer. It seems to be functioning perfectly. I can play dvd'd, cd's, iTunes, etc and the sound plays through my speakers without a problem. I want to record some sounds from a dvd but i cant get anything to record. Recording device is set to Wave EMU DSP as the default device. Im using Audacity to record and have set the recording preference device to be Wave (E-MU _-DSP). When I hit record I get an error

    'Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the projhect template'

    And I cant record anything.

    In the built in Windows sound recorder, when I hit record, I get this error

    'An audio recording device cannot be found'

    Everything seems to be functioning perfectly, yet i just cant record anything. Can anyone help ?
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    Do you have a "System Mixer" or "What You Hear" option for recording in the Sound Panel, in the Control Panel? That is normally what is used to record audio, either streaming audio from the internet or sound that you are hearing on your PC"s speakers.
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    I dont have either in the record tab. I have 'show disabled devices' set and also 'show disconnected devices' I also have the latest drivers installed from the soundcard website
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    Can you post a snip showing exactly what you do see.
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    I only have the emu wave in both playback and record as Ive disabled the onboard soundcard because i only want to use the emu
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    Windows 8 Pro

    Just out of curiosity.....What happens if you select "Microsoft Sound Mapper" as your recording device?
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    Windows 7 Home Ultimate 64-bit

    I think im having the same problem...

    Under control panel > hardware sound > manage audio devices > recording tab, what does it say for you? Mine just says no audio devices are installed. I had no problems using my microphone when i had vista installed, but now i cant use a mic
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    If I select 'sound mapper' its just the same, nothing gets recorded. Reinstating the onboard soundcard gives me a few more options like 'cd line in' 'line in' mic, etc, but none of these work either. Anyway for mic recording ill be using the xlr mic inputs on the emu.
    Im completely at a loss now and feel ive made a step backwards with windows 7, this is pretty basic stuff and should just work.
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    Make EMU 1820 work

    Hmm I see your post is pretty old, but may be for others it may be usefull, so:

    To enable sound for recording, you must open Patchmix DSP mixer and set the volume
    of the AUX channels for the selected input or strip where the sound is present.
    For that it is handy to insert peakmeters in strips you are using.

    I just re-discovered this, since I had it turned off long time ago,
    With using Cubase or such for recording you pull it straight from the Asio driver.

    I do not get audio signal in Audacity or Windows recorder if these Aux channels
    are muted (volume at 0)


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