What Firewall do you use?

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    Windows 7 build 7201

    patchadams said:
    Ok... Anyone have a link to the current Comodo beta? I have Windows 7 with the latest updates and windows firewall disabled and just uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Comodo version 3.8.65951.477

    I still have the error message that says "The network firewall is not working properly." View Active Process shows nothing running.

    So, what is the latest Comodo beta version and is there a link to that version?
    I posted this in Comodo forum a while back. But for your benefit, before you install CIS, just right-click and open the context menu on the program. Select properties, then compatibility. Select compatible to Vista SP1 and tick the box next to "run as administrator" (or something to that effct, can't remember)

    Close the properties dialogue and install the program. You should have to more issues with the network firewall thingy.

    I've already did this on several Windows 7 builds, using the different builds of CIS as well.
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    Windows 7 beta


    Thanks.. I do not know if was your previous post or someone else's post but that is what I did. I first opened task manager and then opened the Comodo setup exeand then watched where it was located in task manager. The when the installer window popped up I noticed where in task manager the installer was located. I then right clicked on the installer and opened file location. I then copy the installer and then pasted it to my desktop. I then closed the open installer and executable. Then went back to my desktop, right-clicked on the Comodo installer and set the compatability mode to Windows Vista and set the privilege level to Run as Administrator

    Then I opened installer exe and installed Comodo. Runs perfectly. So that is the secret to installing Comodo..... setting the installer compatability mode to Windows Vista.

    Too bad the same process does not work for Zone Alarm..
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    widows 7

    windows firewall just works well
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    Windows 7 build 7201

    i feel it a bit meddlesome and very un-user-friendly.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Just a quick question to those of you using Vista's Firewall Control. I have downloaded the free version and tried installing it on Windows 7 build 7022 and so far its a no go.

    What happens after I try to start the program is my internet connection seems to get cut off and the program never evens starts. Finally a box opens telling me that Vista Firewall Control hasn't started. If I uninstall the program my internet connection works fine again.

    Any suggestions to get this program working?

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    7 X64

    Hi Shine,

    I use the Vista Firewall control and never had any trouble installing it.

    Are you sure you have the right version - they do separate 32 and 64 bit .

    Otherwise, it may be a glitch with 7022 build - I used VFC on several builds, but never tried it on that one.

    You might try installing it Compatibilty mode for Vista and tick Run as admin for good measure.

    To do that, rt click the VFC setup.exe, select Properties>Compatibility, tick the run in compatibility for box, select VistaSP1 from drop down.

    Then Tick Run as Admin box, Apply, OK.

    Then try installing.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Hey SIW2,

    Thanks for the idea's. The version I've downloaded was VFC(i386) 32 bit I believe. I tried what you suggested and ran it in Vista compatibility mode and checked off the run as admin.

    Unfortunately, my internet connection stopped working again right after VSC is installed. A minute later or so I got the box saying Vista Firewall Control Service is not running.

    Maybe I should try a later build of 7 and try it with that.
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    Windows 7 x64 Build 7127

    Comodo firewall all the way for me, been using it for last 2 years on vista and now on windows 7, (with compatibility mode on win7).
    Its a bit annoying first with those pop-ups, but once configured properly, its by far the best FW.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 | Windows XP Pro x86 | Windows Vista Ultimate x86

    I use Kaspersky.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Well I upgraded from build 7022 to 7077 and then reinstalled VFC and now it works perfectly. I'm not sure if there was something messed up with my VFC download earlier or if VFC just doesn't like 7022.
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