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Windows 7: Being the admin safely. When that is just the way it is.

22 Sep 2011   #1

Windows 7 pro 64bit
Being the admin safely. When that is just the way it is.

AKA : how do I "RUNAS" the user.

I use my computer just a little bit different than other people might.
I regularly "test" things, some extreeme things, 99% of the time i require full access to the system.
this psudo admin in window7 has been the most frustrating thing, i would rather see some viruses than to have to switch things, and alter all each program specifically.
hopping back and forth between psudo admin and admin is not going to cut it.

I am not going to re-sign in to alter the registry including enumerations and even the most dangerous part of the registry.

Hacking each individual program for accesses is a very slow method, and this would never end, it would take days and days to set-up access for program after program.

Dude , i am going to be Admin, it has nothing to do with the pop-ups telling me i am doing one thing or another anyways, this has nothing to do with UAC and that stuff.

I am going to delete operating system files ON PURPOSE, and Regularly.
I am going to Batch operations continually
I am going to Disable drivers continually as i need and dont need them
i am going to destroy services and remove them completly, most of them net holes.
I am going to destroy W7 pro till everything i hate is gone, but it is still operational and MORE secure (disable holes, and stop scritping of the system)
I am going to alter items in the registy.

I live to Re-arange this system from MY OPINION of how it will operate on my computer. Continually, , not switching log-in, or re-setting all the programs that i use that do low level accesses. i will NOT know what i am doing now, i will only know that after i do it.
WILL i need REAL admin access to do these things?

THEN turn around i am going to load and test software from people i wouldnt trust if heck freezes over, Including software from microsoft. Including freeware that really nobody knows for a FACT that is does not have very carefully done hidden viruses in them, and not everything is in a virus database. a virus is only found if it is seen or heard, the silent ones are like a fart in the theatre, and MS cant pre-emptivly know what they are.

in fact the Only 2 "viruses" i have ever seen on my computer (in 10years), were NOT in the virus databases of many of the virus protection softwares. and i had to remove them myself.
All the BS talk about security , and I did it to MYSELF (as often is the way it happens).
No level or type of security in existance , would have stopped me from making the install. even though i traced the install so i could remove it. it WAS going to happen fact.

It would not have mattered if i had been admin or user, the 2 occurances in 10 years would have happend, I initiated the action. I opened up my doors.

Even some popular and 100% trusted computer tech sites are re-packaging freeware with addware toolbars and IMO almost virus software.

I dont have to tell you about how MANY java scripts are running on web sites, for you to know that the Web sites admin themselves no longer could know and control everything there. (took 2 days at a few sites for the admin to even find which script it was)
Access to the web is now so javafied, that some sites are not wirth a visit without it on. No ammount of certs or trust or lack of therin can fix that 100% , other than site owners giving up on scripting altogether. Add to that we now are about to be pummeled with Net framework, and silverlight, plus many enhancments to other 3rd party things that are no longer just simple "viewers" but can take over your whole computer given the programming.

We cant stop "progress" it was not my idea to have the web EVER be able to jump stuff on my computer then run it. but it is here now, and there is nothing that can make it 100% safe, without making it 50% useless. SandBox it up anyway you want, but the cat will still get in there and poop in it.

I have a full backup of my system, i have a very good understanding of XPpro, i have most outside holes SHUT OFF completly , but there are now so many more holes (use the word LIVE if you want
I have ZERO understanding of Windows 7, this will require Full accesses, without access I might as well toss this 7 thing and go back to something that worked the way I WANT IT to.

Already there are people who have pointed out that things are "Different" when your full admin, some items react differentaly. Can you tell me of all the oddities that are different between the psudo admin and the admin, Other than the security and accesses?

Everywhere on the web they will say Oh no win7 doesnt suck, Just do this . . . .
but nowhere on the web do they fully explain ramifications & differences, and often they say , it is simple. the system is not simple, took me 2+ years to get a handle on XPs simple, and W7 adds even more complex.
This same thing happend with XP, they told us how to "fix it", and after more experts did deeper analisis , they found the ramifications of the changes, and some fixes were worse than the the OS sucking to begin with. I would like to know that now, if possible.

I am GOING to be admin, get it? there is nothing you can say or do to stop that from occuring.
I would go back to XP, but everyone says this is the future, so if that is the future this is what i am going to have a handle on.

Now instead of telling me that i should not, or how to do it temporarily, can we discuss Being the admin safely?

can we discuss what is different about the Psudo admin, and the real admin. the real actual differences between the 2 of them?

My System SpecsSystem Spec
22 Sep 2011   #2

Windows 7 pro 64bit

More questions:

Poorly done MS Junctions are are being a beech, they aparentally recursed directories back into themselves, making an Infinte loop. The only reasons software that does not exclude these junctions doesnt Lock-up the whole system, is because of the "path length" limitations. (it doesnt fail because it failed . People are seeing this in tracing , tracking ,and virus protection software.
(see wiki for juntions which sort of confirmed my suspitions)

Is there a differance (in human words) between being PsudoAdmin and Admin when it comes to junctions?

i have an installation tracking program that will need access to everything. if i exclude junctions will it still HAVE access to everything? Will it see the things that exist beyond the junctions, in thier actual locations?

side notes: i already had to do a reinstall, because software first, then myself later ended up changing the junctions , then suddenly i had even more. No i dont have a handle on it. but i intend to eventually. this is a new fun thing that gets crasy because of fake vrses real again.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
22 Sep 2011   #3

Windows 7 pro 64bit

Cover some of the other things please here.

turning OFF stuff that people get ticked off at.
System Restore
Task Scheduling items (by item)
Background defragging
AUTO file replacement by the system
Performance testing and replacement
Memory testing when it feels there was corrutions.
anything else that you can think of, that is being Shut down because some people do NOT want or need those specific items.
Files accesses for the stupid search thing even

Honestally i gave these things an opertunity to wow me and show me what they had. and I do not want these items, i dont want them now , i dont want them ever. I tried to love them, but they are not going to suit me. Thier adjustable parts, and the behind my back occurances. It was a good try, but me and them dont get along.

Is there a differance in control or function of any of these items, from Psudo Admin to Real Admin?
My System SpecsSystem Spec

22 Sep 2011   #4

Windows 7 pro 64bit

By now many of you are saying, " he shouldnt be admin of the toilet , if he still doesnt know how to flush it"
I am in Windows 7 potty training, where is the flush handle, the rest i can figure out eventually.

I dont feel like any of this is my fault, so yes i dont know yet.
i am not the one who made it so:
1) I push the help button, in a program (on my computer) and it goes on the web.
2) I type in File: on a WEB browser and it opens up to my computer
3) i type in into a "File Manager" and it goes to the web
4) I got to get an e-mail and instead of opening to MY files on MY computer, it opens off into never never land , then there is no way to get the outlook express back on that opened into MY files.
5) I didnt create the system that has so many internal Network bouces and connections on it, that scanning the open connections to the outside gives me a long list when i only have one real connection to the web.
6) i did not encourage programmers to use Net and net like things to work internally inside my computer, like a Raid controller that uses a Web browser to show me my array (and destroy it if i so desire)
7) i didnt give "installers" more power over the users whole computer than the admin of the computer.
8) i did not encourage users to be blind to what was occuring, and hide what goes on behind the scenes, because "they dont know any better" nor will they ever if that is how you treat them.
9) i didnt put so much stuff going ON in the computer background , without the user in control that you cannot tell if something is going on that should not (like a virus)

10) I am certannly not the one who puts the entire DVD of stuff most of what i do not even want , in a huge pile of uncontrollable stuff layers down, and leave it permenentaly on my system , so i have 10s of thousands more files to get through , if something evil gets onto my system. Then they cross link them to the other pile of stuff. How are people going to find a sprouting weed with a forest around it.
I sure wouldnt want to increase my backup sizes to where i did not want to do a backup. And i didnt pick the worst versions of things to permenenally affix into my computer , so i could live with a 100LB monkey in my system. While there are a few MS (extras) programs that are wondefull, most of them do NOT work as well as thier competition. I still am being forced to Live with them. Forced! this is to keep me from being pushed around by a little virus? LOL

I was the one who originally advocated for programs to be in Thier own folders, not strewn throughout the system.
Now they have undone that by re-doing it even worse, letting them out to run around all over the computer, and putting infinte loop psudos to and from thier locations.

I was the one that advocated that programs would have thier own configuration file, not Plowing through the registry and leaving a trail of crap in it.
and then trying to reverse that, (again) the worst way possible, by trying to control now what they allowed before, with even Less sane methods.

I was the one who advocated that the Internet explorer and the file explorer were 2 seperate programs that did not communicate to eachother.
that My files, that my computer, and the web were 2 different entities, that should stay as 2 seperated entities.

I am the one who says with all that stuff OFF, if anything happens on the computer. either you initiated it, or a virus did. Ms is now that virus. it does thing when you dont want it to, it does things somewhat hidden, and it changes files the way it wants them. Virus VS Virus. I would like to referee this war.

I am the one who said, MS programs should be uninstallable, and re-installable (lol as if i would bother) so the people who DEMAND that others follow thier rules, follow thier own and Do uninstall from the system.

so now all the people who got the W7 that They wanted, could assist me now in setting it back the way i wanted it
My System SpecsSystem Spec
22 Sep 2011   #5

Windows 10 Pro (x64)

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Psycogeek View Post
Poorly done MS Junctions are are being a beech, they aparentally recursed directories back into themselves, making an Infinte loop.
That only happens when you, YOU change the NTFS permissions on the Junctions used for compatibility. You are the cause. You see those Junctions have a very special permissions applied to them that prevents directory traversal. That is why you get "Access Denied" every time you try to access them. If you no longer get "Access Denied" that because you changed it and screwed yourself over.

Your own fault. Nothing poorly done about it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
22 Sep 2011   #6

Windows 7 pro 64bit

Great, that is exactally what i needed to know..
why does that happen? (just in case you happen to know) Is there any reason why such a simple change would cause a infinte loop itself?

The Software that track the installs, (i assume) does so with privelage, will it also cause the system to go haywire? (as long as i do not Change the security on it myself)

And again, if the location is EXCLUDED, will the tracing software FIND everything still?

I am now stagnated Parked on a most useless fresh install because stuff like this does go haywire.
I am avoiding installs untill i can fully trace them Manually my self, visually.
got any more system items that go crasy like this?
So "Being the Admin Safely"

And the Question was " What is the difference between the Real admin and the Psudo admin, concerning junctions" can a fake admin aquire privelege and have the system go crasy?

would a program or "admin" have any less or more possibility of creating the above scenario if the program or user is runas admin?
If i know the answers to the questions i asked, then i can proceed, otherwise i am going to "your own fault" one at a time till all the padded walls are bumped into.
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 Being the admin safely. When that is just the way it is.

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