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Windows 7: Disable forever. "Special permissions"

12 Jan 2012   #71

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit SP1

Hi, this maybe a solution for some try it and see...

Well for me I could not, under user account (Administrator), delete a pre-installed backup folder for Vista, which i no longer required as I'd updated to Windows 7. It resided on a 50% partition of my only harddrive, taking up 5.5GB, which i wanted to free up. It was owned by SYSTEM, not TrustedInstaller. It required permission from SYSTEM to delete it. Folder had read only attribute, which i could not change either.

Administrator already had full permissions, but not ownership, which i proceeded to take from SYSTEM:
Properties/Security/Advanced/Owner/Edit/select name of Administrator account/check box: "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects"/ OK your way back out.

I confirmed Administrator now had ownership and full permissions, but i still could not remove read only attribute or delete the folder.

I then went to the "Effective Permissions" tab, which is basically a tool for checking a user or groups current permissions on an file/folder. You cannot type a username into the "Group or user name" box.
Press select/Enter the object name (type the administrator name) at blinking prompt/Click "Check Names"/should return the found profile, underlined, in the text box/click OK.

It reads in the current permissions and you now have a grayed out Administrator username under the Effective Permissions tab with all of it's profiles current permissions for that file/folder. This is read only, you cannot change any permissions here.
Once again i could see that Administrator had full permissions. However, when I OK'd out to the folder in Explorer and right clicked once again, i noticed the Administrator shield had disappeared from the right click context menu for "Delete" and "Rename"
I proceeded to delete the folder, with only the default "Are you sure you want to move the folder to the Recycle Bin?" message

On further investigation the shield has vanished for all files/folders on the right click context menu!
I can now do as I please, as it should be for someone savvy enough with a pc.
As long as you don't touch the TrustedInstaller owned stuff such as C:\Windows or Program Files & some SYSTEM owned files, you should be ok.

All I can summise, at the moment, is that using the Effective Permissions Tool somehow altered the Setup Administrator to act as the Hidden Administrator account.

Go figure?

My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Jan 2012   #72

I didnt read all posts but this may be useful

I have been annoyed by this for ages when Microsoft makes my PC pop up and tell me that i don't have access to my own PC ACCESS DENIED! There are 3 potential fixes Give yourself Backup operator permissions (cant be done on home versions, maybe administrator account can have it?) Use fat32 (not practical with large drives) (I don't know if win7 lets u) Use a different NTFS hd driver(again not practical, Programs like bart-pe access drives without permission problems and they use windows Pre install environment but nearly impossible to find a driver that isn't beta and that doesn't break)
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02 Feb 2012   #73

Win 7 32 bit

Sorry to hear it dark41--Nobody seems to give a hoot enough to answer in over 2 years! I want FULL permission on my own PC as an Admin also. Too bad nobody in the Universe knows how to tell us how to get FULL abilities on our OWN PCs. I'm sure all this "Permission" stuff is good for some ppl that have to share PCs, but WE who own our own, and have no one else to mess with it--we want to dump all this Permission crap and UAC stuff and have the control we paid for. Surely this can be possible! All is not "Spy Vs Spy" in the real world, and I don't wanna play anymore!

Ok, so without any sarcastic replies, can anyone help the LARGE number of us do away with all this security stuff--I don't want somebody's LOCK on MY files! Hope it doesn't take 2 yrs for an answer to this... Scott

Sorryfor the noise--I was reading the first page and didn't realize that my post would be the 73rd one. This has been going for awhile. My mistake. Thanks!
My System SpecsSystem Spec

02 Feb 2012   #74
Layback Bear

Windows 10 Pro. 64/ version 1709 Windows 7 Pro/64

Welcome to the Windows 7 Forum. Well I won't take two years to answer but I do have some questions.
How does the University have control over your computer? You state you own your computer. That puzzles me. Does the programs on your computer belong to the University and their I.T. Department set up the computers to protect their programs? I'm just trying to get a understanding for me and others on this site so if we can help we will help.
Could you be precise of what you are trying to get permission to do on your computer that it won't let you do. Some things Windows 7 locks to protect itself.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Feb 2012   #75

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate


Your asking for a non sarcastic reply to a completely sarcastic question?

Ok I'll bite: No, you cannot turn off the entire permission system in Windows 7. There. Question answered, only took a few minutes. Not on Windows7, not on Linux and not on OSX. So you either learn to live in a permissioned world or go back to Windows 95 and OS9 or maybe go fishing... (Ooops, some sarcasm slipped out, darn it!)

The fact is, you already have complete and total control over your Windows 7 PC. Always have. You just need to learn how to use it, but your apoplexy is preventing you from it. Catch-22

Also, in all honesty, that kind of post will do nothing but make every single person that could help you with any specific problem you may have just completely ignore you. That's why a lot of posts go completely unanswered. (Though in this case, there is clearly no answer that will ever satisfy the questioner)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Feb 2012   #76

Win 7 32 bit

Ok Bear and Seal--Thanks for your answers. (I myself use a Chimp with a Laser mounted on a 1911ACP as my avatar. Maybe I'll figure out how to apply it.) Now I know. BTW I said universe, not university. I was considerably unhappy at the time of writing in that this issue has never been successfully resolved to the satisfaction of anyone I researched. Sorry you all thought I was a smartass, but it seems I have my answer pronto, though by less than savory means. The 2 years remark was accurate, btw.
I have followed tutorials on the matter, and understand how some pgms are linked to others that also require permission, thereby making that higher folder locked also. I have read that Microsoft has forced some measure of security against Administrators also, for what reason, I cannot imagine beyond that even Admins make fatal mistakes. But going beyond critical system files locking is overstepping my desired personal boundaries.

I am logged on as Admin with no other users, set up the install that way, have no password--all because I desire to power-up and then make breakfast, and want the comp to boot without having to choose the user/pass. Also, as I am alone, no one else will use this computer, so I have no need for the security of keeping keyboard/mouse users at bay. Though I have 2@1Tb SATA,W7Ultimate, 1@1.5Tb SATA, and 1 IDE@120Gb installed, with Win XP Pro on the IDE
The folders that appear with a Lock icon are many and in various places. The first appear in C: Documents and Settings, and System Volume Information (these 2 show "...not accessible. Access is denied." 4 other folders depict a Lock Icon, but will open.
What I have found is that I can do this to get results, but the Lock Icons remain:
Right click (RC) on the C:/Documents and Settings folder/Properties/Security/in group or user names, I allow only SYSTEM and Administrators by using the edit function as needed/highlight Administrators/Edit/ and make it so that the full control>allow boxes are checked for SYS and Admin/apply/ok.
Then D&S will let me in, but the Lock Icon remains. Nothing has worked to allow access to Sys Vol Info. Not on any of the drives. Maybe that's what Bear means by "Some things Windows 7 locks to protect itself."

Seal, please accept my apology for the irreverent former post. It is not clear that "... no answer that will ever satisfy the questioner" When you say:
"The fact is, you already have complete and total control over your Windows 7 PC. Always have. You just need to learn how to use it, but your apoplexy is preventing you from it. Catch-22"

Certainly, your answer is not satisfying. Simply writing: "you already have complete and total control over your Windows 7 PC. Always have" gives no satisfaction to anyone but yourself. Again, I am sorry to have evoked this type of scathing response from you, and would honor your correct response with appreciation. If it is simultaneously correct to say that:
"No, you cannot turn off the entire permission system in Windows 7. There. Question answered" and also:
"The fact is, you already have complete and total control over your Windows 7 PC. Always have"
Then I may not be capable of understanding. But please try to explain how to remove the majority of the problem with Lock Icons if you can. Thank you. We both seem to be sensitive to the way others write. Perhaps I spoke as a brat might. Sorry.

BTW--I see I was responding to a post from 2 years ago--not the last page of this thread, but rather the first. Sorry, my bad.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Feb 2012   #77

Windows 10 Pro (x64)

laserscottman, Leave Documents and Settings alone, along with any folders that DENY you access out right. There are very few folders like "System Volume Information" that will DENY you access the ones that do, are most likely to be JUNCTIONS. Aka., Documents and Settings is just a reference to the Users directory. Gaining access to Documents and Settings will be the same thing as going to Users. Think of JUNCTIONS as windows or portals.


Trying to open JUNCTIONS creates this problem called infinite looping, as well as data duplication. whenever you run a scan or backup with a program that does not understand JUNCTIONS will go through and scan every single file in a infinite loop over and over again. Deadlock. That is why you are denied access. You don't need access.

Furthermore, the little pad lock icon, means private. what that means only a single user might have access. Not shared.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
02 Feb 2012   #78

Win 7 32 bit

Good info, logicearth--that clears up some of the misconceptions I had about those Lock Icons possibly being tied to UAC or whatever was denying me access to perceived file locations. This kind of good information and instruction is rare in the places I've searched; many times on forums where any unqualified person might offer an opinion that is ridiculous to anyone but himself. Kind of like the people on American Idol that think they can sing! But I now feel like I've struck paydirt in these Seven Forums! The links you share for clarification are excellently written; easy to comprehend.
I'd have bought Win 7 for Dummies (is there even one?) but it would not have been a decent investment, as they tend to talk down, and don't really have any meat there. But this rare cache of knowledge is a Jewel unto us who search it! I'm particularly anxious to search/create and explore the JunctionPoints.txt for a list of things that may exhibit peculiar characteristics!
And now I am wondering whether my goofing around with the "Show hidden files, folders and drives" option has somehow caused a conflict with the Search function and always seeming to have to deal with "Searches may be slow in non-indexed locations: P;\;\. Click to add to index..." No matter how many times I've rebuilt the Search Index, a new query always asks me to add some drive to the index. It's just different than previous OSs. And what it does sometimes list is a folder that is absolutely irrelevant to the query, and does not even contain the query word within the file!

So, I will learn to work within your advice to: "Leave Documents and Settings alone, along with any folders that DENY you access out right." and try to begin using the right paths!

I'll maybe start another thread involving why I can not run Backup successfully--it always says there is not enough room--no matter how much there is (and I have a LOT). Maybe defaulting the Hidden files and folders will keep a "loop" from developing? I have yet to try with these 'proper' settings. I have read that the reserved place for the Backup files is rather small, and that increasing it to about 300-400Mb will be plenty of room. So, I made a partition of 1Gb for it to be sure. It is located on another drive in the machine. Perhaps my errant settings have had a negative effect on the Backup procedure. Thank you for your good information and counseling! Cheers! Scott
My System SpecsSystem Spec
04 May 2012   #79

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Get me to the Geek

I know I am late to the dance, but I wanted to commiserate with laserscottman. I don't have a problem with the concept of permissions, but the only way I am able to live with them at this juncture is to hire a tech to come in and fix it.

I'm 63 and I have had every variant of IBM-Based computer starting with the XT. I've brought up more systems than I can remember. But at this stage I have not the patience to run around my townhouse trying to access my data only to be told I don't have permission. The fact that I am writing this says it all. The environment is way too complicated.

Here is the situation. I'm an entrepreneur who has been involved with media ventures, design and production for the last 40 years. I've got a studio rack mount unit with a laptop on the side for mobility. In addition my flat screen TV is hooked up to a media computer. Both studio rack mount and TV computer are equipped with Hauppauge tuners. Also there is a netbook, a couple of cast-off Tosiba Laptops --- still very viable --- and , of course, my smart phone. And two) 2TB Network Drives. Presently I manage a gob of media: audio, stills and video. I want to be able to access all my data in any corner of my system from any of these devices.

There are 3 sets of stereo speakers in the townhouse each equipped with bluetooth receivers. I work until 12 midnight, then hop in bed and preview audio via my phone for one of my ventures.

You think I'm crazy? Completely and totally. Because the only way to keep this ball of wax in check is with a geek. I RETIRE! ...

UNLESS some caring soul out there in cyberspace identifies with my plight and can tell me why it is impossible to access the main hard drive (E:\) on my studio rack mount from ... anywhere!

Every time I try to share I get:

"An error occurred while trying to share E. There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. The shared resource was not created at this time."

Thank you in advance for your patience with this diatribe. Laserscottman, you struck a chord with me.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Jun 2012   #80

Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64 RC, Ubuntu 12.04 x64, Kubuntu, Haiku
Might help

Have any of you tried to copy the files while having a linux live CD loaded? At the very least that will allow you to move them, no questions asked, if not resetting permissions.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Disable forever. "Special permissions"

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