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    Windows 8.1.1 64bit

    I had the same problem. The only thing to fix it was to reinstall.
    Now all is good again.
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  2. scr
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    1. Windows 7 Home Premium sp1 - 64bit 2. Windows 7 Pro sp1 - 64bit

    If you think that not putting a check mark in the Settings > Advanced Settings > "Automatically quarantine detected items" will prevent the items from being automatically quarantined it will not. Instead a warning will be displayed and if a response is not made to the warning within 40 seconds it will automatically quarantine the item. If there is a false positive in a database update and some important system file is detected as a threat, I understand that this has happened in the past, it can be quarantined and possibly prevent the system from booting. From what I understand this can occur if you have "Malware Protection" and "Malicious website protection" enabled as well. It would seem that Malwarebytes could fix this to work as one would assume that it would if the setting was not selected and not automatically quarantine detected items period.

    There was a post in the Malwarebytes beta forum about this created by Shrugg but now that the final has been released the beta forums are no longer accessible. I didn't see any reference to a change in the final release notes regarding this issue. If there has been a change and detected items will not be automatically quarantined unless the setting is selected I have not heard about it.

    With a database update shutting down protection recently I am not comfortable with or feel very confident about Malawarebytes. This served to confirm my action to turn off scheduled scanning, because I'm not usually in front of the computer during the scan, and turn off automatic updates if I leave my computer for more then 40 seconds while it's connected. In other words turn it in to the free version.
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    Multi-Boot W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64 +Linux_VMs +Chromium_VM

    I think this is the MBAM thread you are referring to:
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  4. scr
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    1. Windows 7 Home Premium sp1 - 64bit 2. Windows 7 Pro sp1 - 64bit

    DavidE said:
    I think this is the MBAM thread you are referring to:
    Thanks David, I didn't know they moved the thread and therefore missed the response from Jekko (Post#11)

    Allow me to clarify a little bit.

    Under Advanced Settings, Automatically quarantine detected items is specifically for real-time protection. Real-time protection monitors what applications/files are being executed and will quarantine the file automatically if it is seen as malware.

    Now, it sounds like you are talking about scheduled scans automatically quarantining items after a scan or scheduled scan has finished... That is a completely different case. Items detected by a manual scan will never be automatically quarantined (The 40 second rule does not apply!). Items detected by a scheduled scan can be automatically quarantined, but you need to set a specific option in the scheduled task's options:

    (Screenshot not in Quote)

    As shown in the screenshot, items in a scheduled scan will only be quarantined if the option Quarantine all threats automatically is checked. This is shown by adding/editing a scheduled scan and clicking the Advanced button on the bottom.
    I stand corrected about the scheduled scans.

    However, with real time "Malware Protection" and "Malicious Website Protection" enabled an automatic quarantine will happen with in 40 seconds no matter the choice under 'Advanced settings'. While I can set the scheduled scans again I can not leave "Malware Protection" and "Malicious Website Protection" enabled if I am away form the computer for more then 40 seconds for fear of an automatic quarantine.

    From the User Guide: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 Help Documentation
    • Automatically quarantine detected items: When unchecked, any threats detected will not be quarantined immediately. A notification will instead be presented, and you must choose how to respond. If you do not respond within forty (40) seconds, the threat will be quarantined automatically.
    It would be helpful if Malwarebytes clearly stated what the setting "Automatically quarantine detected items" under 'Advance Settings' really means, a 40 second delay of quarantine for real time protection. Further clarify that not selecting "Quarantine all threats automatically" in 'Automatic Scheduling' > 'Advanced Settings' really means what it says.

    Obviously I found it all quite confusing and appear to not be alone in the confusion.
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    Windows 7/64 HPremium.

    This evening I booted my desktop and my wife booted the laptop, to find a red checkmark in the MWB icon, and "Malicious Website Protection" unchecked. I could not recover this protection, so came here, intending to ask advice. Then I spotted Brink's thread and used the link to upgrade MWB to the latest version. Installed fine, both Win7/64 PC's scanned with no problems. Red checkmark disappeared after the upgrade, so I have to say that I am puzzled if this is how MWB intends to inform me about upgrades!

    Still, it's free I guess and I have not had problems that others report, so I had better count my chickens and get on with life!

    Many thanks Brink, saved me some marital hassle!
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    Windows 7 Pro x64

    Bertison said:
    Many thanks Brink, saved me some marital hassle!
    Well that alone is worth more than a pot of gold as many of us know.
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    Win7 SP1 + Ultimate 64 bit

    I only found out about this update from MajorGeeks, I was not impressed that it wasn't automatically updated as I have Malwarebytes premium. Oh well.
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1

    See if the appropriate checkbox is checked. In the circumstances it's probably as well it didn't.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64

    Lady Fitzgerald said:
    I'm still using 1.75.0001 until all these problems with the new version get ironed out (which is taking an absurd amount of time).
    Same here. I hope they can bring themselves to extend their support for 1.75 until such time as the new version is fully ironed out as it seems to be still in beta in all but name.

    I really like MBAM and recommend it very strongly, but I just don't like the way they seem determined to end support for 1.75 too soon.
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  10. mjf
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    Windows 7x64 Home Premium SP1

    I'm still running mbam (free) 1.75 as a non real time anti malware check since like others I've found problems with v2xxx. I use Norton for real time anti virus protection. What would be a good substitute free product as a good secondary non real time anti malware check?
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