Can Malware damage to the files existing on the host?

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    Malwarebytes is NOT an AV (Anti-Virus), it is an AM (Anti-Malware)
    It is designed to run along side a real-time AV program.

    I use it now on systems with ONE real-time Anti-Virus of:
    Avast, or Avira, or MS Security Essentials, or Win 8 Windows Defender ...

    No problems here.
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    !! Disagree.
    Anyway, thank you very much.
    I appreciate your comments. And I know I'm not at that level to say you (for example) your opinion (about something) is or isn't correct. I'm novice IMO.:)
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    What do you disagree with ?
    If I'm wrong, I would like to correct what I said and not spread false or incorrect info.
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    OK mate,

    With respect to you;

    First there are only two types of Malware which are Viruses and Worms. My source for that saying is the book (Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 6/e), page 56.

    And also there isn't any AV or AM separately. They all (in effect) seek malicious software and destroy them whatever they are, worm or virus. So in fact all the AV or AM are just like them from that point of view.

    And since they all, do work against those bad things, so utilize more than one can cause problem. There are many sources which say run only one Av/M on a machine.

    Thanks again.
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    Kurdman please play nice. As per my post #7
    What security programs is always a highly discussed subject.
    Secunia PSI is a well respected program and I will add it to my list of programs to try.

    To answer your question.
    I do not run active more than one Anti Malware on my computer at one time. I have never tried.
    I use Malwarebytes Pro. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't get any better.

    1. Anti Virus programs and Anti Malware programs are not the same. At times they will over lap what they do block or find.

    2. You do not want to have two anti virus programs at the same time on the same computer. At times they can see each other as a infection and cause nothing but problems and less security for your computer.

    3. I know of no anti virus program that will not run side by side with Malwarebytes.
    If you do find a A/V that won't run with Malwarebytes I recommend not using that A/V.

    To keep things clear.
    Active = Is a program that start at boot and stay running until you shut down your computer.

    On demand = Is a program that does not start a boot. It start only when you tell it to by ticking on it.

    At times I run several on demand programs checking for infections while still having MSE and Malwerebytes active. It has not caused a problem on my systems.

    You must be careful, very careful.
    Lots of programs on the net call them selves (anti this or that) and they are not. They are infections themselves.

    I would not recommend running Malwarebytes Anti Malware active or on demand with out a active Anti Virus program. You need both.
    Last edited by Layback Bear; 09 Jun 2014 at 11:11.
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    Here is an article I found on the MalwareBytes site - this is what they say about their own product.

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is not meant to be a replacement for antivirus software. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a complementary but essential program which detects and removes zero-day malware and "Malware in the Wild". This includes malicious programs and files, such as virus droppers, worms, trojans, rootkits, dialers, spyware, and rogue applications that many antivirus programs do not detect or cannot fully remove. That being said, there are many infections that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware does not detect or remove which any antivirus software will, such as file infectors. It is important to note that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware works well and should run alongside antivirus software without conflicts. In some rare instances, exclusions may need to be set for your specific antivirus product to achieve the best possible system performance.
    Source: Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?
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    Thank you David. I was looking for that from Malwarebytes.

    @Kurdman as I posted before; you will find many opinions on which anti virus program to use.

    I see nothing false or untrue posted by DavidW7ncus in this thread.
    David and I might choose different security programs now and again but we are both trying to direct you in the same direction; towards a safer computing experience.

    Now you have seen our suggestion and guidance.
    Let us know what programs you have decided to use and in what fashion.
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    Thank you Jack (LB) !
    Nice post and very well said :)
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  9. mjf
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    I still don't fully get the fundamental difference between anti malware and anti virus. Are they overlapping sets of capability? Malwarebytes (on demand) updates its definition files quite regularly but say they are not anti virus. I use Norton 360 for active anti virus but it never seems to pick anything up when Malwarebytes does occasionally. Admittedly Malwarebytes does seem to give more false positives.
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    @Layback Bear & @DavidW7ncus:

    First, thank you very much. I look at you as my teacher/instructors.
    I'm so busy with with plenty of computer related thing (C++, QT, Computer Networking, A+ technician, Excel 2010, FreeBSD, Ubuntu and etc.). I'm so sorry if I'm late at posting.
    But for a small point:
    Regardless of sayings of Malwerbyte's website, you separate virus and malware with each other!!
    It's very odd. Because virus is a kind of malware.
    According to what the words show, Anti-malware is something which is against the malware which a virus is a type of it as well. And anti-virus encounters the viruses. But in effect it also encounters all of the viruses and other malware, like worm.
    I'm so sorry for my broken English. I post a complete talk here at first chance.
    Thanks again.
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