Problems with latest version of malwarebytes

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    Windows 7 Pro 32/64 bit and Windows 10 Pro 32 Bit/64bit

    Problems with latest version of malwarebytes

    I have updated malwarebytes 2.2 to 3.5 on all my clients machines including mine who have the paid one. I am finding on all of them, malwarebytes is still popping up saying its real time protection is off. I go into the program and click it on which takes a bit to get it to set. After each restart or cold start it keeps doing the same thing. I am hesitant to upgrade my other clients. Some have windows 7 some windows 10, it is doing it in both version of windows. I am also seeing it is not allowing the computers to shut down on some and others it is a slow shutdown since upgrading.
    Anyone else seeing this?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 [Latest Release Preview]

    Robin, I have stopped using malwarebytes Pro completely since the downgrade upgrade to version 3 was made available, Far too many problems for something that is concerned with security of my data. A search on here, or at Windows 10 Forums or any major tech site on the web will see a lot of hits on V3 problems.

    hopefully they'll get things right soon, they're pulling V2 around next June so they need a stable v3 Quickly- I myself have three pro licences that were only renewed a month ago that I cannot use until I have confidence in the products again
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    v2.2.1.1043 is still working fine. I won't upgrade until they fix v3. If it isn't fixed by June, I'll then abandon it.
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    Hi, @robinb9:

    All of the issues you report are among the 22+-pages of trouble reports over at Malwarebytes forum since the release of version 3.0. They center on:

    The last several pages HERE describe some of the concerns and problems, with links to many specifics.

    By the company's own admission, they shipped a beta build as "GA" on Dec 8 after only a few weeks of testing, despite known problems.
    The forum is flooded with trouble reports.
    However, with the holidays, progress to fix the new product has been slow. There has been only one patch build since the original release, and (at least for some users) it did not fix the few problems it was supposed to have fixed.
    In fact, users who already run 3.0.4 are being asked to perform a clean upgrade, just to get to 3.0.5.

    Version is stable, still receives database updates, and will be supported until at least June 2017. It can be run alongside the standalone version of MBAE (now called MBAE-beta), for better protection.

    If I were you, I might consider reverting to until version 3.0 is more stable.
    (Having said that, there is no "mbam-clean" removal tool yet for version 3.0. The only way to uninstall is from the Windows Control Panel and then manually deleting leftovers. Even that has been problematic for some users.)

    Either of these download links ought to work:

    With any luck, Malwarebytes will honor their impressive reputation and legacy of producing fine security software products, and will buff/polish this new offering into decent shape before they mothball their current flagship product.
    And we hope the results of objective, outside testing (yet to be performed) will substantiate the effusive claims that Malwarebytes 3.0 suffices for sole protection as an "AV replacement" that "makes antivirus obsolete".

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    I hope they are working on cure for all of the problems with this program.

    Out of my 5 computers it only works on two of them.

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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    the new version is only needed for W10.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 [Latest Release Preview]

    AddRAM said:
    the new version is only needed for W10.
    as far as I am aware - Version 2 will not be supported on any platform after the cut off date, Currently June this year - although with the amount of issues they have this could be extended
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    OEM Windows 7 Ult (x64) SP1


    AddRAM said:
    the new version is only needed for W10.
    That's not quite correct.

    Both MBAM2 and Malwarebytes 3.0 run on all supported platforms (XP to 10).
    Some features of version 3.0 are not supported for XP or Vista (such as anti-ransomware).
    But both versions of the program will run on those OS platforms.
    (Users on Win10 INSIDER -- which is basically a beta OS -- do need to run Malwarebytes 3.0; but it is not without issues in that environment, either, as one one might expect.)

    And, yes, as @Barman58 aptly points out -- as of now -- the company says they will drop support for MBAM2 in June 2017.
    Unless/until version 3.0 stability, performance and compatibility issues have been significantly improved by then (for both Consumer and Business users), it's hard to imagine that they can proceed without some sort of reasonable deadline extension.

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    Never mind, I was confused with Ccleaner, only the latest version of that would run on 10 for me

    I`m so used to just installing the software I have already so, my mistake. :)
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Lady Fitzgerald said:
    v2.2.1.1043 is still working fine.
    Exactly, it ain`t broke, so don`t fix it :)
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