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    England666 said:
    Even with this forum I am using a Windows 10 machine to login and I did read somewhere that Kaspersky had transferred some of its servers overseas which can only be a good thing.

    No, actually it wouldn't. Just because you operate in a certain data center doesn't mean anything. The company is still the same...

    That's like saying for example because the Chinese communist party owns this or that App or software, and because their servers are located in Singapore, all is good. Never mind the shenanigans.

    In a nutshell, I don't think I want to be a part of a product based in a not so friendly country to the U.S. and its allies with with allegations of U.S. spying and probably others that doesn't give one iota about human rights, and is now actively killing innocent people.

    Despite the obvious that I posted, traditional anti-virus software is a massive false sense of security. And they turn YOU into the product. Believe me when I tell you this. And NOTHING in this world is free, nothing. Someone is always paying for it somehow, even if indirectly. It's like the laws of physics. In this case it's the laws of capital and marketing...


    Maybe Kaspersky wants to operate in an Internet privacy country for reasons you don't fully understand...? You know, like malicious intent to hide something? I don't know, just some rudimentary thoughts.
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    W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring


    W7 wasn't released until 3rd quarter 2009
    and 2Gb was only favourable for starter version, 32 bit
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    "Um", do you wanna use the quote feature?

    Here, I'll do it for you.

    England666 said:
    "My bigger question WHY cant you upgrade to 10???"

    My own answer to this is my Windows 7 machines were made around 2008 time ,only 2GB Ram and sluggish at the best of times. I did try and update one sometime ago but the installer for Win10 mentioned that I didn't meet certain hardware requirements but I can't remember now what they were.

    I do have Windows 10 machines which are faster and I normally buy my machines as a second user .So even my Windows 10 machines that originally had 7 on date from about 2012/2013
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    Posted 18 March 2022:

    The One and Only said:
    The clairvoyance in me (call it ESP, or some crap) doesn't fully trust DuckDuckGo

    Turns out I was right. (For those in the know)...
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    F22 Simpilot said:
    Posted 18 March 2022:

    Turns out I was right. (For those in the know)...
    What are you referring to?
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64/ Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

    DuckDuckGo faces widespread backlash over tracking deal with Microsoft

    The Dev's reputation is an all time high, yet only one question or answer depending on the sub Q & A website. I call this a cult of personality, a brouhaha like so many thing out there; VPNs, Protonmail, any product with the words "EVO", "Origin" or "Hero," etc. You're bet off using SearXNG and searx instances or spinning up your own which would be a lot better. The code is all there at Github... Docker can be installed in Windows 10/11...

    I do you a VPN and Protonmail, but I know the limitations. I also use the DuckDuckGo Android browser. But none of this is some "cure all" to the "privacy threat." That in large part requires you to never use anything electronic, or at least have a Mmaster's in cybersecurity among other subjects...

    I bet if I made a post here about the Microsoft partnership the StackExchange crew would remove it or I'd be thumbed down beyond exception.

    That whole voting system (like a lot of the crap CMS/forums/websites out there) is a joke. I've asked so many great questions only to be thumbed down in quick order. That's fu**ing stupid to allow voting on a question if you ask me. A question! But, this new generation are borderline low IQ chimps, so what can I say?
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