Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

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    You mean if you can sysprep an image? No, at least I have not heard of it.
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    Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit

    This is perfect! Thanks so much for putting together this tutorial.
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    Have Image & Hard drive, can restore on another machine?

    Hi Kari,

    Great information. Thanks for your work.

    Here's an "Anyway I can do this?" question...

    My workstation died, but not the hard drive - the hard drive is fine (runs Win7 Pro 32bit). The night before, I did a fresh backup using "Backup and Restore", so I was thinking, no problem! I'll restore my system on one of our older PCs. The dead system is a Dell GX620, "new" old system is a Dell XPS.

    1.) Just swap the hard drive into the "new" old computer. Fails at Windows logo.
    2.) After much research, I restored the workstation image on a new, blank 1TB drive in the "new" old system and after running Repair Startup many, many times (and replacing the BOOTMGR), I got it to the point of selecting "Safe Mode". But, it still fails to boot (fails at Windows logo). Obvious hardware driver problems, I think.

    Is there anyway to apply the "sysprep" to the hard drive with the perfectly good system (and all my applications) to get the "new" old computer to accept it? You already answered the question on if the image can be "sysprep-ed" -- no.

    Maybe, install it as a second drive and use sysprep on it?

    Thanks for your help and information,
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    Hi Bradley, welcome to the Seven Forums.

    Only thing coming to my mind is to boot to safe mode (you mentioned that's OK?), then try steps 2 & 3 in tutorial to try if Windows can boot to Audit mode. If not, I really do not know how to do it.


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    I believe your only easy option at this point is to boot Paragon Adaptive Restore CD to run on the HD before attempting to start it - it will remove all the drivers and prepare it to start without any problem unless the boot sector has been messed up.
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    awesome job Kari,just one question,

    im planing to change my motherboard. so if i do the sysrep. and then after the sysrep is done and my computer is shutdown. i start it with paragon from a cd, creating an image. shuting it down when its done doing the image. replacing my old motherboard with the new one and run paragon at start and restoring the image i had done with paragon before i changed motherboard?

    one more question, is the image paragon is making stored on the harddrive?

    awesome info man, hope u continue with what u do. big love a dumb 15 year old DD
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    Hello Filip, welcome to the Seven Forums.

    If you are keeping your old hard disk where Windows is installed, just changing the motherboard, there's no need to make an image. The image is only needed when you also change the hard disk.

    So, when only changing the motherboard, do this:
    - Sysprep as told in tutorial (Method One, steps 1 to 5)
    - When computer is shut down, replace motherboard (Method One, step 6)
    - Boot the computer (Method One, steps 7 to 12)

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    thnx^^, that easy seriously i thought i had to do a fresh install but now i can keep all my work ^^ i've got an OEM key for my seven right now. will i be able to use it to reactivate cause as i know the sysrep removes the key and i have to re-enter it. or must i buy a new license?

    big thnx Filip

    you are really a big help for all
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    :) You are welcome.

    Some bad news, though... In the beginning of the tutorial you can find this warning:
    Using this method causes Windows 7 to lose all activation information, and it needs to be reactivated afterwards. If your Windows 7 is an OEM version, you might not be able to reactivate afterwards, at least not without phone activation option.

    You most probably need to call Microsoft afterwards, trying to explain your situation. As far as I know, also what I've sometimes read on the Seven Forums, some users have had luck (or rather understanding from Microsoft's side) to get an OEM version re-activated after change of motherboard.

    Strictly speaking the End User License is clear and you'd need a new license. But, as I said above Microsoft is known to have shown some understanding. You might have luck.

    Here's an important tutorial for you to read: Activate Windows 7 by Phone

    Good luck!

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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    I'll try that thanx again! ^^
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