Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

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    Windows 7 Pro x64

    "All unique system information" can mean a lot. For me, it could mean like everything that I want to keep, and the reason for which I don't want to reinstall.
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    I am sorry my answer to your question was not what you expected .

    Last try to explain it so that even you could understand it: Generalizing resets Windows as it was when first installed. Your own theme, personalized Start buttons and menus, color and sound schemes, desktop customization, customized desktop icon set, everything is gone. Installed applications and software remains, generalizing only affects Windows and its native elements.

    In other words, everything you have done to personalize and customize your Windows is gone after sysprep /generalize.

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    Windows 7 Pro x64

    Thank you for your reply.

    Can I somehow save my personalization and reload it after? I have removed system sounds, changed themes, folder views, power profiles, etc, etc.

    What about desktop files? stickies?
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    I understood from your earlier post you will not use sysprep /generalize, that you will instead manually remove drivers. If this is the case you of course do not lose your personalization completely. However what you lose and what you can keep is a question I can not answer, it depends so much on hardware setup.

    Sysprep /generalize does not delete any of your personal files, folders and installed software. For instance if you have downloaded files to desktop, they will be there also after generalizing.

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Need Help!! I think I made a boo boo.....

    I recently built a cheap HTPC out of some old parts I had lying around and decided that I didn't wanna waste money on an ssd so I went with a Raid Stripe set instead on a couple of 150GB laptop drives. It was working fine except for a bunch of bsods and errors that I traced to a bad motherboard. So, I got a new motherboard and preceded to do as suggested in your tutorial here not realizing that it might not work due to the raid set. I made a system image that I do have stored on a redundant drive, however, I was wondering if there was any way to recreate the raid set? If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

    Here are the PC Specs.

    Intel Pentium D 950 3.4GHz LGA 775
    Old Mobo - Intel D102GGC2
    New Mobo - MSI G31M3-F 1333 MHz FSB (there is a 1600MHz FSB version as well)
    2GB Crucial DDR2 667
    GeForce GT 430
    SoundBlaster LIVE! 24 bit
    2TB SATA Storage Drive
    80GB Backup Drive
    2 150 GB SATA 2.5" drives with current Win7 x64 Ult. installation

    I followed the tutorial exactly and swapped the board when it completed. After that I booted to the Win7 installation USB I made and went to the repair section. I tried to load the raid drivers from the unpacked Intel INF driver package but even after loading any drivers I could find it still couldn't find the current installation.

    Another thing perhaps of note is that the bios only allows me to set the raid mode as IDE. I am not sure if this is significant or not. I also don't know how to access the raid setup on this board. It does not give me a prompt to enter it like the Intel board did. Any idea's?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Windows 10 Pro x64 EN-GB
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    As far as I can see it your options are to restore a backup or fresh install. I do not recommend this method to be used with RAID setup, have never even tested it on RAID setup.

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Alright so I will have to re-install in order to keep the raid. Figures. lol

    If I use the image to restore it to an individual drive will windows be able to repair itself and boot up with the new motherboard installed or will I need to re-swap the mobo back and essentially start the process over again? But this time minus the raid setup of course.
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    It all depends. Is the image made from a raided system?

    Just my subjective opinion but in your case I would most certainly select the fresh install.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Yes it is a raided image. I guess I will just re-instal like you suggest and save myself some possible extra work. :)

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    windows 7 premiun 64 bit

    Using SysPrep with Win 7

    Hi Kari /All

    I have a question My friend has burnt out his Motherboard and he has a replacement

    If I take his win 7 hard drive and put it in a docking station connected via USB which my win 7 can see his hard drive..

    Can I open a command prompt on my computer (my comp see his hdd as (J:)..)

    And I am in administrator mode ..Can I change to J: drive and type in %windir%\System32\Sysprep\Sysprep.exe and hit enter..

    Will THIS... sysprep his hdd or will attempt to sysprep mine being c: drive

    Is there Any other switches I should know about or will this harm my system

    Any help much appreciated

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