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    shaneMfeeney said:
    hello brink,

    *just a heads up (i'm not very computer savvy)*

    i seem to have a problem with some .sb files in one of my computer games directories
    i accidentally opened the .sb file with notepad which in return it will not launch
    if there's anyway you could either put .sb on the list ( i think it's a small basic file)
    or possibly point me in the right direction with how to troubleshoot this, it would be most appreciated.

    Hello Shane, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    I'm sorry, but .sb files are not associated with anything by default in Windows.

    If you like, you could do a system restore using a restore point dated before you changed the default associations of .sb files to undo it.

    If you wanted to unassociate .sb files, then the .reg file below will do so for you.

    Hope this helps, :)
    Default File Type Associations - Restore Attached Files
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    windows 7 ultimate x64

    thank you for the info,

    bare with me here please..
    i looked into doing a system restore but it only gave me two dates to choose from both which were after the fact of the .sb incident i had (when i opened the .sb file in notepad that is)
    if i were to un.associate the file what, what would that do exactly?
    and hypothetically speaking, if i did un.associate the file and don't get the results i needed
    would there a way to bring it back to it's previous state?

    apologies if this is off topic by the way.
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    Unassociating the file would set to no longer have a default program set to open it with.

    You could create a restore point before merging the .reg file to unassociate. This way you could just do a system restore with the restore point if it was not what you were looking for. :)
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    windows 7 ultimate x64

    I see..
    So I kind of already went ahead and unassociated the file earlier.. which now I don't think I should have done, is it possible to reverse this?
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    A system restore would undo it, or you could use "Open with" to select a program you wanted to set as the default to open it with.
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    You Saved my Bacon!

    This fix was the only thing that was going to save me. Thank you, thank you.

    I had used Windows Explorer in an attempt to change the default file association for an *exe file. That caused every *.exe in the computer to be changed to the selected application, in the first instance Excel.

    Then to make matters worse I eventually changed the default association to Windows Explorer in an unwise attempt to be able to see my file structure. When I did this every *.exe was associated with Explorer. When this is the case starting any application would start an infinite loop of Explorer processes and there was no way to stop it or start any other application because everything started another Explorer process. Thus, I did not have access to the Desktop or anything else.

    So. I used another computer to download the Default_Exe.reg file. I copied it to a USB key. Then I started the computer with the problem in a Safe Mode with Command Prompt. I then ran the Default_Exe.reg file by entering the file name at the drive command prompt, e.g., G:> default_exe.reg. I did not know that *.reg files would run when you typed in the name at the command prompt but they do. When the file ran I got a screen that asked if I really wanted to change the Registry and warning that it could cause all sorts of problems. Since I was already having all sorts of problems I did not think I had anything to lose.

    It seems like what the executable file does it to delete the existing FileExts value in the registry that is associated with the *.exe extension. I was able to find ways to modify the Registry itself but since I had screwed up the *.exe file association default there was no way for me to access regedit.

    Long story but I just wanted to say thanks and inform the subscribers that there are workarounds available if you change the defaults on the *.exe file extension to Explorer. Moral of the story: NEVER, EVER under any circumstances change the default association for the *.exe file extension to Windows Explorer.

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    You're most welcome Benny, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    I'm sorry that you had such a rollercoaster of a ride there, but glad to hear this helped you get it sorted. :)
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    window7 64

    thank you so much!

    thank you so much! if fixed my big problem.

    Some days ago,I changed the open method of .bat file(window7 64x) . I can't change it back!

    it's so hard for me to fix this issue.
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    Windows 7

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial
    Fixed my problem with lnk
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  10. mwu
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    Hello everybody,

    I've registered on this forum because I believe this is the place where I can learn if my computer is truly screwed.

    Like most I have an issue of files association, however this is massive, I get the famous "this file does not have a program associated with it blablabla" for everything I do on my computer (control pannel for exemple)

    • if I try to access my documents, I get absolutely nothing (no message error, no symbol nothing)

    • If I try to go to for the task manager i get "no task supported" ...

    • If I try to type "regedit" (or about anything) in the search tab of the start menu, I get nothing, no reaction.

    By some luck, clicking on my garbage, open C-Cleaner, which has a "online help" button, which allow me to launch firefox (if I try directly i get the " this file doesnt not have a program associated..." message.

    I've downloaded some reg files , but I do not have the "merge" option when I right click on them.
    Refering to the first page I can see :

    If you do not see a Merge option when you right click on the REG file, then you will need to check in Default Programs to set the reg file extension to have it's Current Default program set as Registry Editor (C:\Windows\regedit.exe). Afterwards, try merging the REG file again.
    But in my case I cannot access to the control panel...

    So is there a possibility to enable this "merge" option for .reg files on the right click, given my situation ?

    Or do I basically have to order a new computer ?

    Thanks for your help
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