Hi, iseeuu,
excellent tutorial on inner windows system.
But I have a doubt.
In environment mode, you are in x:\source, that media being a dvd or usb.
how commands in x: drive would fix the mbr in c: in the reserved partition?
or should we execute these commands by going to the c: from x: to correct the boot records?
Your tutorial also gives insight to how to view the inner boot folder details.
But please clarify my doubt.
Sometimes, when i access the advanced boot options, I find no Repair this computer listed
what that it means?
Whenever you install windows, the startup repair is preloaded with windows installation.
Microsoft says, that if the menu is not there, then it is not preinstalled with windows
please clarify those.
In short, if you have repair this computer menu in advance boot, then when you evoke command prompt from repair this computer menu in adv.boot,options, then you could use those commands like bootrec /fixmbr, rebuildbcd etc. or
otherwise, if you use the installation media, then you have to execute this command by going to c: from X: am i correct