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    Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit & Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit


    How did you use ABR beta to activate a product key that wasn't on the PC before ? The product key on the bottom of the laptop or on the side of a desktop isn't used on OEM products .

    The ABR beta software backs up and restores the key it locates . But you can't activate a OEM key with a clean installation of Windows unless you're using the recovery disc .

    @ Gregrocker ABRbeta is a program that backs up and restores your product key also activates it . ABRbeta is for Windows 7 while ABR is for Windows Vista .
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64, *W7 Prem. x64

    Hi gregrocker & VistaKing ..thanks for quick reply.
    Unfortunately I'm about new in computing so I cannot be sure what helped me to activate so easily.
    I'll just tell you what exactly I did.
    I keep partitions like was from factory. I mean I didn't delete recovery partition, nor the 100Mb reserved.
    I just clean installed in C: . Before installation, I cleaned and format only that partition.
    Arb.beta was in a usb (already I had make the backup of the key with Arb.....I think is a slp key...not sure what the app. do)
    When Windows asked me for the key I just click next and uncheck to activate when on line.
    After oobe I installed chipset driver and then just I restored the activation from the usb. opens a cmd window and said "key not found" but then it asked me to look in system properties.
    Yes! Windows was activated!
    Of course I cannot suggest to users that 100% will activate because I'm not sure what exactly involved and helped me.
    eg. If I had delete all partitions would it be the same easy? I cannot know.
    in my system the active partition is the recovery oem partition. (which I let untouched)
    Gregrocker no I didn't wait first to see what updates will do because in my system there are a lot of special drivers
    like motion sensor, Dell support software, Widi, IntelProset software etc
    I just wrote about it for other users. (they have to check from before what they need, I think you suggest the same)
    ..The driver for camera is installed but I cannot use it or I don't know how. Maybe is necessary also the software?
    I don't know from where to trigger it for to take a picture.
    Anyway for me everything went fine. 2 months also preparing is a long time!!
    I must and feel to thank you all of you for patience and help.
    Great forum, great people.... Keep on your good and usefull work....
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit & Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

    Notis ... What the program does is it readds the activated files back to your new installed OS.

    	This package provides utilities to backup and restore the activation 
    	files in OEM versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 that are 
    	pre-activated at the factory.  It probably won't work on activation
    	that was performed online or over the phone.
    	"activation_backup" will create 2 files on your USB drive:
    	    backup-key.txt: Backup license key
    	    backup-cert.xrm-ms: Backup activation certificate
    	"activation_restore" will use those 2 files to restore your
    	activation once you have done a clean install.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64, *W7 Prem. x64

    VistaKing ok thanks! I knew "about" the above.(your last post)
    ....but I don't know exactly about keys, slp. oem, licenses etc...
    ...also I have read so opposite posts from users in others forums(eg some complain couldn't activate, others did and so....etc)
    ...I believe is a little complicate all that so is difficult to give a sure suggestion to someone.
    ..others systems write the key in bios (W8 always), so if someone update the bios maybe he cannot activate it easy as I did?...
    ...I just don't know......Anyway thank you man for your time
    .......without a clear reason.. I find you all, wonderful people!......(I'm a little crazy!....sorry....)
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    Windows Ultimate x86, SP1

    Thank you gregrocker

    I am respectfully requesting you to reply my inquiries

    I do neither have a DVD nor do have USB Device(Flash Drive with 4GB) now, so can I use Windows 7 USB DVD Tool to write ISO to a USB hard drive?

    First: What do you mean with "Run an audit of hardware and software including installed product keys using Belarc Adviser"

    Second: As long as that clean reinstall maybe let Factory Recovery and Hp tools partitions not work well, then why don't I delete them in the advance option?

    Third:Will clean install clean my installed windows 7 from unless factory utlities or reinstall new windows? If it will reinstall new Windows, the what is the difference between the clean install and when I reinstall another new Windows from any Windows installainon disc( I have Windows installainon disc with all edtions)

    Fourth: Can I use a OEM Windows 7 'Factory' Restore/Recovery type of installaion disc that I created from Factory Recovery partition.

    Fifth: what can I do with latest Windows 7 disc after doing clean install? Can I benefit from it in doing a repair install whenever I need?

    Finally: I have downloaded latest official Win7 installer ISO with SP1' since about 2012. So it will still be latest? Or should I predowload it.
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    An external HD will not boot easily to install Win7 and is more trouble than it's worth. I suggest buying or borrowing a DVD or flash stick.

    It's helpful to have a list of all of your hardware and installed software including Product Keys which is why Belarc is suggested.

    HP Factory Recovery will stilll run after reinstall so whether you delete its partition is up to you. I would myself delete all partitions, but you may want to see how a Clean Reinstall works for you first. I would make my Recovery disks either way. HP System Recovery

    You may use your Win7 installation disk with all versions if it has SP1 which saves hours of updating. The one we link in tutorial is the very latest.

    The OEM Recovery disks contain all of the HP crapware that corrupts and smothers Win7, same as the Recovery Partition. The point of a Clean Reinstall is to avoid this.

    The Win7 DVD can be used for Repairs.
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    Windows Ultimate x86, SP1

    Thank you very much for your kind reply

    It's helpful to have a list of all of your hardware and installed software including Product Keys which is why Belarc is suggested
    Even if I had known the hardware and installed software by Belarc, there would have been two problems:
    One is that Belarc will not let me save a list of all of my hardware and installed software in order for I get back to explore to see them if I need.

    The other is what I can do with knowing these hardware and installed software as long as I have all my drivers and applications on a DVD, which I created from copying a folder called 'Setup' inside C.

    The OEM Recovery disks contain all of the HP crapware that corrupts and smothers Windows 7, same as the Recovery Partition. The point of a Clean Reinstall is to avoid this.
    I would like to ask you a question about this, I think the OEM was designed by experts so I think they wouldn't do something can corrupts and smothers Windows

    Finally: If I had recovered Minimized Image Recovery, then I would get a Windows without the HP crapware that corrupts and smothers Windows.
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    Yes, HP Minimal recovery is nearly the same as a Clean Reinstall.

    The point is that OEM's do not have experts in Win7 writing their software which is buggy and in almost every case duplicates better features in Win7. The rest is mostly junkware that sponsors pay to the OEMs, which do indeed help keep the cost of PC's lower.

    The experts on Win7 are here, not at OEM's. This is where most of the fixes and procedures for Win7 have been developed since even before the OS was released.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64, *W7 Prem. x64

    ...Reading for second time my last posts, I understood my mistake.
    I should write everything in a private message.
    NOBODY MUST DO WHAT I DID BECAUSE HE'LL NOT FIND SUPPORT AND HELP.(in the case he is facing problems)
    I can say for sure only that in my system(Dell xpsl702x), After a "clean install", recovery partition
    doesn't serve any service so is right Gregrocker's suggestion to delete it and win the room.
    I did the installation in a different way for some special reasons which I'm not going to explain
    because I'm afraid I'll be out of topic. Thanks for your patience...very soon I'll know how to behave correctly ..
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    If you left the Recovery partition you can delete it and extend C into its space.

    First try Disk Mgmt: Partition or Volume - Delete
    Partition or Volume - Extend

    Then if necessary use Partition Wizard boot CD: Delete Partition - Partition Wizard Help Video
    How to extend partition easily with Partition Wizard - video help.

    In some cases EISA partitions will not delete without using Diskpart "Delete Partition Override" command: DiskPart Command-Line Options

    If you need further help post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums
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