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    Windows 7 ultimate x64

    i have an issue with "you have files waiting to be burned" but it not only comes up when i boot up windows, but I can turn on/off my printer and it will come up as well. I have tried everything posted above and nothing helps. The one weird thing tho is it keeps telling me to put in a disk into my E drive which is a dvd-rom not a dvdrw! My dvdrw is my D drive. I looked in the burn folder there is nothing there. I even told the folder to show hidden items and nothing there. I am at a loss to what else to check. Any help would be most helpful. Tx
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Hi Shawn (Brink),

    I've come across your posts in the past when trouble-shooting problems with my computer and they have been very helpful. I was wondering if you've seen this problem before and maybe you could post a solution.

    Running Windows 7x64 Ultimate, and I noticed my Windows log-in was kind of slow. Started running diagnostics, etc. and then finally my Blu-Ray RW drive stopped working, so I knew there was a real problem. Now Windows loaded quickly, and the BIOS took forever instead, while the Blu-Ray had no power coming to it. So I opened my tower, pushed the SATA connection in a little tighter, and voila, Windows and BIOS are both loading quickly again and Blu-Ray is fully functional.

    Now the problem: While the Blu-Ray wasn't working, windows took it's drive extension and assigned my external eSATA hard-drive to it. It must have created one of those hidden 'recycle bin' caches, because now I get the stupid pop-up about hidden recycle bin folder waiting to be burned to disc. I deleted the files from the CD explorer window, from the temporary cache I targeted in properties, etc. - and for some reason, it just keeps regenerating itself. Any ideas on how to kill it for good?

    In the meantime, I disabled explorer burn options in the Local Group Policy Editor. This is something I intended to do anyway because I use Nero and DVDFab, and from my experience on three different computers, although no one else will confirm this for me, Nero and DVDFab combination (one or the other or both) breaks or disables the IMAPI service somehow and Explorer won't successfully burn media once Nero and DVDFab are installed and all burning tasks must be done through third party software, henceforth. Is that standard behavior that other people who use Nero and/or DVDFab have reported experiencing?

    So I ask my original question just for my own information - because I will probably keep Explorer burning disabled. I don't even use Nero to burn really, I just use it to master and transcode projects, I use DVDFab to rip DVD images, and then I always burn with ImgBurn. But should I decide to uninstall Nero and DVDFab, I'd like to know that my Explorer burning is bugless.

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    Hello SpewHole, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    You might see if changing the drive letters for your optical drives back to what they were originally to see if thay may help do this tutorial to hopefully get rid of the waiting to be burned message. You would need to change one to another letter before being ablt to change the other drive back to the original one since the first one is currently using it.

    I do not know anything about the Nero and/ot DVDFab issue with Explorer though.

    Hope this helps some,
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Just to reflect on my older post, this problem is no longer existent on my computer - but I did a factory reset to resolve that and many other issues from being powered down improperly over and over when the techs were "fixing" it.

    Just in case anyone googled here because of my comment about burning programs, I did learn, interestingly, that ImgBurn, DVDFab, and Nero can be installed without breaking Explorer IMAPI function. The trick is the order of installation. No matter what, Nero must always be installed last - after the other burning programs.

    Thanks for your help last year.
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro
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    Hello SpewHole,

    Thank you for posting back with your results and solution. :)
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    win 7

    Thanks for that... got rid of the messages... i hope
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    You're most welcome Fred. I'm glad that it could help. :)
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    Hey Shawn what a great little tutorial and so many good idea she? I have this happen tome and while it never bothers me much it is a pest.:)
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    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Message: You have files waiting to be burned to disc
    I have seen a lot of issues about the temporary burn folder being renamed on different folders. The issue is it is my user folder. I now have the path C:\users\temporary burn folder\etc. I tried to change the folder back to my user name. No luck. I really don’t want to change over to a new account or redo my computer because of all the settings etc. How can I fix this?
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    Hello Silverwater, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    What did you do to move it?

    You might see if doing a system restore using a restore point before it moved may be able to restore it.

    Hope this helps for now, :)
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