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    mangoh said:
    Quick question if someone doesn't mind answering :)

    *Insert example to explain*

    1) I install Windows 7 last month on drive ( C: )
    2) I decide to create a system image on the same day
    3) I have finished creating an system image and have had it created on another partition but on the same Hard Disk Drive ( D: )
    4) A week after creating a system image I decide to do some work and I save a word document in the "My Documents" folder
    5) I decide to restore the system image that I had created last month.

    Now when restoring the system image does that mean I will have to backup the word document (step 4) as I had created & saved it AFTER step 3?

    Surely when I restore the system image it will erase all my documents etc... and then restore w/e was in the my documents folder before I had finished creating a system image?
    Hello Mangoh,

    That's correct. If you don't backpup the document before doing a system image recovery, you will lose it since the document was after the image was created. :)
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    Thanks nice and easily explained :)


    Edit: "Backpup" lol nice...

    My next question is if that's the case where can I find the my documents stored that a system image has created i.e. where in the WindowsImageBackup folder?
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    A system image is not really meant for restoring single files from it. This a complete computer image backup that when restored, restores the complete image.

    To backup and restore files, you may wish to use Windows Backup instead to have available to restore from.

    With that said, you could use the tutorial below to mount your image to restore files from. :)

    System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management
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    Windows 7 64 bit

    Hi. I have a RAID 1 assembly that unbeleivably both drives seem to have started having problem simulataneously. Dell are coming in 5 hours to replace both HD and install Win7 Pro 64-bit. I just want to be sure I have everything sorted to try to recover the system image.

    My drive has 4 partitions; system reserve, C: programs/OS U: User Data B: backup for my wife's PC. I have a system image of C: & U: (I think it takes the system reserve automatically) taken from a few days ago by Windows stored on a 3rd HD internal HD. I also have all of U: backup daily onto my wife's PC (last ran succesfully also a few days ago).

    As far as I understand once they have installed 2 new HD (they are the same size as my existing ones) and OS I can go through back up and restore. I don't need the B: partition as can just create a new backup later. Should I chose method 7. "To do a full system image recovery" and then create the new B: partition once complete?

    Is there anything I need to do/know as it is RAID 1 image? I know you guys don't recommend RAID and having had both disks fail simulataneously twice I am wondering what the point is. If I don't recreate the RAID 1 is there any chance I can use the RAID image to restore the system to a single disk or is that a non-starter? i am just so busy with work I can't afford spending lots of time rebuilding my stystem right now so need the quickest solution. Maybe later I will break the RAID.

    Appreciate any advice before the engineer turns up!

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    Hello Mike,

    Sorry to hear about your RAID 1.

    You will be able to do a system image recovery with your created system image on either a single disk or on a RAID 1 again. It's really just up to for how what you would like to do. :)

    If you wanted to use RAID 1 again, then it would be much easier to set it up first, then do the system image recovery. You'll just need to have your RAID drivers handy say on a USB flash drive to use the Load Drivers option during step 5 in Option Two here to get to the System Recovery Options screen.

    If you use the "To do a full system image recovery", then it will restore all partitions and everything that was in the system image. This way when it's finished, you will not have to do anything else later.

    Hope this helps, :)
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    brilliant worked like a dream.
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    Great news Masplin. :)
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    I saved my back up to an external hard drive with over a TB of data. Will i lose any of it after doing the backup restore?
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    Hello iFeelLikeANoob, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    If you mean a system image you saved to the external HDD, then no it will not be affected when doing a system image recovery.

    Hope this helps, :)
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    window 7 home premium 64bit

    Thank You for the quick reply :)

    i should have been more specific. i have movies, music and document i have been storing on my external hard drive for while a while now.
    i only just recently put the back up of my PC's OS settings (internal hard drive) on the external hard drive.
    I know when i restore the Image my pc will revert back to the image settings. but will i loose anything on the external hard drive? You said in the tutorial that the restore process will format the internal and external hard drives together.
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