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    Hey John, :)

    I suppose you could do a test with Chrome in incognito mode to see if it could be an extension/add-on causing the issue with the browser.
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    Yes mate I have tried just about everything now and I think the in cognito option was one of the things that John suggested but no go.
    To add insult to injury I have just spent the last 6 hours reinstalling 7 on to a spare drive and then tried to set up a dual boot which I thought would be handy now that I am getting quite used to using the 10 machines.
    Now wanting to keep everything honest and above board I thought I had better contact Microsoft to see what I could do with the OEM key. I did get round to asking Microsoft (somewhere on some sub continent) if I could use the OEM key that I stupidly used on a separate drive on my small laptop not knowing I was entitled to a free copy for that machine - which I eventually installed the dual boot with no problems at all on the original 7 install drive .
    I explained that I had only installed and not used it (the 10 install) much and would really like to be able to use it on this machine instead. But $230-odd later they refused maybe because I sounded like some awful criminal or something or just didn’t like the sound of me. Now while I know that sort of money is not that a great deal to me it would be all the same if I were some poor soul who was nearly broke and could not afford another key.
    I shall just keep 7 on this machine now and maybe use the other clean install drive because yet again I ma having to type this in Word and copy / paste to the thread reply. I just hope that some M$ executives have one or two bottles of nice red wine on me I just hope he or she doesn’t spill it on themselves.

    But rant over:).
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    If you do a clean install, be sure to create restore points before installing or changing anything. This way if this should happen again, you'll be able to do a quick system restore to hopefully undo it.

    In addition, check to see if this happens again after installing and changing anything to see if that may have been the culprit.
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    Thanks Shawn but I have opted for a straight clean install and am just hopping mad with Microsoft at the moment as I just posted in another thread. As far as I am concerned they can keep their precious 10 software I will just keep this machine for 7.

    But thanks once again for your concern, time and patience which right now I am running on empty with - however you manage to do what you do is a source of inspiration to me, and it is only for you and some of the other fellows who keep me sane:)
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    Let us know if you want to try W10 again.
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    Well mate I found this fellow on EBay who is selling that original upgrade key for $10.98 as he says he gets it for wholesale price

    But I did a stupid thing and started downloading the ISO and then thought hey IDIOT you already have it - closed it down and wrecked my 7 install so am doing it all over again - that is the sort of gung ho nitwit I am

    I might just trial it on a spare 250GB SSD I have just out of curiosity before I have to download all the updates of course
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    At that price, I'd say the key is most likely illegal.
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    John, as far as I know, you can't buy a legal COA key by itself. Upgrade or otherwise.
    A legal COA key comes with a Microsoft DVD all in one package.
    As you know I'm no expert but my understanding is a company that buys keys from Microsoft in volume (wholesale) must use the keys and they are not for sale on the open market.
    The ISO or DVD is free or a low cost.
    The $140.00 I paid for Windows 7 Pro is for the use of the proper COA key not the DVD Windows 7 came on.

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    Desk1 7 Home Prem / Desk2 10 Pro / Main lap Asus ROG 10 Pro 2 laptop Toshiba 7 Pro Asus P2520 7 & 10

    Yep Shawn and Jack I know I am just testing this character out because he sounds pretty cock sure of himself and well we can do without these people doing this.

    So I am guessing what he has worked out is having done the upgrade himself and knows that code/key has just directed me to the site we know only too well and is selling that info on - am not sure of whether to report him to EBay frankly.

    Now as for the 10 dual boot on this machine I might give it a miss because I am already out $230 for the OEM I foolishly put on the small laptop forgetting I had signed up that machine during the "free" period and anyway this one has Home Pre on it from when I built it.

    It has as you both may know has had awful problems posting back on the forum namely the typed stuff just disappearing and after many scans checks etc etc ad nauseum I finally did clean install on a cleaned spare SSD the install which in itself has been a nightmare after three goes yesterday alone has left me in a real fix with I think it is updates causing it to crash. So I have only done a few and am going to leave the rest because I couldn't stand another install right now.

    So even if I wanted to make this a dual boot I am stuck again laying out good money after bad.

    So I must say that the Microsoft call centre in whatever obnoxious place it is was way out of line denying me the use of the OEM I did buy and I think that after dealings with the support line in the past the attitude and frankly rude manner in which I was spoken to was in stark contrast to whoever I have contacted in the past. Needless to say whoever that was was not from an English speaking upbringing and the last few times - a while ago admittedly - I had to contact Microsoft of anything I was always treated politely and usually by a person who spoke with a strong American accent.
    That attitude is also the reason why I use LibreOffice now because I have also been denied activating my retail Office Home and Student program ever again simply because I have loaded it on different drives at various times during the past.

    This has left a bad taste in my mouth at least as I have always used and paid for Microsoft products and it does make one feel one is dishonest and the devil may care stuff well not to my liking at all. I have to say that the Microsoft customer care has been guilty of apathy in that department and what I feel is a low blow by what has happened to me, and I would assume quite a few people like me.
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