Imaging with free Macrium

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    Hi whs,

    you could provide the sha1 hash for the iso, then people can check if the d/l is ok.
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    @joebots :)

    The two Seagate 250GB 7200.10 drives that I RAIDed were purchased in 2007, and originally on my ASUS A8V Deluxe mainboard. They never faltered, and I used them every single day across two builds. You'd think in all that time I would have had a glitch that required restoring from an image, but it never happened.
    I had problems with a WD External USB drive (2006 vintage) recycled into service as data-drive with my 18month old Toshiba laptop.
    The WD was "glitchy" -- not always in WinExp -- saving files and safely remove were temperamental.
    WD did not have a solution ... and I hounded them
    Some of my very-old thumb drives were unreliable on the 2012 Toshiba ... but on a 2003 WinXP rig they were fine.
    (None of these are your issues I know, but in my case I am sure it was hardware age)

    Your RAIDed HDs are 7 years old and I wonder about their compatibility with new smarter hardware?
    (What do you mean by RAIDed ? Cannibalized hardware or RAID as in redundancy ?)
    - I am a squirrel when it comes good-old-stuff. So I know how you feel about letting go of older gear.

    A new USB disc drive ... the glitches have stopped.
    Replaced the ancient thumb-drives 12 months ago ... no problems since.
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    whs said:
    How much data is in the partition that you wanted to image.

    But you seem to have more problems. If the WinPE iso from my OneDrive does not work, then you have either a corrupted download of the iso or the burning did not work correctly. Try ImgBurn.
    Hi whs,

    I found out something strange. Apparently the disk that I burned does work ... on another computer. I took it home and tried it out on my PC. It booted just fine, and there were no graphical glitches as I described earlier. But it refuses to work on the PC that is in the laboratory where I work.

    It's really frustrating... I'm trying to transfer an existing win 8.1 installation (x64) to another PC using sysprep. Why would the disk boot fine on my computer at home but refuse to boot on the other computer? Could it have anything to do with the hardware? The PC I'm trying to work with is actually supposed to be a server, with an intel C226 (not 100% certain) chipset. But we're using it as just an ordinary desktop.
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    Some CD drives are finicky with disks. Try burning another on your home PC and try it in the lab one using a CD/R not RW if you have.
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    Dear WHS,

    I truly appreciate your tutorial about MACRIUM, it is very helpful.

    I recently ran across an issue during partitioning of my internal hard drive to Dual-Boot WIN7 with UBUNTU and messed up my boot-loader. Had created a complete system image earlier using Windows back and restore utility and had also prepared a recovery CD from it.

    So, when I booted from the recovery CD and asked to look for the previous image it couldn't find it and showed a blank table. After several painful hours and a lot of research I was able to recover my PC with no data loss.

    I thought that perhaps i did something wrong in creating the backup image so i repeated the process and successful created a new system image on my TOSHIBA External 3.0 HD

    Booted form recovery CD to see if it would pick up the restored image and much to my Dismay the same empty table.

    So, i looked further in several forums and found out that the Windows Recovery Utility is in its INFANCY stages and I should definitely look into 3rd party backup software.

    I have just now Downloaded MACRIUM Reflect free version 5.2.6551 with the MACRIUM rescue 5.2.6504.iso file from the link you provided back in March 25th, 2010 in this THREAD

    Q1. Will this Macrium Rescue ISO CD burnt through IMAGE-BURN replace the windows 7 x64 recovery CD that i can use to BOOT from??

    Q2. Will it be able to locate the images that MACRIUM images saved on the External HD in separate folders or do the images have to be saved in ROOT folders on the EXT HD ??

    Q3. Need suggestions on how to manage image/folder backups from Macrium on my External HD ??

    Will highly appreciate your response for it will prevent me landing in the same predicament

    Thanks and Regards

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    Forgot to ask the following important stuff as I am a little confused

    Q4. In your tutorial you mentioned to use both WIN PE3.1 and Linux for backup ? could you specify what are the benefits of one over the other and how are they both helpful ??

    Q5. Create Bootable rescue media (on the TOP left corner with an ARROW) does it mean that after i save my systems image in my External HD than i can boot from it

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    Hi Sam and welcome to Seven Forums. I will attempt to answer your questions. WHS can add his comments later.

    Q1. Yes for backup but you may need the W7 rescue CD for its boot repair options.

    Q2. Normally Macrium will find the images and present them to you as a list, Newest to oldest. If for some reason they don't appear you can browse to the location in Macrium's version of explorer.

    Q3. The free version of Macrium can only do images not File and Folder backups. For File and Folder backups I recommend FreeFileSync (link in the sig). I made a video on using that. It is a bit out of date but it will give you the idea.
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    I was too quick.

    Q4. You only need the PE disk.

    Q5. You can't boot from the image. That is what the PE rescue disk is for.
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    Hi Keith,

    Many thanks for the response.

    Please tell me if i got this right ?

    Q1. I will need a Windows backup and recovery generated rescue CD to boot from initially if i mess up on the BOOTLOADER as i did earlier and it cannot be replaced with the MACRIUM rescue CD ??

    See here in lies the problem i.e. to boot from the rescue CD it is not picking up the image from the external Hard disk so how will it pick it up and restore that image from there ?? my understanding is that until Windows boot into normal mode than you can use the MACRIUM CD to load images that you backed UP in the external HD, if not than when will you use the MACRIUM rescue CD

    Q1.a lets say that my images don't show up using windows rescue CD than do i insert the MACRIUM's CD to go into their explorer version and access the images saved on the external HD that way??

    Q3. Maintaining the MACRIUM generated image folders is what i was pointing to see if we need to make a folder for each backup image MACRIUM generates or one giant folder with all the image backups in it or NO FOLDER at all ??

    I appreciate the VIDEO it was cool. Downloaded the FREE FILE sync and will use it to schedule backups and do I have to have 3 folders in the destination LOG / MIRROR / Version.

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    Q1. Restoring an image will normally also restore the boot record and give you a bootable syste. If you wish to fix boot problems without doing a restore you will need the Windows recovery disk or a Windows installation disk.

    Q1a. Your Macrium images can't be restored using the Windows recovery CD.

    Q3. It is best not to write them to the partition root, although Macrium will not complain. It is really up to you whether you store them in one or more folders. It makes no difference to Macrium. You can also move them from folder to folder on the disk with no problems.

    FFS. You don't need to set the folders up as I did. That is merely a suggestion that works for me. That said, if you are going to keep the logs they have to go somewhere and if you elect to use versioning you need a versions folder. One change since I made that video. The version folder name now needs a date macro to create a unique name. it is in the help file.
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