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Windows 7: Force DVI/HDMI resolutions and refresh rates

04 Jun 2009   #30

Windows 98SE

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by HHawk View Post
Oh one more thing; I only just noticed now, that you have different DVI cables. DVI-D and DVI-I. One has more pins than the other?
My DVI cable (dunno which one it is D or I) can be disconnected from the monitor. Is it worthwhile to use a DVI-I cable instead if it fits on the back of my monitor?
Nevermind... I am stupid...
The monitor has a VGA connection with a VGA-DVI cable.
Sigh. Does this mean the above trick still works?
//edit #2
Well I ordered a new cable, was the same price as a DVI extender.
Manhattan DVI-D -> VGA Cable 1.8 meter (M - M)
Should be correct, right?
CRTs are RGB analog, so you need DVI-I = Digital + analog. Easy to spot as it has a group of 4 pins separated from the others. The specs for your ordered cable must be wrong, because DVI-D is digital only and will be useless with an VGA conector at the other end without added expensive convertor box.

Cheapest solution would be an VGA-VGA (male-male) cable and a DVI-VGA dongle.

Either way, pin 7 on the DVI side is always there slashing your Hz

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by baarod View Post
There are no 100MHz drivers of the type he speaks of. They only go up to 85Hz as well. You might find more info here as it seems you're not the only hertz-junkie out there 100hz "windows 7" - Google Search
Please read the guide again. My comments are only for those that it fails to work. And yes, I have 100Hz 120Hz 150Hz on my good old CRT in Windows 7 using a custom driver and a small hardware modification... DDC pin removed.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Jun 2009   #31

Windows 7 & Windows XP x64

Still no succes.

I did the following (when I received the new DVI-A cable):

1. Removed pin nr 7 on the DVI-A cable.
2. Created a new .inf (which overrides the EDID)
3. Connected the new cable (with pin nr 7 removed)
4. Installed the new driver and rebooted.

But still I am not able to select higher refreshrates.

One more thing, which I find weird. When I removed the original VGA-DVI-A cable from my monitor, I checked the VGA end. And the following pins were removed (probably by the people from ViewSonic): pin 4 and pin 11

My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Jun 2009   #32

Windows 7 & Windows XP x64

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by HHawk View Post
Still no succes.

I did the following (when I received the new DVI-A cable):

1. Removed pin nr 7 on the DVI-A cable.
2. Created a new .inf (which overrides the EDID)
3. Connected the new cable (with pin nr 7 removed)
4. Installed the new driver and rebooted.

But still I am not able to select higher refreshrates.

One more thing, which I find weird. When I removed the original VGA-DVI-A cable from my monitor, I checked the VGA end. And the following pins were removed (probably by the people from ViewSonic): pin 4 and pin 11

Okay got it to 100 Hz at least.
I tried a different cable VGA-VGA with a DVI-I Dual Link externder. At first it still didn't do crap, however then I went to nvidia's control panel and added a custom resolution with GTF as a Timing Standard. Dunno if that is sufficient, but at least it works.

For some reason Windows refuses to read the Monitor EDID from the .inf file. Oh well, at least I have 100 Hz.

I wish I could change the native resolution from 1600x1200 to 1280x1024 though. Cause that I still cannot do...
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Jun 2009   #33

Windows 98SE

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by bobdynlan View Post
Before any hardware modification you must create your monitor profile in Phoenix EDID Designer or

other compatible software...
I did not use bold font for nothing...
Pin 4 and 11 on the VGA side are NC (not connected) by design, there is no problem with that.

It seems your modding of the cable succeeded but you have failed to create a proper monitor inf driver using the guide featured in this tutorial. So:
#1 Put back your initial cable. Windows will see your monitor as Generic PnP Monitor without your manufacturer driver.
#2 Get this tool (softMCCS from entech). If it reports (written in green font) that DDC/CI is Supported, your monitor's EDID can be dumped.
#3 From the softMCCS File menu, choose Save as Raylar EDID file (*.dat). This is the base for your new monitor inf.
#4 Open the EDID file in Phoenix EDID Designer. File->Uncheck Read only.
- On Standard Timings, H.Active pixels=width. Height is derived from Aspect Ratio and Refresh is your Hz.
- On Detailed Timings first note the settings on Block 2. With those, you can generate a suitable Xfree86 modeline. Import that modeline into this vga2rgb calculator to gather the settings required by Block 1 (the one that reports your default resolution and Hz to Windows).
H Active Pxl=width
H Blank=H Front porch + H Sync pulse + H Back porch
H Sync Offset=Front porch
H Sync Width=Sync pulse
H Image Size=physical width of the viewable screen in mm
H Border=0
V Active Lines=height
V Blank= V Front porch + V Sync pulse + V Back porch
V Sync Offset=Front porch
V Sync Width=Sync pulse
V Image Size=physical height of the viewable screen in mm
V Border=0
Did not know about H and V Image Size, but doing a litle math, sqrt(392^2+294^2)=490=19inch wich is proper for 21inch CRT. So leave them always at default.
Pixel Clk= (H Active Pxl + H Blank) x (V Active Lines + V Blank) x Your desired Hz / 1000000.
Save EDID.
#5 Open moninfo. File->Open...your saved EDID. File-> Create INF.
#6 Edit the inf, modify if necessary the MaxResolution, MODES\xxx,xxx and ICMProfile.
#7 Plug in the modded cable, windows should find a Generic Non-PnP Monitor. Update the driver with your inf. No need for restart, just change the resolution.

I think I helped you more than enought, If I had this help when I bumped into this problem I would have spared some awful hours, but if you still cannot manage it, I need your Raylar EDID file (*.dat) exported from softMCCS. I understand that you want by default 1280x1024, why would you like to use a 5:4 picture aspect on your 4:3 CRT? Is it not 1280x960 the proper one?

Tutorial author, baarod, please forgive me, I kind of hi-jacked the thread, but I believe that my adnotations are very useful for people having this issue.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

11 Jun 2009   #34

Windows 7 & Windows XP x64

Thanks for your time and help, however I still receive problems.

I used the original cable from my CRT monitor and loaded softMCCS.
However when I run the program, it seems it does NOT support DDC/CI.

It shows up as Generic PnP Monitor in devices in Windows, but it still shows up as ViewSonic P227f in softMCCS, even after I uninstalled every single driver and removed every single registry key related to the ViewSonic (and VSCEC1D). But still no succes.

Here is a link for the VSCEC1D.txt
And here is a link to VSCEC1D.dat

However I do not think those are very useful.

Of course I didn't give up just yet here...
So I edited the VSCEC1D.dat in Phoenix EDID Designer. I followed every step you mentioned. Finally I saved the EDID. Next I opened the file in moninfo (and checked the settings, which were fine). Then saved as .inf. I changed the MaxResolution to what it's supposed to be and saved the file.

Then I unplugged the original cable and connected the monitor with my modded cable. The monitor showed up as Generic PnP Monitor (not like you said: Generic Non-PnP Monitor, weird?). Next I loaded the .inf and changed my resolution. Still the same result. Sigh.

Something I noted, was the following; after installing the new driver, I started softMCCS and it shows 2 (two) ViewSonic P227f monitors in the list! One with the original (bad) timings and one with my custom timings. My guess is, is that it uses the one with the original (bad) timings, instead of my modded one. I already tried cleaning out the registry based on a search of EDID tag (VSCEC1D), though I can delete most of them, I cannot delete them all (even with Administrator rights and all the drivers uninstalled).

I also tried changing the Product ID (in Phoenix EDID Designer), but you aren't allowed to add characters, so I removed one character and it added a '0' at the end. Went through all the necessary steps after that, but it results in the same result. And I even think it didn't change the EDID code anyways, cause when I look it up in softMCCS it still uses the same Product Code.

Is there any way to change the product code? Maybe that would solve the problem. Or if you have any other tips, solutions or ideas, please share.

I really appreciate your help and time, but I think I am not doing anything wrong and I followed every step you wrote.


Here are the modified files:

With the original Product ID code: ViewSonic.dat
And here is the .inf file.

With the changed Product ID code: ViewSonicv2.dat
And here is the .inf file.

As you can see in Phoenix, the Product ID's (General tab) are changed by me, but it didn't do any good... I was hoping it would place a new key in the registry, but alas no luck.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
11 Jun 2009   #35

Windows 98SE

However when I run the program, it seems it does NOT support DDC/CI.
Well, maybe your original cable is not proper and you need a new one or Viewsonic does not support DDC/CI. It would made available an virtual monitor OSD to setup things like brightness contrast degauss etc. That's not too much of an issue, it seems you've got a good EDID.

Detecting the display as an Non-PnP Monitor is a must when pin 7 is missing. Did you remove the right pin? Don't know about Viewsonic monitors, maybe you should remove pin 6 too? :) It's on the same line with the red marked one, on the right. There are no other pins left that are safe to remove...

Looked briefly at your INFs and EDIDs, well you've got your Block 1 calculations wrong and at your Standard Timings, is better to start with the lowest resolution and ending with the last.

I started a new profile based on your EDID. Generating a suitable modeline with the script for Xfree86 modeline was too close to your monitor limits (360Mhz), a better generator I found is Colas Xfree Modeline Generator, and input these:
Max Bandwidth:360 Max Horizontal Frequency:130
(From Pheonix EDID Designer->Monitor Range Limits - on yours, Block 3)
Max Vertical Frequency:120 Min Refresh rate desired:120
(if you want 120Hz by default)
width: 1280 height:1024
(why you want this 5/4 resolution, it will distort picture aspect, it should be 1280x960)
Click <List modelines> you will get something like
ModeLine "1280x1024" 220.63 1280 1336 1616 1728 1024 1026 1038 1064 #120Hz +hsync +vsync
Add at the end of the line the sync information (+/-hsync +/-vsync) as written on Block 1 and import it into vga2rgb calculator and hit <Calculate>. It will return the values needed on #4 on previous post, also your Pixel clock frequency so you can skip calculation on that (but it's more fun to find it manually). After generating the INF in moninfo and a shut down, this is what I've got:

Resolutions up to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Here is the p227f_nonpnp.inf:
; INF file generated by Monitor Asset Manager, 11.06.2009
; Copyright (c) EnTech Taiwan, 1995-2009.
; Internet:
; Customised EDID by bobdynlan

Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"











;Base EDID






MFG="EnTech Taiwan"
DISC="Monitor EDID Override Installation Disk"
PRODUCTID="ViewSonic P227f Pinless"
And the p227f_modded_EDID.dat:
0x   00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
00 | 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 5A 63 1D EC 01 01 01 01
10 | 14 10 01 03 1F 29 1E C3 2A CC 59 A0 54 47 99 25
20 | 0F 48 4C AD EF 80 45 7C 61 7C 81 7C 81 BC A9 59
30 | C1 4F D1 4F E1 4F 2F 56 00 C0 51 00 28 40 38 18
40 | 2C 10 88 26 11 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FF 00 51 37 34
50 | 30 36 32 30 30 30 32 30 34 0A 00 00 00 FD 00 32
60 | A0 1E 82 24 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FC
70 | 00 50 32 32 37 66 20 50 69 6E 6C 65 73 73 00 18
Open an elevated command prompt.
> set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
> devmgmt.msc
In Device Manager, View->Show Hidden Devices.
Remove all devices on Monitors (when checkbox for driver too, select it).
Shut down. Power on, the monitor will be detected again. Update driver with the new one.

This concludes this long journey into Hz, EDID, DVI and Windows 7
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Jun 2009   #36

Windows 7 & Windows XP x64

Man... Do I feel dumb!!

I apparently removed the wrong pin. LOL
Anyways, I had another VGA-DVI extender laying around and removed the correct pin. And now everything is working as it should. Many, many thanks for the help!

I do have one question; regarding the resolution. I used 1280x1024 all my life and I wouldn't switch to anything else. But I do not understand the 4/3 and 5/4 thing.

I just checked and my ViewSonic CRT screen displays 1280x1024 at 4/3.
My Iiyama TFT screen also displays (native resolution) 1280x1024 at 5/4.
This was checked with MonInfo.

But is it possible to force 5/4 on my CRT as well? I tried editing stuff, but it didn't work. The CRT resolution looks great in Vista, but in W7 it looks kinda blurry to me.

Please advice.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Jun 2009   #37

Windows 98SE

I'm glad it is finally working for you, too.
About the resolution, if you like it that way, use it, but:
Your CRT is an 4:3 aspect ratio device (392mm:294mm).
1280x1024 is an 5:4 aspect ratio and when displayed full screen on your monitor, picture will apear distorted. The black circle that your video card paints will look on your screen like the red one. Imagine what this does to some fonts. That's why you should use only native aspect ratio resolutions as recommended by the manufacturer - in your case 4:3 1280x960 that would look sharper.

"Forcing" 5:4 aspect ratio is not possible automatically. An workaround to have 5:4 aspect ratio resolution on your 4:3 display would be to have black bars on the left and the right sides using the controls on your monitor to adjust manually. Nokia Monitor Test could help you with that.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Jun 2009   #38

Windows 7 & Windows XP x64

Ah okay, thanks for the information.
Guess I will stick with my deformed resolution. Hehe.

Anyways thanks again for all the help and information you have provided. Highly appreciated it! Finally I can game at 100 Hz in W7!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
17 Jun 2009   #39

Windows 7 RC1 Build 7100

Didn't work for me but did work beter than Powerstrip which cause my system to boot a black screen eventually when I tried to define a resolution. You know I'd love to believe in stuff like this EDID override, but the system really isn't telling my monitor what to do properly, like how to display a resolution I can recieve via VGA. (1366x768) The problem actually isn't the resolution state, it's the refresh rate. My HDTV is not letting the PC do refresh above 30 for most resolutions, especially the high ones. I can go and set my resolution to 1920x1080 which Nvidia says is native and it will work but that is actually not the native or the correct refresh.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Force DVI/HDMI resolutions and refresh rates

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