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    windows 8.1 Pro x64

    it isnt dissapearing on reboots, but I agree fully. If it did do that I would still be using windows XP now, yes QL means that much to me it would be a showstopper to me upgrading.

    I know a netadmin who works for a company that uses 6000 machines and they chose not to upgrade to windows 7 on the basis of the taskbar changes. They also chose not to upgrade to office 2007 because of ribbon. They actually more likely to go to vista than windows 7 as the gui changes are less significant.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 EN-GB

    Weird issue with Quick Launch toolbar, maybe some of you guys can help me?

    I use Snipping Tool quite a lot and have it always placed in my Quick Launch toolbar. However, every time I reboot Snipping Tool has disappeared from Quick Launch. I have to manually put it back after every reboot.

    When I put it back, I've tried every possible left and right click dragging option (move, copy, create a shortcut). No difference; next time I reboot, Snipping Tool is not there.

    This only happens with Snipping Tool. All other shortcuts stay in Quick Launch, Snipping Tool never. I do not reboot so often, maybe two or three times a month (normally just hibernating) so this is not so big issue, more an annoyance. But I still would like to know why.

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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro
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    Hello Kari,

    That is strange. Have you already tried pinning the Snipping Tool shortcut in the Start Menu All Programs area directly to the taskbar to see if it stays that way instead?

    For in QL, did you create the Snipping Tool shortcut directly from the "C:\Windows\system32\SnippingTool.exe" file and placed it in the C:\Users\(user-name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 EN-GB

    I have not tried to pin it, I do not like and / or use pinned shortcuts.

    Yes, I have tried to copy it to Quick Launch folder. Still, it disappears after a reboot. I know this is theoretically not possible, but it really disappears after every reboot. It's like if Windows restored my Quick Launch toolbar to some earlier point every time I boot. But that can not be the case, because if I add another shortcut after Snipping Tool and reboot, the latter shortcut is still there but Snipping Tool is gone.

    What makes this even more weird is that it really is only the Snipping Tool that disappears. Everything else stays there. Always.

    Interesting: I just rebooted 6 times, just to test this. Snipping Tool stayed there 5 times but now, after sixth reboot it's gone. Added it now manually, once again. So small change: it seems it is not disappearing every time as I thought.

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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro
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    Umm, the mystery deepens. You might see if running a sfc /scannow command may be able to turn anything up, or fix it if there is a bad system file at fault.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 EN-GB

    Like you said, Shawn, the mystery deepens.

    I've spent last two hours doing some heavy rebooting and testing, over 40 reboots. As I mentioned earlier, this is not so big issue because I normally hibernate, not reboot. Still, it is intriguing enough to make me want to play with it.

    Computer in question is my private laptop (see my specs). It is running a German Ultimate x64 with English language pack, in-place upgraded from Vista Ultimate. Never had any problems, no blue screens, no problems with drivers, just working perfectly.

    Here's what I found out:
    • Snipping Tool is not the only disappearing shortcut. To test, I added some Office shortcuts to Quick Launch, and they too seem to disappear time to time, as well as some other shortcuts I played with
    • It seems when shortcut is automatically added by the install or setup, it stays. When I add a shortcut manually, it disappears time to time (about one third of reboots, not always)
    • The shortcuts I now tested always disappear simultaneously i.e. if Snipping Tool shortcut disappears, so do also these Office shortcuts I now tested
    • It looks like Quick Launch is sometimes, somehow reverted to an earlier point

    Tried sfc/ scannow. Only 5 reboots after that and nothing disappearing but it's too early to say if it fixed something. I'll continue to play with this later, no time now.

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    windows 7

    Easiest method for Quick launch, Taskbar in Windows7

    Hey friends,

    Just forget all..... Actually it's very easy to fix any program shortcut on taskbar/quick launch bar in Windows7.


    On START---->ALL PROGRAMS---> Right click on any program you want to fix on taskbar. You will get an option as "Pin to taskbar". Click on that & you're done! And for removing it from the taskbar, again right click on that program icon and "unpin" it.

    Isn't it easiest than any other methods or even any other previous versions of Windows?

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    Windows 10 Pro x64 EN-GB

    Hello Kamal, welcome to the Seven Forums.

    If you are referring to my issue, it is not a solution I can use. I do not have any programs pinned on taskbar, I'm using a Vista style taskbar with Quick Launch. See the screenshot in this post.

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    Windows 7

    Brink said:
    Hello mansrm81,

    True, but with being able to pin items to the taskbar directly now I'm afraid that it will be a fading feature.


    I too thank you Shawn. I hope this doesn't fade away because unless I'm missing something, the "pin" thing doesn't work once you have open one session of your pinned item (e.g. IE). I then have to go to the start menu or a desktop shortcut to open another window. If I am missing something, please let me know. The quick launch is my life and one of the few features I liked in Vista was that you could send almost anything directly from Start to Quick Launch. It's almost like a conspiracy to take away anything of use.
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro
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    Hello Raul, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    I don't think it will be now. There will always be a need to pin a folder to the taskbar, so there will always be a way to create a Quick Launch using that if needed. :)

    In your example, you would right click on the pinned IE icon on the taskbar to be able to pin multiple windows of open IE tabs or windows in the Jump List of the pinned IE icon instead.

    Hope this helps,
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