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    Thanks for your reply once again.

    I've removed the icons (except Run, which works properly) from my quicklaunch first, then I placed shortcuts to my applications. After rebooting, I noticed that there were no new icons in my quicklaunch apart from [B]Run[b]. Have I missed something?

    I've attached a screenshot of how it's set up. Note that Bureaublad weergeven (show desktop) and Tussen vensters schakelen (Switch between windows) never showed up either, but I don't need those at all.



    EDIT: Also, the quicklaunch folder isn't set to hidden for me.
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    It's the AppData folder that is normally hidden, and faded when it is set to not be hidden.

    Do the shortcuts work when you click on them there?

    You might restart the computer to see if they show up afterwards.

    If not, then as a test, create a new administrator account and add Quick Launch to the taskbar to see how it work in that user account.
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    Oh right.

    Yes, the shotcuts work when I click them from inside the Quick Launch folder.
    And yes, I had rebooted my system after I added them.

    I've added a new admin account, but somehow I managed to disable the usage of multiple accounts.
    I'll try to enable that, it might take a while. Thank you for the quick replies.

    Change user


    EDIT: Couldn't find any way to enable the usage of multiple accounts. :s
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    If you mean "Switch User", then this may help.

    Fast User Switching - Vista Forums
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    O.O you guys have tutorials for everything.
    Okay that worked, and I tested it with my temporary admin account.

    The admin account had the same dialog box.

    If you have the time, would you be willing to assist me using teamviewer, it could speed things up. :)
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    @CX Gamer: Looks like you missed one step in the tutorial, you actually haven't created the QuickLaunch bar, you are using your Internet Explorer's Favorites folder, this is why all .lnk files require manual confirmation before opening. Or you somehow linked your Favorites folder to the QuickLaunch bar. Try this:

    1) Delete all the shortcuts to applications from your Favorites folder.
    The Favorites folder should contain only your web sites favorites, not programs.
    2) Go through Shawn's tutorial once again until the QuickLaunch toolbar appears.
    3) Create shortcuts safely by drag and drop from the Start menu. Zum Beispiel:
    - Click on Start|All Programs|Accessories ("Start" AKA the "Windows" button)
    - Right-click on Notepad and drag and drop to the QuickLaunch toolbar
    - Release the right-click and select "Create shortcuts here"

    2 other configuration tricks I find useful:

    1) Move the QuickLaunch toolbar on the left next to the Windows|Start icon
    - Right-click "Unlock the taskbar" on the taskbar if it's currently locked
    - Click on the left between the vertical 3-dotted line and the first taskbar's icon
    - A 4-arrow anchor should appear. Then move the taskbar to the right
    - Once the 2 bars are switched, resize them with the vertical 3-dotted lines.
    Remember, the trick is to move the taskbar right, not the QuickLaunch bar left.

    2) Expand the height of the taskbar to 2 lines instead of 1:
    - Again, unlock the taskbar if it's not unlocked already
    - Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen
    - Move it upwards slowly until it becomes a 2-arrow cursor
    - Then click and move it upwards again until the taskbar expands to 2 lines
    - Right-click "Lock the taskbar" to preserve your settings
    You can then use twice more shortcuts or keep the bar's width to the minimum.
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    Thank you for your reply. Right now I'm having a facepalm moment of which 2 hands just isn't enough. I've used the Links toolbar, rather than having followed this tutorial. I thought we were talking about the same thing. I'll follow this tutorial now. Sorry to be of such bother, but thank you for your helpfull expertese. :)

    EDIT: Yes, works like a charm.
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    Very nice catch Chimel. I knew it had to be something simple that was being overlooked by us somewhere. :)
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    Haha, nothing to it, it was in CX's first screenshot.
    I created a Notepad shortcut in my Favorites folder, and sure enough, it asked me for the same confirmation.

    @CX Gamer: RTFT Read The Frigging Tutorial! ^-^ Glad to help. Tchüss!
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    windows 7 home premium

    got a question about quick links hope this is the right section i had a skim through

    I prefer to use quick links over desktop icons but ive noticed it freezes for sometimes a minute because i use a large number of icons, is there anyway to get around this handicap or shall i just use less icons or stop using it?
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