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    Not actually! Once you have the main folder setup in no time any new shortcuts can be dragged right into it from the desktop with any Windows Explorer window open. You can even drag them right upto the one visible icon on the task bar being the first item on the quick launch to see that added in immediately.
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    Oh yeah, once it's set up it's fine. I just think that they should have kept it there (as a standard toolbar) from vista, coz it's been around forever. I wouldn't have minded so much if you can just turn it on or off. You shouldn't need to create an entirely new toolbar and put in some convoluted file address.... imo...
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    Since I wasn't able to attach those before the two images show how simply dragging the recycle bin icon right upto the position will see a new shortcut added. Not shown there however is a very small message prompt asking to add shortcut to Quick Launch. The second shows how that went.

    The main reason it was eliminated from the 7 taskbar makes sense in that you can simply drag just about any desktop item right onto the taskbar without fuss.

    On XP and Vista the quick launch bar was rather limited once filled with tiny icons while you can pack a large number on the new version for that and still see them retain size. Just take a look at how those appeared on the Vista quick launch once I filled that up with several seen in this image.
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    talking of things dissapearing after reboots, my terminal font dissapeared.

    Here is a quick launch of mine, 16 icons and barely any space used on my taskbar.

    this is XP by the way, and notice how slim the theme is and how tightly packed icons are together around the system tray also.

    What I dont want on my taskbar?

    1 - I dont want launch icons merged with running icons, so if I open IE on the docking system, I then have to click the app on the taskbar to launch a 2nd instance, very bad.
    2 - I want my launch icons seperate from the running icons.
    3 - I want no text on my launch icons but I do want text on my running icons.
    4 - I want to be able to choose the order of the running apps on my taskbar, to be fair you cant drag around in xp and vista but a 3rd party makes it work well, how microsoft have managed to avoid allowing this by default is baffling, it seems such an obvious feature.
    5 - I want tightly packed icons, there is tons of big inefficient gaps between icons in windows 7.
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    With the add on of a new toolbar you would be surprized at how much can be absorbed from the taskbar to start with. The only text visible when adding a new bar is the first item where you simply right click on that to uncheck the show text and show title items.
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    Windows 7

    Hurray Normality has Returned!!

    Thanks for this fix it worked wonderfully.

    IMHO I found the new method of pinning icons to the taskbar irritating and prior to finding this fix I had unpinned everything from the taskbar and relyed upon the startmenu for all the programs I usually keep on the QuickLaunch menu.

    It is not that I don't like to try new things, and may in the future find a use for this new taskbar pinning thing (possibly), but I must say that I think it a mistake that SIMPLE options are not available in order for my PC to look and behave like MY PC.

    By all means explore and develop new things, if they are good people will want them and use them, but shouldn't the choice be with the consumer not the manufacturer when it comes to choosing what the customer wants???

    In all seriousness I really hope that windows seven does well when it is properly released, but is it too much to ask for a simple right click choice available on the taskbar in order for people to choose a toolbar which they are familiar with?

    Thanks again for the fix
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    The items I see pinned on the taskbar ironically are only those most frequently used with a few exceptions.

    For the occasional but not daily used items why clutter the desktop or taskbar? Have any stand alone utilities like Core Temp whch don't create anything for the Start>Porgrams? Once you create a new desktop short drag into the folder used for the new quick launch!
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    You're welcome JaJa, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    You can also pin another folder of your choice to have multiple Quick Launch like items on the taskbar if you like to.

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    W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

    Actually I have three of them already one for the recycle bin as well as one for some games kept separately from various others like system tools I created short cuts. Some of them on the first image will look familiar as a result of other tweaks.
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    Windows 7

    I am happy that my Windows7 taskbar now looks like it did in Vista & XP, with the added addition of an ‘option’ to pin things to the taskbar if I wish.

    The items I have ‘on show’ in my QuickLaunch Menu are those I use most frequently, the occasional programs I use are hidden behind the arrow which extends my QuickLaunch menu.
    For any other program (i.e. ones that I almost never use) I open the start menu and type in a key word which most always finds the program wanted with very little effort.

    My setup works very well, and takes up only a very small part of the taskbar on the left in the same fashion as Vista or XP, which I find very uncomplicated and neat.

    I am intrigued by my new found ability to pin things to the taskbar, and as I said in my previous post I may yet find a use for it (I am not opposed to new things). However my first impressions of the ‘Windows7’ taskbar were not favourable and I have to say that I agree with the comments/observations that “chrysalis” has been making.

    Never the less my biggest grumble is not that I prefer one style over another but that the options to change between have not been made easy. In short I had to find this forum and follow through this unnecessarily complicated “fix” in order to make my machine work the way I wanted it to.
    It is always good to have new ideas and the pinning things on the taskbar for me may yet have its uses.

    However it is a BIG mistake to take away peoples options and this “fix” (which is easy for me) will no doubt confuse a lot of people who want to return their systems to the normality which I & they prefer. My prediction will be (if things go unchanged) that many people won’t like ‘Windows7’ simply because they don’t like the new taskbar & thus sales will be affected (which would be a shame).

    I would say that a simple right click on the taskbar to open up an option to reinstate the QuickLaunch menu would appease many unhappy with the new ideas.

    Upon reflection I consider that, if a simple option to return to a familiar look had been in place from the start this whole forum dialogue probably would never have needed to come into existence.
    But hey this is only the ‘Release Candidate’ and I guess you need such feedback in order to make the changes needed.
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