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    huisinro said:
    This is not true. If so, Sun VirtualBox PUEL version wouldn't exist, since it's closed source on top of VirtualBox OSE. If your statement is true, since VirtualBox uses QEMU, which is GPL-ed, then all VirtualBox and Sun commercial products based on VBox OSE (which in turn depends on QEMU) should be open sourced, which is obviously not the case.

    You can use our modified VirtualBox OSE to do development work, but not our closed source code. The modified version of VBox OSE can be download from VBox SVN, and you can start from there.
    Then the problem becomes;

    The wording of the GPL is not clear on this issue. I am not trying to give you a hard time, just get to the bottom of this. I have asked the GNU GPL people for clarification on this matter. I will let you know when they respond.
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    DarkPhoenix said:
    huisinro - Your missing the point. According to my understanding of the GPL once you add closed source to an open source GPL licensed application, you cannot redistribute it without providing access to all of the source code, Virtual Box's AND your closed source changes. Your closed source is Not closed any longer. By virtue of adding it to an App under GPL, your closed source becomes open source and you must provide the source code for it.
    Its only when you change the existing code created by someone else that you have to release the source code, he has already done that. You can add your own extensions and code freely to any OSE program and because its your code, you have every right to keep it closed source.

    You have admitted you changed the original as well as added closed source to the code.

    I quote huisinro, "We have contributed our changes to the VirtualBox OSE,"

    Where is your source code for this? You have not even provided this. Aside from your closed source, Not providing the source code for changes made to the original code is Clearly a major violation of GPL. There is no place on your download page to download any source code at all.
    Committing the changes to the Virtualbox SVN is more than sufficent, if you want the code then get it from there.

    You do have another license in your software.. one for your closed source. You cannot do this. The two license agreements conflict with and contradict each other. Because you based your end product on the VBox OSE, you cannot have another license to cover your closed source. This makes your closed source code license Null and Void. Because your closed source license, is not legal, I ask that you provide me full source code (both the changes you made to Virtual Box OSE and your closed source code) and all object files. I want to make my own application based on your software. According to the license for your base program, Virtual Box OSE, and it's GPL License, this is My Legal Right as I understand it.
    You obviously don't understand the GPL very well

    I develop a tool called Process Hacker thats licensed under the GPL3 and includes 4 completely different licences thanks to various 3rd party components we use, MS-PL, BSD, Apache and our own licence. There is no violation of the GPL by doing this. Best example I can give you is the fact NVidia drivers for Linux are completely closed source and you wouldn't have nvidia drivers for Linux if the GPL was that restrictive and forced everyone building applications on Linux to all be open-source just because its kernel is GPL3 code.

    You seem to fail to understand, that when you decided to modify and add code to the Virtual Box OSE, to create VMLite, you ACCEPTED it's GPL License in it's entirety. Anything you do to the software including making a new application from it, must remain fully under that same GPL License - This includes your closed source additions.
    Company's like Novell, RedHat, Smoothwall, Mandriva, ddwrt, Backtrack and many others do this all the time with Linux and don't provide their source code because they dont change the existing code, the code they do modify is submitted back to the SVN, however they add their own code and because it is theirs, they have every right to make it closed source as long as they inform the user its from an OpenSource project and provide them with a link to the licence and where they obtained the source.

    Huisinro is and has done everything in compliance with the GPL, if he hadnt I would have raised the issue with the VirtualBox boys myself a long time ago
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    Hi guys
    Whether you LIKE or DISLIKE the approach taken the LAW is actually quite clear here (Both in the EU and USA). (I don't know any 'OZ law but I'd assume it would be pretty similar to EU - and Copyright is established by the Berne Convention in most countries - China and Russia being the main exceptions).

    Note in particular Copyright Law trumps everything else - if any copyright is violated then it's GAME OVER - however this doesn't appear to be the case here.
    Similar with Patent Law -- but that's unlikely in this case.

    Provided no copyright is being broken then the following applies

    He is 100% within his right here -

    the rider being that any code used from "Closed Sources" is

    a) properly licensed -- if "filched / lifted" from Torrents or from a workplace without authority then the entire project is UNLAWFUL. He's stated that it all comes from "kosher sources" so unless proved otherwise - the onus is on the USER to prove this - then he's in the clear.

    b) following on from a) if any closed source is used he must have a LICENSE to distribute any product containing this - he doesn't have to supply the source code.

    c) any closed source hasn't been de-compiled or "reverse engineered" in achieving similar functionality. You ARE allowed to "replicate" a product but from your own designs - DO NOT BREAK any Patent law in doing so -- Patent Law on "Software" is actually exceedingly difficult to prove / disprove but I doubt that any patents have been broken here.

    To clarify -- say you develop a program with Visual C++ / Visual Studio.

    You are allowed to distribute your product since the product will include the "distributable run time library" which specifically says you can include this library when selling your product.

    Technical issues aside so long as he complies with ALL conditions a), b) and c) -- Case closed.

    Next case please m'lud.

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    dmex said:
    Its only when you change the existing code created by someone else that you have to release the source code, he has already done that. You can add your own extensions and code freely to any OSE program and because its your code, you have every right to keep it closed source.
    Dmex is correct on this. The GPL does not allow you to take the published code and claim it as yours. If you use this code or further manipulate it in any way, you have to continue providing the source code. However, if you want to write new add-ons or such and you are writing your own code...you can keep this closed source if you choose to do so.

    I'm quite surprised by how aggressive people are being on this topic. People seem to feel more strongly about this then they do complete and blatant piracy of commercial software.

    I think the rules are being followed here. If you don't like the software or it's functionality, don't use it.
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    Version 3.3.6 was released, the main new features are listed as below:
    • USB Device Support - add native support for USB devices, such as USB Flash drives, USB Printer and scanners, USB webcams, iPhone, etc. Support OHCI and EHCI, USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0
    • Single Virtual Application Mode - When a user starts vm applications from host Start menu, the applications will be put into this mode. Only these applications are displayed on the screen, and seamlessly integrated with host taskbar. This is very similar to Microsoft's virtual application mode.
    • Multiple access to single computer - allow two or more people to use the same physical computer at the same time by running separate virtual machines on separate monitors, USB keyboards and USB mouses.
    • System Tray Icon - VMLite Workstation now provides a tray icon to the host taskbar. You can quickly start and stop virtual machines using this tray icon.
    For a detailed change log, please read more here.
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    Just a quick update, we have released a new android virtual machine, can play a lot of android games on PC, with highly performed OpenGL/direct x graphics. The new software is called Leapdroid, free download is available from here:

    LeapDroid, Most Powerful Emulator
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