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Windows 7: Is there anyway I can set up an extra Monitor as a virtual machine?

12 Feb 2013   #21

Windows 8 Pro (32-bit)

what if you ran a vurtual machine on the the server, which the secondary monitor connect to via VPN or something using an Audrino or something?

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12 Feb 2013   #22

W10 Pro desktop, W10 laptop, W10 laptop, W10 Pro tablet (all 64-bit)

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by FuturDreamz View Post
what if you ran a vurtual machine on the the server, which the secondary monitor connect to via VPN or something using an Audrino or something?
If I understand what you're suggesting, it still means having a separate box. In this case, the arduino would be the second box. This would also be fairly advanced to do since the arduino is a prototype platform that the op would need to develop the software and hardware interface for.
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12 Feb 2013   #23
Night Hawk

W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

Another issues that comes up when getting into a VM for second user is the limitations imposed on many things as far as media playback and of course demands on video while the best seen now is the updated VM Player seeing 256mb shared video over the long time 128mb seen with VirtualBox as well as other VM type wares.

The Synergy app there is intended for remote access across multiple machines using one keyboard and mouse for all rather then using multiple keyboards and mice independent from each other to have multiple pcs out of one system. The largest question besides finding just the right option whether VM or software will be on system resources when both users are placing a load on the system itself as far as resources like 6gb on a case running only 4gb? which will end up stalling the works.

Simply running multiple VMs simultaneously saw a problem on the last build where 4gb was seen for the old Vista build used to test 7. With the present case that wouldn't be any problem with 4 times as much ram available and why I can run VMs and even TeamViewer for remote access to a folating 7 Pro mini tower I can set up anywhere.

What is needed here however is a little more information from the OP about the extend of programs to be run and the budget when suggesting buying or building something rather then seeing one pc turned into two. Space available as well as cost factors come into play especially if the pc desk is right up close to the bunk bed!

I have to visualize some confinement of space the OP may be facing where there isn't room to add in a second tower or hook up some other web tv type device purchased separately. And what I was thinking about earlier wasn't Rasberry but Blackberries as far as brand names go.

The ALL in One pc concept would require a similar board mounted to 32" display however modification to see that physically changed into a second pc. The link there shows a budget and fast option to throw a self contained pc together rather then a separate case, separate display setup. That would be a thought if the 32" screen wasn't already there for a fast bunk bed pc besides a laptop which can be plugged into an external display as we all know as another option as long as the integrated supports it.

The quest for a one pc for all solution however continues to lead to things like Elecom Systems and their One PC for Multiple Users

For non Windows users the open source community has their solution already found called SLIM That allows for multiple video and sound cards as well as keyboards, mice!
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13 Feb 2013   #24

W10 Pro desktop, W10 laptop, W10 laptop, W10 Pro tablet (all 64-bit)

The SLIM and One PC for Multiple Users seems promising but also sounds expensive since you need to add additional video, sound & other cards. I'd also be wary of the performance trying to run multiple users from a single machine. If the OP was running a very cpu/gpu intensive game there wouldn't be much horsepower left over for the 2nd user.

I'm still thinking that a separate box along the lines of the Raspberry Pi or Android mini-Pc is the most practical solution for what the OP asked to do. A separate windows box would also work but also be less practical since it would require the most hardware to implement.

One weakness pointed out of the RP or mini-PC was the ability to play DVD/Blu-ray movies. There are DVD drives that can work with Android (probably RP too) but I haven't found any Blu-ray drives that claim to work with Android. That requirement could easily be met with a separate Blu-ray player.

Personally, I rip my movie disks and put them on an external drive which attaches to my Android mini-Pc via USB and allows me to watch any of my movies. I have a separate Blu-ray player in my setup but rarely use it since I got the mini-PC.
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13 Feb 2013   #25

Windows 10 Pro (x64)

Windows PC: Intel NUC
Intel® Desktop Boards ? Next Unit of Computing (NUC)

Windows does not require the most hardware or is impractical.
(Thing even has a vesa mount to attach it well to a vesa mount like behind the screen)
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13 Feb 2013   #26

W10 Pro desktop, W10 laptop, W10 laptop, W10 Pro tablet (all 64-bit)

That NUC looks pretty good, the low end model which might be available next month, starts at around $100.

This model is $300 so not as practical as the RP or Android:

This model is $355:

Can't tell if these come with Windows or not (I think not), if not, that's an additional cost. No additional cost for OS on the RP or Android devices.
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13 Feb 2013   #27
Night Hawk

W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

I would watch it at amazon since the sellers may price things higher there then found elsewhere like at newegg for example or Once I have a make and model for something a good shop around comes next to see just who offers the better prices!

As far the notion of a second pc without having the 32" screen the All in One pc would be a fast solution at a somewhat lower cost for a bunk bed convenience set up. The media to be played would likely be rentals whether online or Netflix if not Xfinity depending on how the OP is set up there.

The question is still where are the movies coming from? Web pages like Xfinity online for tv and movies or Block Buster, Netflix online, or physical media where an optical or blue ray drive is needed?

Besides SLIM which is for Linux not Windows which would automatically be out and the softwares found or to be found you can expect them to be up there like you pay out for a full version of VM ware workstation. The Rasberry pi gets you online but would still need an external usb optical to watch a dvd rental.

The OP would still need to reply back while I hope this thread can still be a good reference as far as the items we have been looking at. It does pose some interesting questions.
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14 Feb 2013   #28

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

Hi there
the main problem will be with the monitor -- you'll need some sort of Wireless connection --Intel are messing around with this but it's not cheap.

For the keyboard -- absolutely no problem --a decent wireless one will probably have enough range.

Without knowing the house layout == I'm not sure of the lengths and whether repeaters will be needed.

Another possibility is to have an HDMI out from the main computer --route that into a Wireless HDMI transmitter and then feed that into your remote monitor.

Now when you've got the hardware sorted just RDP to the Virtual Machine from your bedroom.

Here's the Google link for HDMI xmitter and receiver.


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14 Feb 2013   #29
Night Hawk

W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

I think the closest match to what the OP was asking about would be the SLIM program. If they had a Windows version a second video and even second sound card or device would be a solution as that would allow a second user to run more without taxing video and audio too far.

The cpu time would be the one remaining element there if only running a dual core not quad or even a new octocore model. A server board that allows more then one cpu would pick up the excess load seen on a single cpu.

But that again brings up the need for going out and buying something else other then a second keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately in the long run that would be the only solution anyways. For the dual display setup you would need a program like UltraMon or Display Fusion that places a move button on each explorer or program window to allow moving from one display to the other without manually clicking and holding to drag as well as a VM remembering to open on the 32" while the one at the desk would be the primary.

Why the other programs? When up on the bunk bed you wouldn't be able to drag windows from one display to the other since any VM will automatically open on the primary until moved. And a cloned desktop won't work for a two party pc either except if you ever find a Windows version of a program like SLIM.
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15 Mar 2013   #30

Windows 7 Ultimate x64/Windows 8.1 Pro x64

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by kreativedesines View Post
Hey guys, I just had a quick question on the possibility of setting up a kind of like virtual machine for an additional monitor in my room. You see, I am Renovating my room, and in the process, I am going to be building a custom queen sized bunk bed And on the top bunk, we are putting a 32" LED, and i was wondering if there was anyway to set up that screen as a virtual machine, with its own keyboard and mouse. I have a Logitech G19 and gaming mouse that I primarily Use, but i have an extra wireless Logitech keyboard, that i use for typing essays and such. So basically i want to be able to use the wireless keyboard on the top bunk, so that, lets say, if im playing games on my main screen, someone else can be watching movies or surfing the web on the bunk bed screen. Any Ideas? I know that i can extend the desktop, and just drag over a movie to the other screen, something along those lines, but in that case they wouldn't have their own mouse, it would be dependent on mine.
Thanks In Advance,
Kreative Desines
My Rig:
-Amd Phenom II x6 1045t
-Amd HD6870
-8gb Patriot Viper DDR3 2133Mhz
-Asus M4N68T-M V2
Look at my specs. I do it on the TV, the hardest parts were figuring out about the KB/Mouse itself [Easy, tell the VM to use the second one exclusively], getting the mouse pointer of the second mouse to show on the screen [turn down video accelerator in XP, I think only 1 "notch"], and how to route XPs sound to the connected speakers in the TV [Still haven't figured that one out]

I forgot to say: Your screensaver is an interesting creature. Win7's screensaver does NOT care what the XP mouse/kb is doing. I use them for entertainment value, as screen burn is VERY difficult [not impossible] so if you have a SS on 7, it could kick in while you are doing ANYTHING on XP, and you'd need the other input devices to get out of it.

MOST of the time, the sound is OFF on my computer, so it's not a priority, we also don't game or anything on it very often, and the ones we do play don't need sound.
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 Is there anyway I can set up an extra Monitor as a virtual machine?

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