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Windows 7: Constant Download

27 May 2011   #11

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Give these instructions a try:

You receive error code 0x80070643 or error code 0x643 when you use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web sites to install updates

My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 May 2011   #12

Windows 7 64 bit

I found a HOTFIX program.

I downloaded into my documents file. Opened my documents and unzipped it. Unzip failed.
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27 May 2011   #13

Windows 7 Ultimate x86; Windows XP Pro SP3 x86; Windows Vista Ultimate x86

Sorry, sl380, what I should have posted re: opening Windows Update was

1) To open Windows Updates in Control Panel, click the Start orb, etc., etc.

Some folks don't even know how to do that. You do. Sorry about the confusion.

Now, as to the troublesome update, was PowerPoint 2007 installed by HP when the system was running Windows Vista either by itself or as a component of Office 2007 ?

We can check and compare Permissions of the below key to see which Permission is preventing the update's installation since all subkeys under it should inherit their Perms from it.

Open the registry editor ( I'm assuming you know how to do that. If not, click the Start orb > type regedit into the Search field. Under Programs, click on regedit.exe )


Right click on {F0291081-E87C-4E07-97DA-A0A03761E586} in the left frame and choose Permissions.

Then write down the Group or user names and the Permissions shown in the lower pane for each Group/user names listed, then post them into your reply.
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27 May 2011   #14

Windows 7 64 bit

SYSTEM, Administrators, Users all have read permission. Trusted Installer has Read and Full Control.

FYI, I have only one Powerpoint presentaion file. I did got to it, to see if it would run. File could not be found. I don't know if it because of this issue, or something lost when HP replaced the fan. I haven't accessed that PP for over a year and the fan was replaced last Sept, I think.

I know enough to be dangerous with a computer. Up until Vista, I can do pretty good. This new stuff even confuses my son, who has done 3 years of IT training 6 years ago.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 May 2011   #15

Windows 7 Ultimate x86; Windows XP Pro SP3 x86; Windows Vista Ultimate x86

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by sl380 View Post
SYSTEM, Administrators, Users all have read permission. Trusted Installer has Read and Full Control.
Please go back to the registry key


Open the Permissions again and click the Advanced button towards the bottom right of the window.

For each Permission shown does Apply To show This key and subkeys ?
Now click the Owner tab.
Is the Current owner showing TrustedInstaller ?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 May 2011   #16

Windows 7 64 bit

Yes to all of that. Also when I try to open the one PP program I have, it shows an error: ppcore.dll is missing from your computer. That's when I tried the HotFix that did not work.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
27 May 2011   #17

Windows 7 Ultimate x86; Windows XP Pro SP3 x86; Windows Vista Ultimate x86

The Hotfix contains a much older Version of ppcore.dll than KB2535818 does.

Do you still have the copy of (KB2535818) Security Update for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 that failed to install from the Clean boot state ? If you do we can extract the contents of it using 7Zip or a similar extractor and you can then run powerpoint.msp.

Other than that ... a Repair of PowerPoint is probably out of the question. The system is not behaving as it should since it came back from the replacement of the fan by HP. McAfee is installed. Programs such as FixCleaner, in my humble opinion, promise the impossible and usually cause way more issues than they promise to resolve, etc.,etc.

Your best option to get the system back working the way you want it to is save the PowerPoint file that you want saved to an external location, then format the Hard Drive and start off with installing Vista.

If the Vista DVD from HP installs McAfee, the first thing you want to do is to uninstall it from Programs and Features. Don't bother installing antivirus software until the system has been upgraded to Windows 7 SP1.

Don't even bother updating Vista. After it's installed, use the Windows 7 upgrade disk.

After Win7 has installed, skip updating it, download the full, standalone 32 bit (x86) Windows 7 Service Pack 1 ( windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe ) and save it - Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 32bit (KB976932)

Create a folder on the root drive, which should be C:\, and name it SP, ServicePack, or PorkChop, whichever suits your fancy.
Move windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe to the new folder, right click it, and choose 'Run as administrator'. Agree to the UAC prompt.

And, finally, you could contact Microsoft for no-charge support in getting the Security Update for PowerPoint installed. I'm not sure what the result of that would be but, as I mentioned, there's no-charge for the Support -
How to obtain help and support for this security update

For home users, no-charge support is available by calling 1-866-PCSAFETY in the United States and Canada or by contacting your local Microsoft subsidiary. For more information about how to contact your local Microsoft subsidiary for support issues with security updates, visit the Microsoft International Support website:
Please Verify your Location

North American customers can also obtain instant access to unlimited no-charge email support or to unlimited individual chat support by visiting the following Microsoft website:
Help and Support
If you do contact MS, be sure to let them know about the below entry in the WindowsUpdate.log

2011-05-25 01:13:33:345 5352 12f8 Handler 1: 1406 2: 3: \Software\Classes\CLSID\{F0291081-E87C-4E07-97DA-A0A03761E586}\Version
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 May 2011   #18

Windows 7 64 bit

I appreciate your help. I did try opening the update as a zip file without success.
I guess I better tell you the rest of the story and why formatting and starting from scratch is not an option. As I said befor, I had 3 Favorites files before I sent it in for the fan. All my financil links were in one, legal research was in another and everything else was in the third. After I got it back, I notice 2 of the 3 were missing. The desktop icon that shows on any data I transfer to disc or flashdrive started showing up. Many programs, live Windows Live Gallery, ran slow and erratic. The first time I ignored the desktop icon, I was putting pictures on a disc. As soon as I started the transfer, (writing on the disc), all the pictures started showing up on my desktop. I stopped the transfer, and spent about an hour deleting over 400 pictures from the desktop.
I contacted HP, and went through a guy in India, Wisconson, and finally a guy, a senior customer service rep in Canada. He sent me Vista, as I did not have it. That would not load. I called him back, and he said he guessed as to which Vista I had. The product key under the computer was worn off because HP put it right where you put your hands to grab the laptop off of a desk.
I finally wrote an executive at HP. :
"I appreciate your responding, through a third party, to my complaint dated 11-12-2010. My letter was forwarded to Morris, somewhere in Canada.
I apologize for the lenght of this letter in advance, however it is nessesary in order for you to fully understand the problem.
I quickly discovered he was customer support, not tech support. That aside, he was quite knowledgable, and through his help, I did get some issues resolved, but that only created new ones. Although I did not tell you the whole host of issues before, my computer has reached the point of unacceptable instability and HP needs to "own" this. Every time I turn it on, I cannot rely on it operating correctly.
I cannot stress enough that I did not have any issues with this notebook, other than the noisy fan, until HP replaced the fan. For example, when I got it back after the fan replacement, the speakers did not work. The icons were jumbled, as I described before. System Restore did fix many of those issues. Morris suggested I back everything up and re-intall Windows 7. Since this notebook was originally on a Vista platform, and it did not come with the recovery CD's, Morris sent me replacement Vista CD's. They were the incorrect ones and I could not use them. Since everything was backed up, I reinstalled Windows 7, with the discs sent to me right after I purchased it.
After that, it required 53 updates from Microsoft, which was expected. After installing those, more issues presented themselves. Live Messenger would not load, with a warning the file was corrupted. My McAfee program would download those updates, but would not install even after restarting, a normal process to finish many updates. They finally installed, however it took several restarts.
I removed 2 programs, one which was a Microsoft Critical Update, part of the 53. I also removed one of my programs I have not used in a year, and doing that resolved the Live Messenger issue.
But the problems continue. For example:
1) Web pages that have blank fill-in spaces, such as where you post messages on Facebook, Autofill dropdown menus, etc., are grey in the background, not white as they always have been. (Even as I write this on WordPad, the background is grey, not white. Let's see how it prints.)
2) While running a Virus Scan, the HP Support Assistant program starts running.
3) A few icons still are not correct. On the Taskbar, an icon which is clearly a shortcut to my Libraries, when I move the mouse over it, and the mini-popup stating which progtam it is, says Windows Explorer, not Libraries.
4) My Homepage is It is personalized. However, I have to sign in every time. I have NEVER had to do this. It is not an msn problem, as my wife's computer, desktop computer and other notebook still automatically signs me in.
I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point. Morris did state there could be a hundred different reasons for this erratic behavour and I agree. It could be a corrupt file in the Vista, W7, hard drive, etc. Due to the placement of the Vista tag, with the product key, the numbers for the key are worn off, due to my usage of the computer, so a correct copy of the original Vista cannot be obtained by Morris. It was only after he sent me a copy he thought was the correct one that he then requested the key #.
Reinstalling W7 obviously did not return it to normal. Morris did state that it was possible that static electricity did somehow occur when the fan was installed and damaged the Motherboard.
Morris' final recommendations to me were:
1) Buy a new copy of Vista and intall it, then use the W7 upgrade HP supplied,
2) Contact the fee based support at Microsoft and/or HP for further help,
4) Unistall, test, and reinstall each of the 53 updates, one at a time, and see which one COULD be the problem,
3) Or take the computer to a local computer repair shop and pay them to see if they can fix it.
I cannot accept this. I have already spent about 40 hours installing, uninstalling, changing settings, talking on the phone to Support, Morris and all it does is get worse. Why should I have to pay to repair this notebook, when the issues/problems all started immediatly after the CPU fan was replaced by HP? Morris even said a person should reinstall an OS every 6-8 months. My wife's Sony, which I bought right after Vista was released, has NEVER had any problems and I have NEVER had to reinstall the OS!"

So as far as I can see, I am stuck with this. HP claims all they did was replace the fan and run a routine hardware test. When I bought this, my wife's computer got the BSOD, so I gave her the Sony and I bought the HP. It was a week before the release of W7. I had gone to a major retailer, however they had already upgraded every computer to W7, but could not sell them for a week. I found this at a retailer, with the certificate for the W7 upgrade.
I'll try the free support next week. I agree with you that some of the external programs like Fixcleaner can cause issues. I still think my issues are rooted in Vista. And as you can see, I have no problem reinstalling Vista, then W7.
It is still a Catch 22 though. HP caused the problem, but will not properly fix Windows. Microsoft, when I talked to them once, said it was up to HP to fix it, not MS.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 May 2011   #19

Windows 7 Ultimate x86; Windows XP Pro SP3 x86; Windows Vista Ultimate x86

Thanks for providing the background of what you've had to go through so far. It's really a shame that OEMs do not fulfill their part of the bargain with Microsoft, namely, providing the support for Windows and their hardware that they are supposed to provide. They get a discount on Windows Operating Systems from MS and their part of the bargain is that they are required to Support it for at least, the first year.
In fact, I'd call it a scam and will be recommending that folks not buy HP systems.

I'm not totally clear on how the Win 7 upgrade disk functions. Here's a tutorial that explains it better than I can -

How to Do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

With all that being said, as "Morris" stated, if HP did damage the motherboard then you might just be going around in circles.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 May 2011   #20

Windows 7 64 bit

Thanks for trying to help me with this. In the beginning, I didn't want to bore you with the history. One thing I do have is a 2 years warranty on htis one. I do have a history of letter writing to key people and getting what is due and right. Looks like I am going to have to do that. This was running fairly predictable for several months until this thing came up.
Can you answer one general question? How does things like ppcore.dll just go away? Most of the issues I figured out on my own and fixed. One of the benefits of being retired.
And what are the dangers of using third party "fixes" that claim they can restore ppcore.dll? There are several sites out there.

Take care and thanks again.
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