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Windows 7: Windows 7 knows Problematics Updates

18 Feb 2012   #1

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 bit
Windows 7 known Problematics Updates

Hi there, i've notice that nobody in the net is bothered to make a list for some of the Problematics Updates that MC released for win7 and still not bothered to fix, some of them can affect users even after format (like myself) and some of them can affect users who formatted long ago. i got a idea to make a post where users will be able to gathered all of Win7 Problematics Updates so they can warn each other!
i just formatted and got horrible performs thanks to some update and need to format yet again!

PLEASE take a note that some of these updates may work fine in specific machines.

knows update so far:

Updates that can cause issues after format:

- It a optional update that can cause issues like Black desktop after restart or black screen for several seconds on start up (happened to me), some users also reported that it higher the hardware's temp and make the OS to take more RAM for nothing (again... happened to me..). even if you uninstall this update some issues still be remain! your only Friend is you system's restore point!

Windows boots to black screen without icons after installing updates - Microsoft Answers

Update for Windows 7 for x 64 - based Systems (KB2607576), Kernel Power Event 41


Updates that can cause issues for OS that been installed for several months:

-so far users reported that This update gave them this error meesage: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or if on is already installed, create an association in the default programs control panel" when they tried to open Any application

it also gave to alot of users random BSOD!

this issues happened to me as well back then, However after clean install this update work like a charm

Update KB2454826 has caused serious errors - Microsoft Answers

Windows 7 - KB2454826 fails and doesn't recover after reboot - Microsoft Answers

KB-2454826 causing programs to crash. - Microsoft Answers

- So far some users reported that this update prevents some applications from beeing load, when the user attempt to load ANY program, an error message is displayed stating "Windows cannot access the speified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item." another error message that can be displayed is " Can't open this item. It might have been moved, renamed, or deleted. Do you want to remove this item?"

Update KB2640148 Fault - Microsoft Answers

I don't test this update after format so i don't know if it can be included there, hope that you guys can help me out in fill up the list!

write the update section first! (if it can cause issues before or after format!) and if you can please make it in Red color, so people won't have hard time find it! also mark the update name in Blue, and if possible please include explanation and link as a proof!

thanks you all in advance!

My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Feb 2012   #2

Vista Home Premium x86 SP2

A list like this already exists. I can't find the URL offhand. It is not on a famous website, only someone's personal blog, but it is really good. It is run as a blog post with information about all updates, and the currently trending problems and re-releases.

However, I disagree with your list. These problems are uncommon. You cannot create a blacklist of updates, many possibly containing security vulnerability fixes without good evidence. These problems are so rare that you will cause far greater problems by scaring users into not installing them.

Additionally, Microsoft very often re-releases bad updates. I would expect you to check the bulletins extremely regularly for updates.

Also, you missed the Silverlight update! It has now been fixed, but this is the information you need to include. So that if a user searches for that error, they will see that it *was* a problem, but now it has been fixed in bulletin 1.1, that the security files have not been changed, and it should now work.

There is only one update which I know of which causes weird issues to computers, and has not been fixed. It applies only to Windows Vista.

However, there is one update for Windows 7 which is problematic. I shall give you a clue. The reason it is problematic is it often fails with the error that it is trying to fix. A manual install may be required in such a case.

A single thread which blames a Windows Update (people love blaming Windows Update) is not a proof. I think that this blacklist should require either fully reasoned proof that another factor is not at play, or a HUGE spate of problems. Also remember that when looking at forums, you are seeing the problems. Maybe you see 20 problems. Think of how many millions of copies of Windows 7 are working perfectly fine.

If you really want to try something like this, I suggest that you start by documenting all the changes and updates to the bulletins. That would be helpful. After that, you need to become a massive forum browser to see the trending problems and any information about re-releases from Microsoft Insiders.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Feb 2012   #3

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 bit

ok.. alot to reply to...

1. can you please give me the link for that blog? i really need it : O that if you be able to find it again..

2. i Agree and disagree with you here, this problems are indeed uncommon in some OSs However some of them (Like update KB2607576) still cause issues, i installed this update week ago for 3 pcs included mine, all of them got the same issues thanks to this update. now i need to reformat again but i too lazy =\

as for update KB2454826 i allready said that it gave me the same issue that it gave to anybody who installed it back then Before it was re-released, But i never had the chance to test it on win7 OS that not been formatted for the last 2 years and see if it work fine.

I've just tried today update KB2454826 btw, it gave me the exact same issues that this user reported about, and my system just been formatted a week ago... i don't know if i this update can be install on new OSs for now... seem to me like it need to be re-released first...

also some people that even installed the re-releases versions of some problematics updates still had the same issues till they formatted again... so that means that in some cases these updates still can cause troubles.

(and please take a note that all update have version for each 86x and 64x OSs, even if the issue has been fixed for one of them it not always mean that it work fine for the other..)

3. i'm aware of the Silverlight update, however other user allready open a thread here about it so i thought that it be a waste to report about update that allready been reported by other user here, And was re-released allready .

btw i did said that update KB2454826 work fine after format....

4. i'm aware that in some cases a manual install is required, but also know that the average user usually won't bother to manually install it and probably just wait for it to appear in windows update, btw which update are you referring to?

5. in that case you right, i made this thread to warn people of possible issues (even if the chances for it to occur are only 1%) and seem to express it really badly thanks to my lack in English, However i thought that it was the right thing to do.
as for what i can say about this line
Think of how many millions of copies of Windows 7 are working perfectly fine
is that the average users usually just don't update their OS very often or at all... (at least alot that i know 0.0)

6. unfortunately i don't have such knowledge, what i can do instead is to let people know what the updates that gave me hard time in the past or currently cause issues to other users.

Feel free to help me with this thread or fix me when you think that something that i said it wrong =-)

7. btw do you by any chances know if there is a update that make the RAM to leak? i 80% sure KB2607576 start this issue for me... but i want to be 100% sure so i be able to pinpoint the culprit for my next format
My System SpecsSystem Spec

19 Feb 2012   #4
Joan Archer

Windows 10 64bit/Windows 10 64bit/Windows 10 64bit

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by egozi44 View Post
ok.. alot to reply to...

5. in that case you right, i made this thread to warn people of possible issues (even if the chances for it to occur are only 1%) and seem to express it really badly thanks to my lack in English, However i thought that it was the right thing to do.
as for what i can say about this line
Think of how many millions of copies of Windows 7 are working perfectly fine
is that the average users usually just don't update their OS very often or at all... (at least alot that i know 0.0)
Well I'm one of those average users that are part of the millions whos copy works without problems and I certainly do update my OS. I install all updates that are offered to me via Windows Update and haven't had any cause problems, oh and I've never had to format and re-install my OS.
The machine came with Vista then had Windows 7 installed as a dual boot which then had Vista removed and Home Premium upgraded to Ultimate.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Feb 2012   #5

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 bit

you saying it in a way that makes me feel like you think that i insulted you 0.0
i don't meant to insult people by writing "average users", i said it without any mean to offend... though i indeed meant to people who don't know much when it come to their OS.. but i don't said it like i see them as idiots or something of sort :\

btw i forgot to mention that most average users probably don't bothered to change their Windows Update settings from Automaticlly install updates xD

and again,take a note that some of these updates may work fine in specific machines, as far as i notice the 32 bit version of the win 7 OS had more issues with the updates (most people use 64 bit) then the 64 bit, but it not mean that it will 100% happen to anyone, MC so far re-released most of their problematic updates However the fact that users still have random issues with specifics updates still remain. i had a few issues myself and i don't done anything special with my system to made it go out of stability, also when i had some issue with update i just google it and Walla... other users had reported it as well, So i'm not the ONLY one who had these issues. and i agreed that alot of updates end up working fine after format (seem so far that only 2 or 3 just have issues atm) But unfortunately it doesn't mean that All updates are fine, as i just said... i just formatted my pc this week.. i done it more then millions times in my life and don't done anything special, when i installed all win7 updates like i always done in the last 2 years i had win7 (and i mean't ONLY to win7 updates, Not drivers, Not stuff that MC offer like their Anti virus, Just win7 relate updates) i got issues that never happened to me before, most issues that i had come from update KB2607576, and when i delete it (was too late for me to do system restore at that point so i had to delete it....) 80% of my issues stop... however some unsurprisingly still remain till i will re-format my system =(, just to be clear... i tested update KB2607576 even BEFORE i formated my system (i hide it when it just comeout cause i read that users have serious issues with it and decide to try it out before i formated) when i tried it i had serious issues as well even though this update is allready out there for something like 3 months allready, i thought to myself that if i will install it after i format it will work just fine like always, and i was dam wrong , same issues remain, and it was when i don't even installed anything , not even a driver!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
21 Feb 2012   #6
Joan Archer

Windows 10 64bit/Windows 10 64bit/Windows 10 64bit

Sorry if you thought like that I certainly didn't mean to make it seem like you were insulting me.

I don't understand though why you feel the need to keep formatting the system, unless you are deliberately testing the machine by installing stuff that trashes it.

Without looking it up I don't know what that update relates to, I know some people have problems with the .net updates. There must be something in the configuration of your machine the update doesn't like but as I don't know your machine I have no idea what it may be, hope you manage to get it sorted out.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
21 Feb 2012   #7

Windows 10 Pro (x64)

Garbage is garbage out. I've installed every single update offered by Microsoft, never have I had an issue. But that is probably because I keep garbage off my computer. Third-party (and malware) software is the bane existence of Windows. Your problems most likely reside there.

And for all that is good and holy use the g** d*** enter key! Space your replies out into paragraphs and sentences! Your last post gave me a headache trying to read that wall of text. (I stopped reading after one line.)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
21 Feb 2012   #8
Layback Bear

Windows 10 Pro. 64/ version 1709 Windows 7 Pro/64

Posting 22 lines one sentences, without proper punctuation, Capital letters in there proper place will not get your post read by many. I not only didn't read it but I couldn't read it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
22 Feb 2012   #9

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 bit

again alot of people that i need to reply to again..

1. thanks Joan =), i don't want to format my pc but thanks to this update i probably must to, BTW when i said that i formatted my pc really alot i meant to that in generally, though i really formatted that pc alot... last time it was in october, What i do meant was that it not was the first time that i formatted pc in my life and ofc not was the first time that i formatted WIN7 OS and installed all of it updates, the updates Never gave me issues after my pc been formatted, However when i tried some new updates that MC released only few of them gave me issues (Even after they were re-released) what i learned from that was to wait a few weeks Before i try new "heavy" system's updaets ( security updates never gave me issues before, So far only "updates for windows 7"), what i also learned from it was that it can be depend on the user hardware, for example update KB2607576 made my dell 24 inch monitor to enter power save mode for 1 second after restart (probably because it IPS panle which take a bit more electricity compared to TN panles) and only then gave me the black desktop screen, But when i tried that on my father's pc and my brother's laptop , they both had the Black screen desktop But not had the "power saving mode" problem, i even tried to change my GPU which was the geforce 295 gtx to geforce 8600 gt and geforce 9400 gt and still got the same issue till i deleted this update (and no.. it not was the Nvidia's driver... i tried all the drivers that was "stable" form my experience Including the last one that come out , with clean installed and even after format, And had the same issue. so far it seem to be this update, at least form my tests =(...
My System SpecsSystem Spec
22 Feb 2012   #10

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 bit

same here, i keep garbage off my computer, i used only the progrems that i trust and used so far for years (even since i had win xp) , i'm not a noob when it come to know what i install on my pc.

Layback Bear + logicearth:
i did said that my english not that good didn't i? XD
and if i don't said it in this post then you can guess it from the way i wrote =)
And also... i sure that i don't need to tell you this but most people talk like this in the net, mostly in chats though...

But it indeed my bad English skills here xD
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Windows 7 knows Problematics Updates

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