How to remove Windows 10 upgrade updates in Windows 7 and 8

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    ThrashZone said:
    No problem that's what we're here for :)
    But if other users are on the same machine or you let others use your user account you'd run into issues like this
    There should only be 1 administrator account on a single machine
    Change their to a standard account
    Uncheck the box in your account to let All users update windows on the previous tutorial instructions :)
    The girl friend has the admin password, she likes to install things. She's fairly computer knowledgeable. This is the only desktop & so we share it.

    Honestly I think my frustration has more to do with the steering column in pieces on the garage floor. I just flipped a wig. If could go back an hour would take a breath & chill with the pooch for while.

    Lady Fitzgerald said:
    I've had MS install updates and change my update settings every once in a great while, maybe twice every three years. I'm the only user on my machines.
    Hmm...very interesting.

    thanks again
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    Win-7-Pro64bit 7-H-Prem-64bit

    It's best in relationship to only share certain items
    A computer is not one of them
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    W7 Ultimate SP1, LM19.2 MATE, W10 Home 1703, W10 Pro 1703 VM, #All 64 bit

    Stealth Updates

    ThrashZone said:
    Is there a big deal with leaving it unhidden ?
    If you don't want it don't download and install it
    Windows Update Settings - Change
    The trouble is it's part of a pattern that MS started with the W8 series.
    They are trying to trick users into upgrading to W10.

    MS are counting on most users not having backup images to be able to restore W7 and thus they will be "forced" to accept W10.

    It's just the same as the Local Account option being hidden during the W10 installation process, so that people think they have no choice but to use an Online Account.

    newpgm said:
    OK - someone changed the settings to Install Updates Automatically, NOT ME.
    There are "stealth" updates and "Windows Update" updates that change your update preferences.

    I received a "stealth" update for Windows Update last year.
    I hadn't downloaded any updates (my preference was set to "Notify").

    I started my PC and noticed a message about Registry changes.
    I only see that message when Windows Update has changed.

    Sure enough when I checked my update preferences they had changed to "Automatic".
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    That usually happens when windows update updates itself and it is the only update that will be auto installed on windows 7 even if you have different option selected or even turned off. Source my experience.
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    Win-7-Pro64bit 7-H-Prem-64bit

    I've never seen my setting be changed it's always been the same throughout my 7 tour
    Always been manual every since windows live essentials 2011 busted out and well that didn't go well
    I've been reviewing updates every since.
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    We need to wait and see. All I've seen is caution from the Windows Ten Team and learning from the 8 debacle.

    They have been clearly warned by MVPs that they could self-impose a debacle if they push hundreds of millions off Win7 before they're ready. By contrast they didn't even talk to MVPs for Windows 8. I believe they've learned those lessons.

    That said I see nothing different here and don't expect to have the 7 Support workload or our reputation as all-time top tech forums decline for the foreseeable future. I'm using a mix of both OSes on my devices. No friends or family are asking for 10 yet. There is as much clamor seen to avoid it. That is because of Windows 7!
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    Win-7-Pro64bit 7-H-Prem-64bit

    I wasn't all that enthusiastic after reading the revised terms of usage and privacy
    Matter of fact that was the final straw.
    I was really going to buy it at
    Now not.
    They seem to have taken Onedrive terms and applied them to the entire os.
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    Windows Home Premium, 64 4.096 bit

    Every time I restart my computer I have to check my update settings because every so often it switches from "do not check for updates" to "download and install updates automatically."
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    There is really no reason to avoid the automatic update setting. In fact I consider it a best practice to have it set there because without a service pack 2 Windows 7 relies on many patches queued under important and optional updates in order for hardware software and the OS to run correctly.
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    Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    gregrocker said:
    There is really no reason to avoid the automatic update setting. In fact I consider it a best practice to have it set there because without a service pack 2 Windows 7 relies on many patches queued under important and optional updates in order for hardware software and the OS to run correctly.
    Apparently, you were not one of the many who have had their computers bricked or otherwise adversely affected by a bad update, something that has been documented here (and I'm not referring to the Win 10 related updates). MS has issued several of the this year. Percentagewise, the number of people burned by faulty updates is extremely small, probably less than 1%, but that still amounts to an extremely large number of people. While I haven't been burned by an update, enough have been to justify my waiting until Saturday to download and install updates. Usually, by then, MS has pulled any bad updates and often have issued a corrected one. If the bad update is still being offered, I will, at least, know by then to not download and install it.
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