How to remove Windows 10 upgrade updates in Windows 7 and 8

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    Windows 7/64 HPremium.

    I haven't been here for a while due to a combination of ill health, PC crash and family problems, which I am glad to say are all OK now. Actually the desktop crash was the longest-lasting problem, a blown CPU and Hdd from which I have only just recovered: the other problems delaying that with a new board and CPU until yesterday. Fortunately I made regular Macrium backup images and was able to recover everything. (Must replace my Spec's) The value of Backups!

    Anyhoo, to the point: I have not read all the posts to this Thread, but have been having humungous problems with Win 10 updates. KB3035583 is persistent in its attempts to remain on my machine, so thanks to all here who have given me ideas to permanently removing it, along with the ongoing list of Win10 'Rogues'. I am with the Bear in his earlier post here, in that I do not want Windows 10 until next year, when I intend to go laptop. My spinal nerve damage, rheumatoid and osteo arthritis problems have reached the point at which I can no longer build a desktop without severe difficulty; this last build was solid hassle. IMHO, Microsoft have made more enemies than friends with Windows 10. Not with the O/S itself, but with the underhand way M$ has tried to force the process of getting it onto our computers. I have used every iteration of Windows, all the way back to 3.1, but this has led me to distrust and disbelieve everything from Redmond.

    When I want to install anything on my PC, it is entirely my decision how to do that. I do not want any organisation making that choice for me.
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    Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Good to see you back, Bob!
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    Windows 7/64 HPremium.


    Thank you your ladyship, it's great to be back!
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    Windows 10 Pro. 64/ version 1709 Windows 7 Pro/64

    KB3097877 screwed up Realtek Audio on both of my computers.

    One computer all I had to do is remove and hide KB3097877 and reboot and things worked again.
    The other computer after removing 7877 then hide, I had to remove Realtek Audio and reinstall it again.

    Two different system, two different methods but they both are working as they should again. Both Asus motherboards.
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    Windows `10 Professional 64bit

    Bertison said:
    Thank you your ladyship, it's great to be back!
    Must remember your Ladyship.:)
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    Windows 7 64 bit

    Just my 5c worth on this Win 10 global spying upgrade disaster...

    I have my W7 x64 just how I want it - you all know what it's like.
    You spend years getting it all setup just right, then something (like Nero Burning ROM or W10) screws it all up.
    Steps up on soapbox...
    Well, Microsoft - mind your own damn business ok !?
    Gatesy - grow some cahones boy and don't be an NSA puppet.
    The REALITY of all this is one of governments around the world spying on everything and everyone.
    It's gone far beyond the world depicted by the film 1984 now.
    Why are they doing this ? Study 7,000 years or so of history and you'll have your answer.
    Ok, that takes a LOT of time doesn't it. Short answer - They're losing control of everything and the more it goes pear shaped, the more they have to control and watch the masses, and good old M$ and the internet makes that so much easier now doesn't it...
    Here's a few videos everyone should watch to start with.

    Government using Microsoft to SPY on YOU (CHECK THE LINKS ASAP) - YouTube
    Windows 10 is a Tool to Spy on Everything You Do - YouTube

    Pretty much THE THREAD to watch is here:

    There is also a very useful freeware tool to use:

    Ultimate Outsider: Using GWX Control Panel (formerly GWX Stopper) to Permanently Remove the 'Get Windows 10' Icon

    As for me - when I checked installed updates against the notebookreview list, I had 8 installed.
    Not any more !!

    I can see it's getting to the stage where I just don't even check for Windows updates on my primary pc, but do keep all other software updated, surf etc.
    Any M$ updates worth considering will be vetted on a separate pc with absolutely nothing remotely significant on it (gives middle finger gesture to M$, NSA and anyone else) and updates downloaded manually via a separate site hosting updates and making them available to people.

    This is all just getting crazy and I have no intention of indulging corrupt, failing, incompetent governments in their destruction of personal liberties and freedoms.

    Rant over !
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    Windows 7/64 HPremium.

    LaybackBear, that is exactly what happened after I built my new system, changed from a Gigabyte to an Asus board. Audio was OK on the Giga board, but KB3097877 killed my Realtek audio. I managed to remove all the 10 nasties and hide them, seems OK now.

    jadinolf, my apologies to Her Ladyship, who probably doesn't give a hoot!

    morph000, as I once said to my (ex-Pom) NSW mate from childhood, why are you colonials such devotees of Conspiracy Theory?
    Last edited by Bertison; 13 Nov 2015 at 06:09. Reason: bertison
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    Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Bertison said:
    ...morph000, as I once said to my (ex-Pom) NSW mate from childhood, why are you colonials such devotees of Conspiracy Theory?
    Mayhap because they are turning out to be true? Just because you all don't enjoy all the freedoms we used to have doesn't mean we shouldn't. What morph000 posted is pretty much the truth.
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    W10 32 bit, XUbuntu 18.xx 64 bit

    Lady Fitzgerald said:

    Mayhap because they are turning out to be true? Just because you all don't enjoy all the freedoms we used to have doesn't mean we shouldn't. What morph000 posted is pretty much the truth.

    I am not that paranoid. The computer or agents wouldn't have the time to read billions of websites, emails, chats or listen to phone conversation. I think it was a PBS tv program. According to this tv program, what they do is the computer searches for certain key words from all the sources I mentioned. Sometimes, they have to change a keyword because it becomes a news story, to keep from flagging everyone.

    I also am using windows 10 as well 7 and a couple of Linux operating systems.
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    64 bit windows 7

    Not sure if its mentioned yet, but avoid KB3102810
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