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Windows 7: Unable to activate Windows 8.1 Pro x64

23 Jun 2015   #1

Windows 8.1 Pro x64
Unable to activate Windows 8.1 Pro x64


I purchased a Lenovo y510p which came installed with Windows 8.1 (not pro). Later I decided to upgrade to Windows 8.1 pro but at that time I didn't activated it. So, right now an "activate windows" mark is coming on lower down side.
So firstly, I quickly bought a genuine windows 8.1 pro x64 key. But now, when I try to activate the computer through activation center, then it says that this key won't work. Moreover when I try the "slmgr.vbs -ipk <key>" method, then it gives an error saying: "Error: 0xC004E016 On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition".

Please let me know that how do I fix these errors and successfully activate my computer.

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->
Validation Status: Validation unsupported OS
Validation Code: 6
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-4WWMJ-GGFMW-W4YQH
Windows Product Key Hash: Z5C4xjMnp57xbyUq0ZYXNcr4OKA=
Windows Product ID: 00178-10079-46147-AA898
Windows Product ID Type: 0
Windows License Type: Unknown
Windows OS version: 6.3.9600.2.00010100.0.0.048
ID: {E8448E92-1FCA-486D-BA8C-C24B089EF9C4}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 8.1 Pro
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 9600.winblue_gdr.140723-2018
TTS Error: 
Validation Diagnostic: 
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAExec.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAAddin.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Data-->
Office Status: 111 Unsupported OS
OGA Version: N/A, 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Office Diagnostics: 

Browser Data-->
Proxy settings: N/A
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Win32)
Default Browser: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Download signed ActiveX controls: Prompt
Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Disabled
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Allowed
Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: Disabled
Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control: Disabled
Active scripting: Allowed
Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting: Allowed

File Scan Data-->
File Mismatch: C:\WINDOWS\system32\licdll.dll[Hr = 0x80070002]
File Mismatch: C:\WINDOWS\system32\oembios.bin[Hr = 0x80070002]
File Mismatch: C:\WINDOWS\system32\oembios.dat[Hr = 0x80070002]
File Mismatch: C:\WINDOWS\system32\oembios.sig[Hr = 0x80070002]

Other data-->
Office Details: <GenuineResults><MachineData><UGUID>{E8448E92-1FCA-486D-BA8C-C24B089EF9C4}</UGUID><Version>1.9.0027.0</Version><OS>6.3.9600.2.00010100.0.0.048</OS><Architecture>x64</Architecture><PKey>*****-*****-*****-*****-W4YQH</PKey><PID>00178-10079-46147-AA898</PID><PIDType>0</PIDType><SID>S-1-5-21-2285927407-105990221-1169955154</SID><SYSTEM><Manufacturer>LENOVO</Manufacturer><Model>20217</Model></SYSTEM><BIOS><Manufacturer>LENOVO</Manufacturer><Version>74CN34WW(V2.04)</Version><SMBIOSVersion major="2" minor="7"/><Date>20130704000000.000000+000</Date></BIOS><HWID>13F33207018400F4</HWID><UserLCID>0409</UserLCID><SystemLCID>0409</SystemLCID><TimeZone>India Standard Time(GMT+05:30)</TimeZone><iJoin>0</iJoin><SBID><stat>3</stat><msppid></msppid><name></name><model></model></SBID><OEM><OEMID>LENOVO</OEMID><OEMTableID>CB-01   </OEMTableID></OEM><GANotification/></MachineData><Software><Office><Result>111</Result><Products/><Applications><App Id="00" Version="10" Result="260"/><App Id="01" Version="10" Result="7819464"/><App Id="02" Version="10" Result="2"/><App Id="03" Version="10" Result="10"/><App Id="04" Version="10" Result="31"/><App Id="06" Version="10" Result="80"/><App Id="07" Version="10" Result="3"/><App Id="08" Version="10" Result="31"/><App Id="09" Version="10" Result="62"/><App Id="0C" Version="10" Result="33554260"/><App Id="0E" Version="10" Result="62"/><App Id="0F" Version="10" Result="34078782"/><App Id="10" Version="10" Result="3332408"/><App Id="11" Version="10" Result="3"/><App Id="12" Version="10" Result="8070369"/><App Id="13" Version="10" Result="-1409285972"/><App Id="14" Version="10" Result="-502477229"/><App Id="15" Version="10" Result="100663302"/><App Id="16" Version="10" Result="12"/><App Id="17" Version="10" Result="3337328"/><App Id="18" Version="10" Result="1999185889"/><App Id="19" Version="10" Result="-1793386557"/><App Id="1A" Version="10" Result="3333052"/><App Id="1B" Version="10" Result="62"/><App Id="1C" Version="10" Result="3332936"/><App Id="1D" Version="10" Result="1998745557"/><App Id="1E" Version="10" Result="7819472"/><App Id="1F" Version="10" Result="3332408"/><App Id="20" Version="10" Result="62"/><App Id="21" Version="10" Result="3333832"/><App Id="22" Version="10" Result="7811872"/><App Id="23" Version="10" Result="1998916938"/><App Id="24" Version="10" Result="42670560"/><App Id="25" Version="10" Result="3332408"/><App Id="26" Version="10" Result="1998916588"/><App Id="27" Version="10" Result="65580"/><App Id="29" Version="10" Result="34078782"/><App Id="2A" Version="10" Result="3332408"/><App Id="2B" Version="10" Result="3276862"/><App Id="2C" Version="10" Result="8"/><App Id="2E" Version="10" Result="7819472"/><App Id="2F" Version="10" Result="4"/><App Id="31" Version="10" Result="3333068"/><App Id="32" Version="10" Result="3333088"/><App Id="33" Version="10" Result="2"/><App Id="35" Version="10" Result="3801155"/><App Id="36" Version="10" Result="5701724"/><App Id="37" Version="10" Result="5111881"/><App Id="38" Version="10" Result="5177412"/><App Id="39" Version="10" Result="5439575"/><App Id="3A" Version="10" Result="7536732"/><App Id="3B" Version="10" Result="7536761"/><App Id="3C" Version="10" Result="6619252"/><App Id="3D" Version="10" Result="3342445"/><App Id="3E" Version="10" Result="6029362"/><App Id="3F" Version="10" Result="4653143"/><App Id="40" Version="10" Result="5505089"/><App Id="41" Version="10" Result="7536741"/><App Id="42" Version="10" Result="3014772"/><App Id="43" Version="10" Result="6357091"/><App Id="44" Version="10" Result="98"/><App Id="AC" Version="10" Result="3332932"/><App Id="AD" Version="10" Result="2621440"/><App Id="AE" Version="10" Result="1998711334"/><App Id="AF" Version="10" Result="2624672"/><App Id="B0" Version="10" Result="2621440"/><App Id="B1" Version="10" Result="7772672"/><App Id="B5" Version="10" Result="2621656"/><App Id="B6" Version="10" Result="7536640"/><App Id="B7" Version="10" Result="7772672"/><App Id="B8" Version="10" Result="3333012"/><App Id="B9" Version="10" Result="1998741318"/><App Id="BA" Version="10" Result="196609"/><App Id="BB" Version="10" Result="3333832"/><App Id="BC" Version="10" Result="-1073741809"/><App Id="BF" Version="10" Result="2624752"/><App Id="C0" Version="10" Result="7772672"/><App Id="C1" Version="10" Result="-502477545"/><App Id="C2" Version="10" Result="3333832"/><App Id="C3" Version="10" Result="-1073741809"/><App Id="C5" Version="10" Result="75"/><App Id="C6" Version="10" Result="3332968"/><App Id="C8" Version="10" Result="3337328"/><App Id="C9" Version="10" Result="1999185889"/><App Id="CA" Version="10" Result="-1793455061"/><App Id="CB" Version="10" Result="-2"/><App Id="CC" Version="10" Result="3333760"/><App Id="CD" Version="10" Result="1974654329"/><App Id="CE" Version="10" Result="2"/><App Id="CF" Version="10" Result="-1073741809"/><App Id="D0" Version="10" Result="1974763448"/><App Id="D3" Version="10" Result="1974763468"/><App Id="D4" Version="10" Result="2"/><App Id="D5" Version="10" Result="56332"/><App Id="D6" Version="10" Result="3145776"/><App Id="D7" Version="10" Result="7819464"/><App Id="D8" Version="10" Result="556"/><App Id="D9" Version="10" Result="3333092"/><App Id="DA" Version="10" Result="1998864676"/><App Id="DB" Version="10" Result="3333180"/><App Id="DC" Version="10" Result="3410788"/><App Id="DD" Version="10" Result="3410764"/><App Id="DE" Version="10" Result="3333280"/><App Id="DF" Version="10" Result="3410720"/><App Id="E0" Version="10" Result="3333208"/><App Id="E1" Version="10" Result="1998727762"/><App Id="E2" Version="10" Result="3333180"/><App Id="E3" Version="10" Result="3333132"/><App Id="E4" Version="10" Result="1998864631"/><App Id="E5" Version="10" Result="3333196"/><App Id="E6" Version="10" Result="3342588"/><App Id="E9" Version="10" Result="1998865063"/><App Id="EA" Version="10" Result="3333368"/><App Id="EB" Version="10" Result="3348300"/><App Id="EC" Version="10" Result="3350180"/><App Id="ED" Version="10" Result="3348440"/><App Id="EE" Version="10" Result="3342337"/><App Id="EF" Version="10" Result="16"/><App Id="F0" Version="10" Result="1998864161"/><App Id="F1" Version="10" Result="1952"/><App Id="F3" Version="10" Result="3333280"/><App Id="F4" Version="10" Result="3333448"/><App Id="F5" Version="10" Result="16899212"/><App Id="F6" Version="10" Result="-194488364"/><App Id="F7" Version="10" Result="380"/><App Id="F8" Version="10" Result="2"/><App Id="F9" Version="10" Result="236"/><App Id="FA" Version="10" Result="2"/><App Id="FC" Version="10" Result="-502478117"/><App Id="FD" Version="10" Result="3333324"/><App Id="FE" Version="10" Result="1998865538"/><App Id="FF" Version="10" Result="3333448"/><App Id="00" Version="11" Result="3333368"/><App Id="01" Version="11" Result="3333284"/><App Id="02" Version="11" Result="3333280"/><App Id="03" Version="11" Result="3333272"/><App Id="04" Version="11" Result="3333260"/><App Id="05" Version="11" Result="3333668"/><App Id="06" Version="11" Result="3333552"/><App Id="07" Version="11" Result="3333600"/><App Id="08" Version="11" Result="16235392"/><App Id="09" Version="11" Result="1"/><App Id="0A" Version="11" Result="1952"/><App Id="0D" Version="11" Result="3348300"/><App Id="0F" Version="11" Result="-194488364"/><App Id="10" Version="11" Result="1"/><App Id="11" Version="11" Result="2137243648"/><App Id="12" Version="11" Result="2137247744"/><App Id="13" Version="11" Result="24"/><App Id="14" Version="11" Result="3"/><App Id="16" Version="11" Result="2"/><App Id="17" Version="11" Result="3"/><App Id="18" Version="11" Result="2"/><App Id="19" Version="11" Result="1973403044"/><App Id="1A" Version="11" Result="3333516"/><App Id="1B" Version="11" Result="1998866824"/><App Id="1C" Version="11" Result="3"/><App Id="1E" Version="11" Result="2"/><App Id="1F" Version="11" Result="3333448"/><App Id="20" Version="11" Result="3333368"/><App Id="21" Version="11" Result="3334048"/><App Id="23" Version="11" Result="1998866925"/><App Id="25" Version="11" Result="64"/><App Id="33" Version="11" Result="-194488364"/><App Id="34" Version="11" Result="1999613

Spsys.log Content: 0x80070002

Licensing Data-->
N/A, hr = 0x80070424

Windows Activation Technologies-->

HWID Data-->

OEM Activation 1.0 Data-->

OEM Activation 2.0 Data-->
BIOS valid for OA 2.0: no, invalid SLIC table
Windows marker version: N/A
OEMID and OEMTableID Consistent: N/A
BIOS Information: 
  ACPI Table Name    OEMID Value    OEMTableID Value
  DBGP            LENOVO        CB-01   
  FACP            LENOVO        CB-01   
  APIC            LENOVO        CB-01   
  BOOT            LENOVO        CB-01   
  DMAR            LENOVO        CB-01   
  HPET            LENOVO        CB-01   
  FPDT            LENOVO        CB-01   
  MCFG            LENOVO        CB-01   
  SLIC            LENOVO        CB-01   
  UEFI            LENOVO        CB-01   
  MSDM            LENOVO        CB-01   
  ASF!            LENOVO        CB-01   
  SSDT            LENOVO        CB-01   
  ASPT            LENOVO        CB-01   
  SSDT            LENOVO        CB-01   
  SSDT            LENOVO        CB-01   
  SSDT            LENOVO        CB-01   
  SSDT            LENOVO        CB-01   
  BGRT            LENOVO        CB-01
And this is another information that I think could be of use for you. I obtained it by typing Licensingdiag.exe -report %userprofile%\desktop\report.txt in CMD
  <ProductName>Windows 8.1 Pro</ProductName>
  <TimeZone>India Standard Time(GMT+05:30)</TimeZone>
  <ActiveSkuDescription>Windows(R) Operating System, RETAIL channel</ActiveSkuDescription>

My System SpecsSystem Spec
23 Jun 2015   #2

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Win 7 x64 Home Premium (and x86 VirtualBox VM)/Win10

Where did you purchase your new 8.1Pro Key from?
From what I can see, the current Key appears to have been declared 'expired' - I'm not sure whether this means that it's out of the grace period, or that the Key itself is wrong.

You should really be asking this question on our sister forum - - where people with more experience of Win8.1 upgrade problems may be able to help better than I can.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
23 Jun 2015   #3

Windows 8.1 Pro x64

I actually got a subscription to MSDN and from there I issued this key. BTW Can you tell me which key you are referring to as expired (asking because I've tried like, tons of keys, since on MSDN we get keys of every type of windows xyz)
My System SpecsSystem Spec

23 Jun 2015   #4

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Win 7 x64 Home Premium (and x86 VirtualBox VM)/Win10

The installed Key ends W4YQH
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Unable to activate Windows 8.1 Pro x64

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