Where do I find MSU files only pertaining to Win7?

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    Where do I find MSU files only pertaining to Win7?

    I was in the process of updating to Win 10, but got cold feet.
    I think I will wait and pay for a stand alone copy and let everyone else work the bugs out for awhile.

    I still want to do a fresh install of Win7 and all the updates.
    I need a collection of MSU files only pertaining to Windows 7. Anywhere I can find that? Other than microsoft updates? There seems to be problems, I don't know if I am connected or not and it's been 24 hours.

    Problem #1
    I don't know if MS update is working. Been 24 hours and have 14 total updates installed.
    Windows indicates "updates installed - NEVER"
    And after multiple restarts, my pc still says "previous updates - NEVER"

    Problem #2
    Although I selected "Download updates and let me choose which ones to install"....
    When I restarted my pc, thinking it had frozen, the updates install automatically.
    How do I fix that?

    Problem #3
    I don't want updates related to Win8 or Win10. Only those specific to win7.
    How can I do that?

    Problem #4
    I want to collect or find a source for all of the Win7 updates (to date) that I can save for future re-formats instead of having to go through the problems I'm having now.
    How can I do that?

    I found this: Windows Update - Download Standalone MSU Installer File

    I'm just hoping someone has gone through this process and maybe has the windows 7 updates already on a server somewhere.
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    MS has made a mess of windows updates imho.
    If i did a clean install of W7 SP1 now, i would install

    Then install the SP1 convenience rollup
    Convenience Rollup
    How to Update Windows 7 All at Once with Microsoft?s Convenience Rollup

    You can search for more info about the latest on this, or wait for other's advice.
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    Yep in addition if you have issues installing ie11 just go through the prerequisite updates for Internet Explorer 11

    I'd download all 3 updates to a flash drive and install all of them without an internet connection it goes a lot faster :)
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    Thank you guys.

    None of the above suggestions will download.
    I press the download button and I immediately get a message saying "thank you for downloading...."
    But nothing was downloaded. Have tried it on multiple computers. same results.

    back to my previous response.

    1) I did have trouble with IE 11. it stopped mid installation.

    2) I tried to update my garphics drivers and my drivers need Net 4.0, which isn't installed.
    When I tried to have my graphics drivers do an auto install of net 4.0 it froze mid install.

    So my "clean" install has started out horrible with a bunch of installs that show up, but not recognized. Installs that crashed mid-way..

    Should I just start all over?
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    Win-7-Pro64bit 7-H-Prem-64bit
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    The graphics driver specifies net framework "4"

    lol. Nothing I'm trying to do seems to work.

    Tried "Kari"s method of moving user files to 2nd harddrive during original install. That solution no longer works. A link on his solution takes me to a page which says "method is outdated and has been archived".

    My harddrives are labeled 0 (mechanical) and 1 (SSD).
    Method to reverse the numbers worked initially, but upon reformatting (again), they switched back.
    0 supposed to be the boot drive (my SSD)
    But it seems to work with the boot drive being disk 1 (ssd). So I'll roll with it.

    Windows updates not working
    Tried various solutions and still can't get windows to give me updates.
    Tried to download the windows updates manually to disk, can't even get MS webpage to download the files.

    HURRY & UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10 "make sure your windows 7 is updated"......but updates don't work...
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    Multi-Boot W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64 +Linux_VMs +Chromium_VM

    What AntiVirus program do you use ?
    Are you using any security programs that might be blocking you from downloading ?

    I just tested downloading KB3020369 with Palemoon and IE and didn't have any problem.

    You could try downloading a Win 7 ISO to create a new Windows install disc.
    You can try using the ISO Downloader available from Heidoc here:

    The ISO's are downloaded from MS servers using this tool.
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    It shouldn't matter what the graphic's driver says only 4.5.2 is a reasonable net to have around :)

    Seeing you have Mcafee = Yikes are you installing it early in the updating process ?
    Security should be last and please choose better
    Avast free or Panda free for goodness sakes :)
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    Well, I don't know what to say guys. Finally got back online.

    I reformatted for an 8th time. This time, I didn't do anything other than use my win7 disk and try to update.

    Took about 15 minutes and I was done.
    One issue though, is that the update program doesn't show you progress 0 files downloaded, 0 "whatever it's called"....
    All I know is I went to shut down my pc and it showed I had downloads ready to install. I built my first computer in the mid-90s and have never had these issues. I don't know what to say. it took a week to finally download and update my pc.

    Thanks for your help though. Much appreciated.

    As for the antivirus - YES, I will find something else.
    I downloaded 2 different trojans. both are in the McAfee database as old trojans, but neither was caught by scans before I installed the programs. One is called a "backdoortrojan".

    I called McAfee and wanted them to connect remotely and scan my computer because the trojans had disabled my antivirus.

    McAfee: First, we want you to run a complete scan.
    Me: I have already run 2 complete scans in the last 8 hours. (after some explaining of my issues....)
    Sounds like you don't have a virus issue. It's a hardware issue. We can fix that remotely for $269.00 a year.
    Me: All I called for was a scan from your end.
    McAfee: Well for $269.00 a year, we can fix your hardware problem.
    Me: I spent "x amount" for your program to stop infection and I was infected by 2 old trojans that is clearly in your database. One of which I had to remove manually, from directions on your website....and the other is shown in my registry as indicated on your website. If your software can't detect known viruses/trojans that is already in your database.... why would I pay additional money for you to access my hardware?

    They spent more time trying to get me to "buy" additional services than it would have taken to scan my pc. And that's all I wanted.

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    I believe it most will offer additional scanner/ removal products for more money.
    Norton is the same way
    Funny is what they use
    They will most likely use free malwarebytes
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