Windows 7 updates.

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    Windows 7 - 64 bit

    Windows 7 updates.

    Hi All. I am concerned that I cannot get updates for Windows 7. When I eventually found help it stated that Windows are now bastardising Windows 7 into a version of 10, is this true. I am not Computer literate so with all these abbreviations I am at a loss. Can anybody help me please with simple instructions that would help me. When I check for updates, the bar just continually is looking for them but with no results. Doesnit Windows appreciate that there are people, like myself, that are not offay with all the deep interpretations of the Computer World.
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    Windows 10 64 bit

    Many are having the same problems. There are many "fixes" posted if you do a search, both on this forum or a google search.

    I didn't find any that helped my Win 7. I have a dual boot system, Win10/Win7 (on separate drives). Whenever I would start Windows 7 and then check for updates, it would just sit there checking for updates for hours. Finally one day, I let it set checking for 2 hours and nothing. I had some work to do so I restarted and went to Win 10. After finishing what I had to do, I restarted Win 7 and after 3 hours still the same - checking. I had to go back to Win 10 to do another task. I then went back to Win 7 and within a minute or two I got a notice that updates were available (11 updates). I installed them and now my Win 7 is up to date.

    I don't know about "bastardizing" Win 7. My Win 7 looks and works just like it always did. I don't use it much, mainly I've kept it as I do some PC support.
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    OEM Windows 7 Ult (x64) SP1

    If you have all of the relevant updates installed, especially those for WU client and the July roll-up (KB3172605), then it seems that -- at least for some users on otherwise stable systems without corruption -- it boils down to: INFINITE PATIENCE.

    You do not provide details about your precise issue, e.g. taking forever to "check for updates" or "downloading updates", vs. error messages.
    If it's a case of the process taking longer than expected, then, yes, try some of the many suggestions mentioned by @fireberd.
    If that does not work, then.....

    ....infinite patience.
    This was always the case to some extent.
    It is more so now.

    If you are getting error messages, then that is another story, and we would need more information, starting with the steps here:
    Windows Update Posting Instructions

    No, Win7 is not being "bastardized" to Win10. That claims sounds like pure internet FUD.

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    Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Actually, it is happening. First, there were the telemetry "updates". Now, the ability to choose which updates we will accept is being taken away from us. See here.
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    OEM Windows 7 Ult (x64) SP1

    Lady Fitzgerald said:
    Actually, it is happening. First, there were the telemetry "updates". Now, the ability to choose which updates we will accept is being taken away from us. See here.
    Ah, indeed.
    I had not seen that, yet.

    Still only running OEM Win10 v1511 on my other system, but the monthly "servicing" thing is working OK there. I installed the 3 monthly updates this month without incident a few days after they became available.

    But I doubt this "WaaS" change will be a good thing for Win7, for all the reasons mentioned in that other thread.
    They are probably about to make a bad situation for Win7 updates MUCH MUCH worse.

    Having said that, the change relates primarily to how updates are delivered, not to the fundamentals of Win7 itself.
    (Don't get me wrong -- there's no love lost between me and MS. And, like all Win7 users, I have fallen victim to their bad decisions and bad QA over the years. So I am NOT defending their practices.)

    Back on-topic....
    ... I have found that a larger-than-usual dose of patience will eventually result in a successful update on my Win 7 system.

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    W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring

    Hi Alfie,
    How long have you not been getting updates?

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