Microsoft says I've activated my Windows 7 license too many times.

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    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    Microsoft says I've activated my Windows 7 license too many times.


    I thought that I would ask this question before running the diagnostic tool referenced above, in case there is a simple yes or no answer to this so as not to waste peoples' time.

    Last November I built a new computer and purchased a copy of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit from eBay. I had some difficulty installing it due to the fact that I had to use the Windows DVD and data on the ASUS DVD to create an ISO file so that the copy of Windows 7 to be installed would have support for USB 3.0. I finally got it to install and I have been running the computer for about 9 months without difficulty. Then on Sunday afternoon, I noticed a message in the lower right-hand corner of the screen telling me that my copy of Windows was not genuine.

    I right-clicked on Computer in the Start menu, selected Properties and then attempted to re-enter my product key that came with the Windows 7 DVD that I bought. I got the message that the product key had been blocked by Microsoft. I called a number for Microsoft and was told that the license had been activated too many times and I would need to contact the seller to get an extension. The seller is no longer on eBay. I had not activated the license since last November, so I don't know why it took Microsoft nine months to figure out that the software was not genuine.

    If Microsoft is telling me that the license has been activated too many times, is there any use in running the tools referenced above? Is is possible they are just looking at information on my PC, which is posting the message, and not their own database?

    If anyone thinks that it would still be beneficial to run the tools, I will be glad to do it.
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    I would estimate that 90%+ of Windows software sold on eBay is counterfeit in some way. A lot of these scams utilise old previously used Multiple Use keys that are sold to businesses or issued to MSDN members. It would appear that you have fallen victim to one of these unscrupulous sellers

    Follow the information here ...Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions and post the logs requested. One of our Activation specialists should be able to confirm the status of the Key you have.

    If it does turn out that you have a key you could try contacting eBay with the details of the seller and your purchase information and they may process a refund for you. Another option is to contact Microsoft, and report that you have been sold a counterfeit copy of windows that you purchased in good faith, They have been known to investigate the seller and provide a free valid key to the user
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    If you bought a disk that was in an open box it is quite possible that the license had before been used or has since been used.
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    Just google the last 3 sets of the key,
    If you get multiple hits, then more than likely someone has sold that key previously.
    Hits = no of times sold.

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    W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring

    Just using the last 3 sets, will not leave him open to that.
    ALL Mgadiag reports list them.

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    Hi, is about the only place I'd buy now days = sold and shipped by them
    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit - Operating Systems -
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    I will follow the instructions in the link and post the results here.

    The seller I bought the software from is no longer an eBay user. He only had 21 feedbacks....all positive. I'm guessing that he had 21 copies of the program and sold them all, then exited.

    I tried getting in touch with eBay but was not successful. You can't just get a phone number and call them. You have to go through an automated process and one of the things that you have to do is to select the item that you want a return on from a list. But that list only goes back 90 days. I tried everything I could think of to get the form to the point where I could submit it, but without being able to specify the item, it doesn't seem to be possible. I've never had a problem like this before, so there may be something that I'm missing.

    I did contact MS twice and was told that they couldn't do anything and I needed to contact the seller. I may call MS again and ask to talk to a supervisor to see if they can do anything for me. Tomorrow I'll get the information that was requested.

    Thanks to all of you for your assistance thus far.
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    Under contact us I clicked on the returns tab and then under returns for buyers appealing the decision on a case. I then got a contact button which gave me a phone number and passcode without having to enter in a item. It looks like you might have to come up with some proof of fraudulence such as a statement from Microsoft if you can get them to give you one. Ultimately though you might have to take a loss and buy a copy from newegg. You know that those will be good however it is a OEM copy that can only ever be used on one pc.
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    torchwood said:
    Just using the last 3 sets, will not leave him open to that.
    ALL Mgadiag reports list them.

    I'm sorry, you are correct. I missed the part of just using the last three sets.
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    A lot of counterfeits sold on eBay and some of them look extremely convincing in extremely good packaging.
    Make sure if you ever buy from a seller they have been a member for many years and a lot of good feedback.
    I don't actually buy much from eBay these days. If I do, my rule is I wouldn't buy from any seller who has been on there for less than 3 years. They must have a lot of feedback and 100% good.
    Way too much rubbish and fakes on eBay these days.

    As Barman says, report it to MS and they may be able to help you with a legitimate key.
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