Need Help ASAP, Zebra/UPS Thermal 2844 And Windows 7  

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Need Help ASAP, Zebra/UPS Thermal 2844 And Windows 7

    I have a thermal label printer that is manufactured by Zebra. It's used for printing UPS labels etc.

    Windows sees it as UPS Thermal 2844 but says it has no drivers.

    I've tried getting all the various driver packages from Zebra's web page for this model and it simply won't work. Windows says it can't even find a driver for the dang thing.

    This is my work computer so I'm kinda SOL til I can figure something out.

    I figure someone has to have run into this by now. I tried Googling but found nothing.

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    Try installing the drivers in compatibility mode (vista drivers preferably from the site)
    To install a driver OR program in compatibility mode - right click the setup.exe file - click properties - click compatibility - check run in compatibility with vista,xp etc - check run as administrator - leave the rest blank. Start setup.exe and install.
    Disconnect your printer firstly and reboot- start installing the drivers with the compatibility settings - wait till the software instructs you when to connect the printer - sometimes this is necessary - or find install instructions at the zebra site by going to support and type in or select your printer model from a list.
    Why install in compatibility mode - the drivers arent wriiten for w7 and this will fix the OS mismatch.
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    That didn't help.

    The printer still says its got no drivers even though it installed.
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    XP, Vista, W7 64bit Home Premium

    DID you download the manual for specific install instructions - have you looked at the firmware and can you find out the printers number -
    Driver - Search Results
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    I was using the same label printer for my business and couldn't get it to work when switching to 7. I wanted to get a new one anyways so now have a ZP 450. I can't get it to work either. It's been a nightmare trying to get a label printer to work with 7.

    I would love to hear from someone else who has successfully installed a thermal label printer on it.
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    Windows 7

    I am successfully using a Zebra LP 2844 with Windows 7. I had quite a difficult time installing it, but it's done.

    Go to Zebra's website, and download the newest software/drivers (Setup Utilities).

    Disconnect the printer from computer before install. You will have to manually select the correct USB port the printer is connected to. If you chose the wrong port during the install, go into your Control Panel -> Devices & Printers and right click on the Zebra printer. Click Printer Properties -> Ports (Tab) and select the next USB port. Hit Apply, and then go back to the General Tab -> Click Print Test Page until you successfully print the test page.

    I am using a USB -> Parallel adapter and I have heard people having issues with using the USB cables for Vista/7.
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    I sure as hell can't get it working lol..

    I don't even see where you can print a test page. There is nothing about printing a test page on the General Tab.

    We are on a final real OEM copy now and it still doesn't work. I called Zebra, they said they JUST finished getting there Vista support fully running and to check back NEXT YEAR at this time and maybe they will have a Windows 7 driver package.

    Now I got my boss talking about going back to Windows Vista because he thinks Windows 7 must be junk if our printer doesn't work with it.

    *kdogg* bangs his head on the desk.
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    Well I got it sorta installed I think. I found the "print test page" tab. If I click it, the printer spits out a label with a Windows Logo on it. The logo is all distorted but hey, it's something right? :)

    *UPDATE #2*

    Well, I finally got it working with's label thingy. Problem is, it prints 2 of everything lol.
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    Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

    The Fix

    I am using a UPS Thermal LP2844 printer that was purchased from UPS.
    You must follow these directions in order….
    1. From the Zebra site, download the appropriate Zebra Designer software.
    2. Locate the currently installed thermal printer and write down the USB port it is using.
    3. Turn off and unplug the existing thermal printer.
    4. Open Windows 7 “Devices and Printers” and delete the current thermal printer.
    5. Install the Zebra Designer software selecting the old USB port when asked.
    6. Plug in and turn your UPS thermal printer and let Windows finish the installation.
    7. Open Windows 7 “Devices and Printers” and locate the newly installed “ZDesigner” thermal printer.
    8. Right click on the ZDesigner printer and open “Printer Properties” (not properties).
    9. Change the name of the printer to: “UPS Thermal 2442”. This is the only printer that the UPS plug in will recognize.
    10. Download and install the “Download the UPS Thermal Printer Plugin or ActiveX Control Program” from UPS.
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    Well, I've had my ZP 450 working now for quite a while. It works with PayPal, Open Office, Endicia, Dazzle, and Shipworks. I'm not sure about UPS Worldship but I don't have a need for it right now.

    If I remember correctly, using windows print management under administrative tools was the key. There were about 15 different driver installs from my previous attempts, which was clearing causing conflicts. I also had a few extra duplicate printer installs from previous attempts that needed troubleshooting.

    I think those two issues were the main reasons behind my troubles. I simply removed everything and wiped out all the drivers that I could.

    Another thing I might add that seemed to help was not connecting the printer until prompted. Connecting it in advance causes windows to install its own drivers, or at least try to, which corrupts the zebra drivers I'm guessing.
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