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Windows 7: Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM

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30 Mar 2009   #1

Windows Se7en
Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM

Hey guys.

I've been using 7068 x64 since it became available and have had no issues with it (besides ATi's CCC not working properly, but no big deal)

Anyway, I have 3 X 15.1" Tek Visions ELO touchscreen monitors that I'd really like to try Se7en's touch capability on.

Here's the deal: I've had all three of these monitors working properly with WinXP Pro for the last 4 years at my restaurant as part of my Point Of Sale system, I have all the old drivers, and have downloaded all kinds of Vista x64 drivers as well.
2 of the monitors are serial (COM port) and 1 is USB (I had to send one back for repair and they just sent me a newer model)
I haven't tried either of the serial touchscreen monitors since my motherboard has no COM ports in it (I do have a couple in a drawer, but I'd rather use the USB monitor anyway)

So, here's what's been done (and hasn't worked so far)

Reading that Windows 7 has (or is going to have?) "Touch Capabilities", and reading up on the ELO drivers for these monitors, they all pretty much say that if you're using an USB touchscreen, that Windows Vista will automagically recognize the monitor as a touchscreen and it will 'just work'.
So, I tried to just plug it in by itself first - Win7 installed some HID drivers behind the scenes (I really should run ProcMon to see just wtF is going on when these things happen!) - but it still did nothing, although, it did extend the desktop to the new monitor.
Then, I downloaded the newest x64 Vista drivers directly from ELO and installed (rebooting in between), plugged it in (like the instructions say) and still nothing - even though it still is recognized as a monitor - Win7 automatically has extended the desktop to it, just no touchscreen capability.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled and did all kinds of reboots in between each change, and still have no touch capability.

So, does anyone here have any experience getting this to work? Has anyone here actually tried to utilize a touchscreen with Win7??

Any good information will be greatly appreciated (and repped!!)

Thanks in advance.


My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Mar 2009   #2

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 7600 RTM

I could be way wrong here, but I haven't heard of any of the beta builds integrating the full win7 touch yet.
So I'm not so sure that the these beta builds, including 7068, have win7 touch yet.
But like I said, I could be wrong.
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30 Mar 2009   #3

Windows 7 Build 7077 x64

Yea VinesKid, I'm pretty sure they do have it, both Engadget and Gizmodo gaze a demonstration of it for build 7000. I've never used it personally though, sorry can't help Psychlone =/
My System SpecsSystem Spec

30 Mar 2009   #4

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 7600 RTM

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by napilopez View Post
Yea VinesKid, I'm pretty sure they do have it, both Engadget and Gizmodo gaze a demonstration of it for build 7000. I've never used it personally though, sorry can't help Psychlone =/
hmm, yea I thought they would have put it in by now.
7000 is the last bulild I used before 7068, but I don't have any touch hardware.

but yea psychlone, I'm not too sure what to do either.
Have you tried uninstalling the drivers and then using device manager to search for the drivers on windows update? MS might have an obscure driver that could work...
other than that, maybe uninstall the drivers, clean reg, and do a disc clean up, just to get all the old data off, then reinstall the vista x64 drivers you have.
Let us know.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Mar 2009   #5

Windows Se7en


I've installed and uninstalled several times now, even tried using several different drivers direct from ELO *and* Tek Visions websites - all to no avail.

I'm not entirely sure that what I'm trying to do is even possible, since all the videos that are on YouTube and such, are showing the possibilities of Win7's Multi-Touch capabilities while using the "TouchSmart" interface via HP and Dell.

I did find a link to a really in-depth tut on Win7 touch on TechNet (via MSDN) here: Engineering Windows 7 : Touching Windows 7 - but this doesn't help my situation either.

What's the point of adding touch technology if you're forced into purchasing only hardware that's currently only available via OEM manufacturers?

Anyway, I'd be happy to just be able to utilize one of these monitors in any form of touch. On the XP Pro machines I have (3 of them), I could use the screen in the same way that a mouse would interact with items - click, double-click, drag, open, close, etc. - pretty much anything that you could do with a mouse, you could do with the Tek Visions TFT why can't I do *any* of it in Windows 7???

Any info on this is sincerely appreciated!!

My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Mar 2009   #6

Windows Se7en

First off, apologies for the double-post. I figured this would be better served on a new post than lost in the end of the last one since there's already been several people read my previous post and probably wouldn't know there was new info.

Alright - I've tried EVERYTHING that I could think of as far as drivers are concerned...tried them all in compat mode with XP +SP2, Vista +SP1 and SP2, uninstalling, clearing the registry of all new keys and rebooting in between each change...and still no joy.

So, in my quest, I hacked the CRAP outta HP's TouchSmart app. I got it running just fine on my system - but there's *still* no 'touch' capability.
Check this out:
Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM-touchsmart.jpg
So, like I said, I've got the full TouchSmart program working fully on my machine without any issues at all - other than the fact that there's no TOUCH CAPABILITY!!! AAAARRRRRGH!!!! (sensing the frustration? lol)

So, now that I see just what kind of crap HP has going for it (even though it's kind of novel to look at things a little differently than we were raised) - my system is going to be reverted to the Acronis image I made before trying out all the driver install/uninstalls and the TouchSmart hack.

Anyone that's interested in hacking TouchSmart to run on their computers - don't. It's really not worth your time unless you've got an actual TouchSmart PC (with it's optical touch) - Not sure about the legality of doing this, and after seeing what it does and how it works, I won't be using it on any of my machines - EVER.

So, still questing for the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow - just in case anyone knows wtF. (oh, I mean the other thing...ummm...oh yeah - TOUCH CAPABILITY on Win7!)


My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Mar 2009   #7

Windows 7 Ult x64(x2), HomePrem x32(x4), Server 08 (+VM), 08 R2 (VM) , SuSe 11.2 (VM), XP 32 (VM)

hello Psychlone

can you confirm something for me?
as i do have touch working (its a wacom USB device and was automatically installed)
can you check if this shows?

you right click my computer then hit properties...
Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM-touch.png
also can you show us a pic of your HID (Human Interface Devices) devices (do not close the properties display)
and click on device manager and expand the HID devices
and see if anything like USB touch input or ELO tek or something similar...
Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM-capture.png

then you should have touch avaible and it might be something about calibration...

also i dont believe COM touch devices are going to be supported (as they are not usually "plug-N-play" but playing around with the xp drivers might work...

My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Mar 2009   #8

Windows Se7en

Well, my basic information says that there's no pen and touch available on this display (even though the Tek Visions touchscreen is the only monitor even plugged in right now - after a fresh install of 7068)
Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM-snip1.png

But, weird thing is, inside the Device Mangler, it's showing 2 HID compliant consumer control devices (both of which point to default MS drivers from 6.1.7068.0)
Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM-snip2.png

It also shows up in Devices and Printers under both Devices (as a monitor) and Unspecified (this actually shows as EELY elTouch - a touch input device)
Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM-snip3.png

But, of course, STILL NO JOY. I've totally formatted and installed 7068 x64 from scratch, so I'm positive it's the OS at this point and not some arbitrary driver issue.

I even went as far as dragging out one of the three PCs that these monitors were hooked up to just to see if the monitor got borked in transport or not, but it worked (I had chosen the wrong PC, so the calibration was waaayy off, but it did indeed have touch capability)

Speaking of which - I've tried ALL those drivers with Win7...none of them work - and the couple ELO or Tek Visions calibration and driver install programs that do install, Win7 won't allow the programs to work, saying missing .dll's, missing .sys's or some other arbitrary error message, even though I've taken the .dll's and .sys's direct from the other computer (via USB drive) and installed them in the correct places.

It's looking like ELO and Win7 just don't play well together. Which really sucks - what happened if I had chosen to upgrade all my computers at my restaurant to Windows7 when it came out, and I found out after the fact, that there's no touch capability???

All in all, I really like Win7, and won't give it up for anything, but this is really disconcerting...that I've spent the better part of 2 days trying to get a simple touchscreen working that worked within 2 minutes of installing on an XP Pro machine is absolutely asinine.

Anyway, please - any input is welcome!


My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Mar 2009   #9


Windows 7 differientiates between touch/tablet/mouse. My tablet gets installed fine, but windows treats it as a mouse until I install the tablet drivers.

Once I install the tablet drivers only then am I allowed to use "touch gestures" like flicking.

Thems the breaks with beta, seems like your drivers for you specific piece of hardware aren't playing nice with windows 7 yet.

Why are you making assumptions about the final release of W7 and whether it will support your hardware or not? Slow down, send feedback to microsoft and let them know your hardware isn't being supported.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Mar 2009   #10

Windows Se7en

^ Not really making assumptions on the final of Win7 per se - the beta 7068 *does* say it's a Release Candidate, but I also know enough about beta testing (been doing this for over 20 years) that things change.

More than anything, I'm upset that I've tried in vain for 2 days to get a simple thing running on Windows 7 that works just fine on XP Pro. Not only that, but the time involved in all the driver work that I've done trying to get this to work - uninstalling and rebooting is one thing, but reinstalling Windows and still not having anything to work with is very frustrating.

Really, it was just a test - like I stated, I have 3 touchscreens from my restaurant here at my house, and all of them worked just fine in Windows XP Pro, so I thought it would be fun to experiment with touch in Windows 7 - especially considering the placement and size of all the buttons, obviously made this way specifically for touch...but, it's not like my world is going to end because of it either. I just think that Windows 7 should have the same capability as it's predecessor in that installing a device (any device for that matter) - should just work.

Anyway, thanks for the input guys - if anyone has anything further to say, please do - I'm all ears and am willing to try pretty much anything just to test and play with test touchscreens.

My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Win 7 7068 x64 and Touch capability PROBLEM

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