Long Ethernet Cable

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    Long Ethernet Cable

    Hi I have windows 7 desktop Working well,Now My router is about 12ins from my desktop and surrounding the router are two speakers,Cordless phone and a external HDD.
    Been reading on google that the setup that I got is not ideal to have the router close to any of the items in queastion,So decided to move the router downstairs as PC is upstairs router now is next to the BT socket an I have a 10m Ethernet running from the router to my desktop upstairs.
    Have noticed lately on rebooting the pc the internet connection is very slow The little icon next to the clock that looks like a tv screen it has the blue circle going round and round for a long time to get the internet connection.
    Would it be possible that the long ethernet cable is causing the problem??
    I should have said my broadband is EE formally orange with a bright box router.
    Many Thanks.
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    It could be a bad cable. You can go 100m with ethernet.
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    HI,Thanks Possible maybe.Must admit the one I bought was not the most expensive type.
    Been thinking on another option may improve the situation.
    What does one think of this method?
    Many Thanks.
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    I frequently use 25m+ cables for Ethernet - they are at least secure. Most of the longer cables (up to 50m) that I used to use were home-made - up to 10m it's cheaper to buy them ready-made :)

    I have yet to be convinced that the Powerline system is secure unless encrypted - but then I haven't bothered looking too hard, either.
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    Well if the cable that I now have could be a faulty one,Any advice on getting a good one Please.

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    You could always get your current one tested - or buy a decent quality one from a reputable source.
    Since you're in the UK, have a look here...
    20m+ - Networking Cables - buy online - dabs.com

    I'd go for the shielded Cat5E cable - or the Cat6 if you can afford it!
    Unshielded cable over that sort of length can pick up undesirable RF interference from surrounding electronics.
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    the powerline option is not as fast as Ethernet, however, the consistency of it is good. better then wireless. in your situation, wireless is a no go because of all the interference there will be. if i were you i would use the powerline option. just know that the adapter MUST be plugged into the wall directly. it can not be plugged into an extension cable or anything like that.

    before you do that, update your drivers and run a ping test to your router.

    go in CMD. type "ping" and press enter. average should not be higher than 1-2ms max is 4ms.
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    I have been using a 100 foot Cat 5 cable from my Linksys cable modem / Linksys router location to a 5 port linksys switch for 10 years now without any problems. I think you probably need a better quality ethernet cable.
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    Hi there
    I have yet to be convinced that the quality of your LAN cable would cause ANY slowdown whatsoever. Up to 100 M is just fine even for domestic connections. LAN cable either works or it doesn't -- forget those people in stores always trying to sell you "Extra high quality" stuff at mega stratospheric prices -- it's just CABLE !!.

    The connectors though need to click in properly to the computer and the LAN slot -- these are the things that often cause problems - broken connector or not making a proper connection.

    Another solution is to use those mains thingy's where they use the mains as the main cable -- the decent one's work and have 3 LAN connections as output -- although this won't be quite as fast as standard Ethernet cable. Cost around 100 EUR / 65 GBP. Definitely a HUGE improvement over Wifi and more secure too.

    (Maybe Electricity wiring standards are lax in UK but I use one of these at home here regularly plugged into a huge REEL mains extension set - the sort of thing people use for plugging in electric power tools / lawn mowers when working away from the main house -- and I get perfectly good LAN connection even in the "Shed". -- The Internet indicator flashes Orange instead of Green - but it's perfectly fast enough and beats Wifi).

    European standards (and I think AUS / NZ / Hong Kong etc - all fine -- you need proper 3 pin connection whether European round one or UK squarish one -- forget those ridiculous two prong bits of wire that are used in the US - I'm amazed they don't have more fires -- how would you use a 3KW electric kettle in the States with some of those flimsy cables and thin wire !! - and no earth lead ! - in my shed in Winter I'm not walking 200 M into the kitchen to make some tea.).

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    Summary Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 CPU AMD Athlon II X2 250 23 C
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    Thanks for the reply,Regarding your point about testing the ping well followed your instructions and the results that i got in the black box was:
    ping is not recognised as an internal or external command operable program or batch file
    Can you assist there please.Been looking at my router info and in the settings it gives my ip address as
    That is EE broadband the old Orange.I even tried that ip address into cmd and same results.
    Rather Confusing.
    Many Thanks.
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