Realtek, Windows 7 64RTM Crackle/static/popping

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    Windows 7

    I am running a Dell Studio Intel quad core with the Realtek audio drivers installed with W7. I have noticed the popping and crackling sound when running iTunes and even when watching video at times. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling and am now running without Realtek. I am still noticing the popping noise even with the driver uninstalled. I have tried messing with the speaker settings and turning system volume down, etc. My speakers are Logitech Z 5300 5.1 system. I have messed with the power settings on the CPU to no avail. I hope this is something that either Realtek or Microsoft fixes!
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    windows7 32bit

    its your driver update to fix i just went though it
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    Windows 7

    Stating off with my system set up:
    AMD Phenom II Quad Core 3.0
    8Gig Ram

    Gigabyte GA-p55-US3L Mobo
    GTX 285 GPU
    750w PSU
    Raptor 150gig Main HD
    WD 1TB Slave
    WB 300GB Slave

    Okay now with my problem, when I play any media that has sounds I get these periodical problems that sound like a skip or a scratch. I've downloaded the newest drivers from Gigabyte, uninstalled, reinstalled, tried playing all type of media on many different software programs and they all have that same problem. I've been in the sound setting and unchecked and disabled all Enhancements (Read that on another Forum) and still no luck getting these interrupts to stop. I've noticed that they seem to happen more frequently when the sound spikes up or down, for example in the movie 300 there are a lot of times where it goes from almost no sound to lots of sound and in that moment when it jumps, that's when it seems to skip more. I've posted on many different forums and i hope someone can help me out here.
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    Windows 7


    I am having the same issue with my Realtek drivers. I updated to the version that was just released, and I'm still getting periodic cracking/skipping noises. I have read that perhaps some CPU "throttling" is causing this, but I'm not sure how to even recognize how to find that or to figure out if it's causing it. Is anyone else still having this issue with the new Realtek driver?
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    Windows 7 64bit

    someone please make this stop!!!!!!!
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    Windows 7 64bit

    octane097 said:
    armyslowrdr said:
    Turning off composition shouldn't have to be done! Isn't composition what provides aero, 3d flip, etc.

    Computer sound never has and maybe never will be audiophile-grade.

    Even under XP when I used the scroll button on my mouse I could hear a squeek in the audio.
    Not only that but it makes the desktop look ugly!
    This is not the solution btw at least for me (without a reboot)
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    For those having trouble with audio:

    Look in your bios. On ASUS it's called Cool N Quiet. Others will be different.

    You're looking for a setting that throttles the cpu. Sometimes, the throttling could be caused by a motherboard utility you installed, that starts with Windows, instead.

    The whole point is to disable the throttling to test. And also to test, run High Performance mode for Windows power settings.

    Actually updating the bios too is always good. Then look at the setting I said as well.

    You can use CPU-Z to see if any throttling is occuring.
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    Windows 7

    I hate to be obtuse here but how does one "look in the BIOS?" Can you access this through the boot-up period? Like you press F10 or something when my Dell boots up and I can look at those options. But is this somewhere else as well? I am currently running in "High Performance" mode and this problem is still occurring. Forgive my neophyte-ness on this but this forum has been a source of much information so far.
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    My usb headset broke and I had to revert to my onboard sound which uses Realtek ALC883. This was the only good thread I found dealing with the issues I heard. I tried every version of the drivers recommended here. Tried adjusting power settings etc. Two hours of frustration and multiple reboots I gave up. Uninstalled whatever driver I last tried and was ready to go to bed.

    I had one more thing to try. It was so stupid I saved it for last. I unwrapped my 10ft long headphone cord and plugged it into the back of my machine. It was amazing. No noise. While plugged into the front audio, every single movement of my mouse caused this scanning and popping noise. The stupid front panel audio is nestled between the bottom pci(e) which is right below my video card.

    I installed the latest drivers to adjust the db lower so I can use volume above 10 without blowing out my ears. For whomever has a full desktop and was using the front panel audio connector, try using the back. Purely anecdotal but I wanted to post it anywhere to justify the 2 hours I wasted last night troubleshooting.
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    Windows 7 64bit

    New drivers came out today, 12/15, version 2.39

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