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    Hello Muddy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    You might see if this may work for you better, but you must right click on it and click on Run as administrator. If you like you could create a shortcut of the BAT, and use OPTION FIVE in the tutorial below to have the shortcut always run as administrator to use in Task Scheduler.

    Run as Administrator

    echo y|chkdsk C: /f /r
    shutdown /r /f /t 00
    Hope this helps,
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    Hi Shaun, and thank you for such a swift reply.

    I have done as you suggested, namely: I have created a shortcut to the batch file. I have told the shortcut to run as administrator. I have added the /f and /t arguments that you suggested to the shutdown command in the batch file. Finally, I have copied the shortcut file name, together with path, to the scripts/programme field in the Actions tab of Task Scheduler.

    Result: the task operates seamlessly. Only problem: it doesn’t do a chkdsk!!! It just reboots the computer .

    When I look in the history tab, I see the following entries (and I am translating, roughly, from French):

    • the Task Scheduler launched the instance {de41ac55-dfc6-492b-92ad-f918e9400875} of the task \Check Disk for <Username>
    • the engine for task S-1-5-21-1868736425-1749135435-1172674007-1001:<Computername>\<Username>:S4U:Highest, received a message from Task Scheduler asking to launch the task \Check Disk
    • the task scheduler started the task {de41ac55-dfc6-492b-92ad-f918e9400875}
    • it launched the action (here it quotes the path and filename of my shortcut) in the instance {de41ac55-dfc6-492b-92ad-f918e9400875} of the task \Check Disk
    • it launched the task \Check Disk , instance C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe, with the ID of Process 5012
    • it terminated the task \Check Disk, instance {de41ac55-dfc6-492b-92ad-f918e9400875}, action C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe, with a return code of 0
    • it terminated the instance {de41ac55-dfc6-492b-92ad-f918e9400875} of \Check Disk for <Username>.

    Which all sounds very fine . But as I say, alas, it hasn’t done the ChkDsk

    Thanks so much for getting me this far.

    But what am I still doing wrong???

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    I'm afraid I have no idea either, but you might check to see if you set up the task using the tutorial below to run the BAT file elevated.

    Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create
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    Well, thanks again Shawn (sorry for misspelling your name in my previous post) for a very swift reply.

    Unfortunately, after following your suggestion to rebuild the chkdsk scheduled task and then create a shortcut to it as prescribed in your page you directed me to, I still got only a reboot :-(

    However, I have noticed that when the cmd.exe window briefly opens to execute my batch file, the ChkDsk question "Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts?" is asked three times, each time without a reply. Could this absence of an affirmative reply be the reason why ChkDsk does not execute at restart???

    Once again, thanks for all your help, and don't worry should you be unable to help me any further.

    Keith :)
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    The problem was a really silly thing. The one command I never really understood in my batch file was Echo y|. I've just realised it means give the answer Y to the question "Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts?"

    My old computer had Windows in English, my new one is in French. The French for Yes is Oui, and so the first two words should read Echo O|.

    Silly me! But thanks for all your help.

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    LOL, well I'm happy to hear that it turned out to just be something as simple as that.
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    And thanks again for putting me onto the Run as Administrator thing, and hence the need to use a shortcut to my batch file, with the shortcut set to always Run as Administrator. Problem fixed! :)
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    You should make a tutorial on how to run chkdsk with a Windows 7 DVD. :)
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    Hello Ken,

    That's what the "command prompt at startup" option in step 1 of OPTION TWO is for. :)
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    Hello Shawn,
    I read an earlier post of yours where you said that 'scandisk' was now just chkdsk. That is good to know as I was searching for scandisk, and wondered why I could not find it. I also saw that you suggested sfc /scannow Is this not scandisk?

    Also relevant here, is that I recently did a chkdsk, on my (now external) xp drive, which advised me that I had no errors, but today I downloaded and used the sysinternals "disk check" which reported 11 errors, including not being able to read the 'system volume information'. I take this as being more accurate, as I have tried 2 different programs to image this xp drive, and both times it has failed to complete either by being unable to read from the disk, or because of a "117 I/O error". I do not know what a 117 error is, and this drive was working perfectly in my xp machine 2 months ago.
    This disk check looks to be unable to fix any errors, which makes it rather useless

    What can you suggest I use to scan and rectify this? I used to use scandsk /r, but that seems to no longer be an option. What will sfc do?

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