Windows 7 and XBox 360

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    Windows 7 Build 7600 Laptop and desktop. Also OSX 10.5.7 and 10.6 Snow on Laptop

    Windows 7 and XBox 360


    Has anyone had problems with Win 7 and Xbox 360 when trying to connect through Media Centre or say connecting directly to view Movies etc?
    I can't seem to get Media Centre to connect even though windows says it is setup ok. XBox just won't connect, eventually stops with an error.
    Second problem when I try and view shared directories on PC from XBox to view DivX movies etc.
    I have only just noticed this problem as not been bothered to stream to Xbox in a while and had to but a new XBox so thought I would setup from scratch on Windows 7.

    Any Help would be good.


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    Windows 7 Build 7600 Laptop and desktop. Also OSX 10.5.7 and 10.6 Snow on Laptop
    Thread Starter

    Its ok sorted the problem. Didn't realise so many network features were turned off by default in windows 7. All good now though
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    windows 7 X64

    weird, worked with mine right out of the box all i had to do was the put the key in.
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    Windows 7 x64 Enterprise

    worked fine for me on 6801 x64...
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    Windows 7

    Studulike said:
    Its ok sorted the problem. Didn't realise so many network features were turned off by default in windows 7. All good now though
    Hey, I have this problem too. Could you tell me what features you had to enable. I just can't seem to get this fixed. Thanks.
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    Windows 7 x64 Enterprise

    caedus90 said:
    Hey, I have this problem too. Could you tell me what features you had to enable. I just can't seem to get this fixed. Thanks.
    Type services in the start search' bar on program menu scroll down to windows media player network sharing service. Right click on it in properties make sure that it is has been started and is working and the startup type is set to automatic. Hope this helps you out :)
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Windows 7 and Xbox 360 Streaming FIX

    I had the same issue as everyone else. My Windows 7 would not find my Xbox 360. This problem occurred on both Tversity and Media Center.

    I tried many things to resolve this but the only thing that actually fixed my problem was in my router configuration. I have a Linksys router and I logged into my router config page via web browser. I then clicked "Security" I then set the "Filter Multicast" option to "ENABLED" I now had instant access to my media via my xbox.

    Hope this helps some of you!:)

    Also this is the guide that I found that has more details on troubleshooting

    Cause 1: Xbox 360 is not found on the network. If the Xbox 360 is not found on the network due to network setup or configuration, setup will fail. To determine if the network or network router is causing the issue, temporarily connect the Xbox 360 directly to the Media Center PC using an Ethernet cable. This cable does not have to be a cross over cable as the Xbox 360 is able to switch network modes and connect to the PC. If you are able to complete setup in with the Xbox and PC directly connected then review your network setup and router configuration.
    Remember, the Xbox 360 console and Windows Media Center Based-PC must be on the same network. For additional network recommendations, tips and guidelines watch this video about connecting your Xbox 360 to your home network .

    Cause 2: Secondary MAC address is configured on the Xbox 360. Media Center Extender setup will fail if a secondary MAC address is configured on the Xbox 360. When you have a secondary MAC address configured and attempt setup, you will end up with two devices listed in the Media Center Extender UI. This single device will have separate setup keys. Resolution is to remove secondary MAC addresses from the Xbox 360. Note* There may be a reason that you have configured a secondary MAC address on your Xbox 360. Before removing this address review KB article for a possible reason you have this configured.
    Remove the secondary MAC address in the System section of the Xbox 360 dashboard

    1. Select Network Settings
    2. Select Edit Settings
    3. Select the Advanced Settings Tab
    4. Select the Advanced Settings
    5. Select Alternate MAC Address
    6. Clear the MAC Address using the on-screen keyboard, then select Done.
    7. Select Done to exit out of the Advanced Settings. If prompted, test the Xbox live connection.
    8. Exit back to the system section of the dashboard.
    9. Select computers, select Media Center, select disconnect

    Return to the Vista PC and add the extender.
    Cause 3: Multicast is blocked at router. Multicast is used by the PC and Xbox 360 to find each other over the home network. If multicast is not permitted on the network then setup will fail. If using a Linksys router, multicast behavior is set using the "Filter Multicast " option in your routerís configuration interface (the routerís setup web page). In order for the Xbox 360 to connect to the PC this option must be Enabled to disable multicast support. (I know this sounds backwords but it is needed) After enabling this option, turn off the router, Xbox 360 and PC for a few minutes. Power up the router first. Then power on the PC and Xbox 360.

    Cause 4: Problems with the Xbox 360 hard drive. We have found a few cases where the Media Center software cannot be launched from the Xbox 360 hard drive due to hard drive issues. Troubleshoot this issue by temporarily disconnect the hard drive on the Xbox 360 and re-attempt setup. If you disconnect the hard drive and are able to complete setup, complete the following to delete the Windows Media Center entry from the hard drive.

      1. Select "Memory", select "Hard Drive", select "Games"
      2. Scroll down to "Xbox 360 Dashboard" and select it.
      3. Select "Windows Media Center", select "Delete"
      4. When prompted, select "Yes" to delete the item

      On the Xbox 360, Go to the System section of the dashboard

    The software will be automatically downloaded from the PC the next time you start the Media Center Extender.

    Cause 5: Driver is not found. During setup the Media Center Extender driver should automatically be installed. We have seen a few cases where the infcache.1 file that is used to install this driver has been modified and is now preventing the driver from being located. If you see a dialog that asks for a driver when adding the Extender then you are hitting this issue. In most cases, you will probably not see the dialog asking for a driver because Media Center is set for full screen. KB article 937187 will resolve the infcache.1 corruption and allow you to Add the Extender.

    Cause 6: Group Policy . Some domain policies prevent the Xbox 360 from connecting to the Media Center PC. To determine if this is the cause of your error, temporarily remove the Media Center PC from the domain, restart the PC and then try to add the Extender again. If the extender connects when the PC is removed from the domain, review your policies and try to determine what policy is preventing the connection."
    I realize this is not eactly aimed at the error codes you mention, but thought it might give you some areas to look into that might help in your situation.
    In case you'd like to try it, my network is set up by just connecting a Linksys 5-port Gigabit workgroup switch directly to Qwest's Actiontec M1000 modem. The xbox 360 is then connected by Cat 5 Ethernet cable to the switch. Win7 RC automatically recognized the set up and I was able to add the Xbox360 as an extender with no input other than the 8 digit Xbox360 code. There is no router firewall set up; I count on the individual PC's to stop malware etc.
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    So i have been having the same trouble and when i try and brighe connections i get a screen that pops up and it says

    "To creat a Network Bridge, you must select at least two LAN or hHigh-Speed Internet connections that are not being used by Internet Connection Sharing"

    idk wut im doing wrong?
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    Windows 7 32bit

    XBOX Extender "Connection Failure"

    Hello! I'm using Windows 7 on my desktop and normally have no problem getting to the start screen of Media Center, but as soon as I try to watch something I've recorded, I get a "Connection Failure: The Xbox 360 was disconnected from the Windows Media Center PC...." message. It never fails. I'm working on a wireless network with a Linksys Router. I've enabled the Filter Multicast option as was recommended in another post. Nothing seems to work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    windows 7

    hi, ive recently upgraded to a new PC with W7, i have been trying solidly for 2 days to get my pc to see my xbox, and vice versa, but no joy, i never had any problems atall with vista, you name it ive tried it, disabled firewalls, changed settings in router, plugged xbox direclty into pc via router and ethernet.
    My PC can access the net wirelessley, and my xbox can get onto xbox live no problems, but the 2 just wont see each other, if anybody can solve this problem i wil be your best friend for life !!!!!!!
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